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Cats Invented Smug

Torvald — who is now getting a little Catsure(tm) twice a day (yes, it is a thing), and seems to feel better from it — posed for a client fan of his who dropped by especially to see him. 141 more words


The Hansel and Gretel Recovery

There is something in the story of Hansel and Gretel that is telling of Nietzsche’s convalescence. When the little Hansel and Gretel heard while eavesdropping on their parents’ conversation about abandoning them in a forest, they managed to device a way for them to get back, and that is to drop pebbles on their way as restore points. 662 more words

Remnants Of The Old


Spring is trying to spring, but the weather turns from warm with spots of sunshine to cold to windy to rainy to stormy to gale force downpours,  all within a short time. 362 more words

'He Saved my Life' by Tiffany Belle Harper

He healed her with his love and sometimes he’d stay up all night to send her wishes during the darker times.

At one point she said, ‘I feel as though I’ve a tooth comb growing through my pillow, it hurts ….’ 221 more words


No accommodation for convalescent cases

A small Maidenhead hospital was unable to accept convalescent wounded soldiers.

10th March 1916

Letter from Col. Gonell at Cliveden. The Sec. was instructed to write to Col. 39 more words

Nursing The Wounded

The lost art of convalescence: 6 things I did while I had pneumonia

con·va·les·cence /känvəˈlesəns/ noun: time spent recovering from an illness or medical treatment

Every January in Austin, I and thousands of others wage war against the cedar pollen that explodes across central Texas. 1,084 more words

In The Studio

February Blues

I said I was superstitious, and didn’t want to tempt fate by proclaiming how great 35 was. Hmm. Fate was tempted anyway.

Since my last blog post I have been quite poorly with tonsillitis, Anna has had conjunctivitis which was really horrible for her, Sophia had a teething-plus-cold-plus random-temperature thing which meant she was breastfeeding every 2 hours all night, and she has also had another head bump where she lost consciousness and we ended up in A&E again. 202 more words

Domestic Life