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এ দ্যুলোক মধুময়/ E dyulok modhumoy/ This earth is filled with sweetness

এ দ্যুলোক মধুময়, মধুময় পৃথিবীর ধূলি–

অন্তরে নিয়েছি আমি তুলি

এই মহামন্ত্রখানি,

চরিতার্থ জীবনের বাণী।

দিনে দিনে পেয়েছিনু সত্যের যা-কিছু উপহার

মধুরসে ক্ষয় নাই তার। 120 more words

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She Must Be Truly Desperate

The human female is in her last few days of enforced inactivity.  She has read all the books, watched all the Marvel movies, surfed the… 115 more words

Naughty Loki

Stealthily thin?

It will be another month of patience and she will be freed from her jail! Yes, 4 weeks have passed since Bella underwent an operation to fix her broken elbow, and after 4 more weeks of convalescence, she should be able to run and jump as she used to. 233 more words


Simple Things Amuse Simple Minds, Part I: In Which I Commit A Great Sin

The human female is well-supplied with convalescent things to do, activities and amusements which do not require her to stir, limping, from her nest.  Her “To Be Read” pile is towering and wobbly enough that I fear it may fall over… 75 more words

Naughty Loki

Bored Sick

Convalescing need never be dull, unless you make it so.

from The Magic Key to Charm by Eileen Ascroft


The Silhouette

“Will there even be a dawn?” She asks herself.

The warm spell before December sweeps through her nectarine skin as she stands above the village bridge under the canopy of shadows. 770 more words


The State of My Brain

In some ways having a brain injury isn’t so different from any other injury. It’s about the long game. It’s about keeping up the spirits so you can give your body the time it needs to heal without going completely insane in the process. 618 more words

Amy Sundberg