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Convalescence… it’s sweet time when life comes back. The things around me exude a vibrancy that I’ve never recognized before. Senses become alive. As an infant finds the smell of the world, my nose seeks the new wonder of scents, eyes for sights, and the fingers stretch out to touch. 203 more words


"Some “Johnny Turk” thought it was time I had one"

A Reading man who had been wounded was back in the fray, fighting in the Middle East.

Feb 21st

You will be pleased to hear that I have quite recovered from my wound and that I am now back up the line once again amongst the boys, feeling absolutely in the best of health. 118 more words

News From The Front: The Grim Reality Of War


What to say first? I learnt I was afraid,

Years back, before the turn of the century, I lived for a time in a shared flat near Highbury Corner in North London. 625 more words


Since I began convalescing, I’ve had the opportunity to revive a childhood passion for drawing. I did this via a challenge that I set myself this time last year, which is – simply, to draw something every day. 370 more words


My Way Is Blue

listen to the blues
healing every bruise
my baby is gone away
has left me tonight
and I feel alright
freedom swings through my day… 23 more words


Sick Man’s Stroll: A Kind of Rehabilitation

Sick Man’s Stroll: A Kind of Rehabilitation

Sick man’s stroll

Variations of

An ambling gait

And a staggering shuffle.

The slow stroll

Moves along

Like a metronome… 151 more words

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Good Morning Folks!

Saturday is a good day, because there is only a no-work-day after this. Time to stretch those limbs and do what you want!

I'm sharing with you today a work by a fellow-blogger and a dear friend, Simon, who blogs at Simon's Still Stanza. This piece is about the slowness of convalescence and the frustration of it. I'm sure you too have, at some point in life, gone through a similar experience, when you had to slow down because your body was still recovering, or your heart was.

In these last few days of this year, read and remember, and be compassionate to those who have to now go through the same. Help spread some smiles and cheer.

Have a Great Weekend!


Today marks just over six weeks to the day I left hospital, and the contrast in energy levels is interesting.

In isolation, I didn’t have much to see or do. 1,339 more words