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After much reflection, and under the counsel of my doctors, I have decided to stay put on Orcas Island for the fall season. My body has been slow to heal, and my convalescence is far from over. 187 more words


Drawing 14 assumes new form

After I broke (shattered!) my ankle I began drawing for long periods in bed.

I used a Sharpie marker on lined paper and numbered the drawings. 97 more words

Text & Image


Slowly, slowly

One step at a time

You haven’t been on your feet for quite a while

Calm and steady

Give yourself a break

Your heart wants to run but you’re barely awake… 75 more words

Creative Writing

Life is a Special Occasion

After everything I’ve been through in the last few years, I agree with this adage more than ever. You truly DON’T know what tomorrow will bring. 592 more words

Living in limbo

  • I can’t wait to get home Bernie. I miss me own bed
  • You’ll be in it soon enough, sure the time has flown by in here…
  • 561 more words
Bernie And Ma


I’m out of the hospital and convalescing in Poulsbo for a spell. (With my dear friend, Holly, who is a fantastic ND.) Thank you for all the sweet messages and loving words. 91 more words



Ugh. On the convalesce rollercoaster. One minute, I (almost) feel human again. The next, I’m shivering, trying to breath through the nausea and pain. Then I’m overheated and feel like I can’t breathe. 102 more words