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After so many days of watching my little lady be mopey after her surgery, I noticed she started the day drinking water.

That was a good sign. 152 more words


Convalescing in Revire (Arnad) - Aosta Valley (Italy)

This post comes very late; the reason will become clear as your read further.

I had decided to stay off highways from start to finish. Despite the 535 km total distance, I made little headway; there were another six hours to go, mainly due to the many speed restrictions. 1,113 more words


Convalescence by Maynard Sims

Convalescence by Maynard Sims

Who will protect the children?

Fourteen-year-old James has seen his family wiped out by tuberculosis in the England of the 1960s. When he is sent to the country to convalesce with his Uncle Thomas it seems a welcome respite. 298 more words


Saturday Morning Post

This quiet, grey and cool Saturday morning finds me in what is locally known as ‘The Gorge’ – it is technically the Columbia Gorge, where the Columbia River runs between Oregon and Washington, the state line drawn through water. 466 more words


Spirit of Healing

“[C]rude matter, instead of being the source of life and of all its complicated mental and spiritual phenomena… is only an expression of the Life Force, itself a manifestation of the great creative intelligence which some call God, others Nature, the Oversoul, Brahma, Prana, etc., each one according to his best understanding.” ~Henry Lindlahr… 712 more words


Upon Convalescing (2015Aug17)

Monday, August 17, 2015                                       11:30 AM

Upon Convalescing

Just let me rage against the air—

Give me the strength to call out

My fears and all my frustrations… 168 more words



I had a pretty busy night planned Friday night- I had shows at the Knit, The Big Dipper, and The Checkerboard. With countless talent to see, my dial tuned in and froze at The Checkerboard, on The Convalescence. 546 more words

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