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Troy - Part 9

Though the cannula has been giving me a great deal of trouble, yet now that I can give him the fluids subcutaneously, I am no longer in a panic. 538 more words

Troy - Part 8

Now that I have had the green light from Dr. Motaz to give him his fluids subcutaneous, I feel much better knowing that there is an alternative way of getting the fluids into Troy. 677 more words


Do you think he thinks of me now that he’s gone?  He must.  There’s no other soul that understands my struggles and my foils like him. 1,526 more words



A hole in my heart where you used to be,

Now overflowing with passionless tears –

Products of lustful blows that you gave me

Which made the plumes of passion plucked turn to fear. 171 more words