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Report from a Recumbent Position by Jane F. Collen

I am recovering well! I am so much better than two weeks ago! I have had love, support and every comfort possible showered on me by all these wonderful people in my life. 234 more words


C is for Sea-Air (C-air)

Today’s acrostic poem for the A to Z Challenge,


See how convalescence is a far too lengthy word.
Eventually I’ll work a phrase that may not be so quite absurd. 130 more words


Sunnier Days Ahead

I’m too excited about my breakfast and newly recovered fondness for food to stay in bed any longer. What I would sketch right now, if I were an artist, to give you a thousand words at a glance, is this. 1,122 more words


It Happened One Morning by B. B. Wright

It Happened One Morning

A Short Story by B. B. Wright

Black coffee is my elixir for the morning blahs. Definitely not a morning person, I am quite happy to hermit myself away in the den to suck on my over-sized mug of coffee and to read the morning newspaper quietly. 1,399 more words


After rotator cuff surgery

It’s great to have the sling off after rotator cuff surgery.  The pillow that was attached to hold my arm out away from my side was to allow the rotator cuff tendons to heal, and let the titanium stitches inside become one with the healed tissue, attaching it to the bone.   397 more words

Ramblings..........and Reality Checking

First Steps, Brancaster

Here is today’s commentary and poem from my book The Word in the Wilderness, whose readers  may like to click the play button or the title below and hear me read the poem. 840 more words