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The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same?

When Manet exhibited Olympia at the Paris Salon in 1865 many who saw it considered it to be a shocking image. The bold, direct gaze of Olympia (modelled by… 734 more words


Uproar over a Cup -- Kerry - 11/23/2015

Uproar over a Cup

November 23, 2015

Starbucks. The people purveying expensive, addictive, and delicious coffee find themselves the center of a free advertising campaign – I mean controversy. 268 more words


The Change in Church Policy Affecting Children of Homosexual Couples

(Forgive the bland title, unfortunately that’s what attention getting at the moment.)

Alright, I’m about to throw syntax into the wind here and just be raw, because this is too urgent and too important to worry about being anything other than just completely real. 1,473 more words


Serious post. [9/11]

Firstly, let me say RIP to all the lives lost on 9/11. Nobody can ever, or should try to justify anything, as a loss of life is a loss of life. 613 more words


Celebrities and Mug shots

Mugshots in general bring quite a bit of controversy, but even more with a celebrity’s face behind it. Through out history many celebrities have encountered a not so canny mugshot experience. 255 more words


Being brought up by pop-culture and the media: A Rant

I’ve grown up on pop-culture and honestly, it’s made me a better person today. I think all the controversy in the media has really made me open up and become my own person. 1,373 more words


Where did all the freedom go?

All Americans do anymore is bicker and demand results without any effort. When is this going to end? What outcome are we expecting? All I can think about is how other countries are looking at us. 785 more words