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Today marks just over six weeks to the day I left hospital, and the contrast in energy levels is interesting.

In isolation, I didn’t have much to see or do. 1,339 more words



People fall out of favour, disappear for a while and then re-habilitate themselves.

So do words and ideas.

No–go terms at the moment might include ‘strong’, ‘stable’, ‘Weinstein’ (of course), ‘uncertainty’ (as in needing it to end) and any word that suggests anyone actually knows what is going to happen vis a vis this divorce thingy with the EU. 317 more words


A Day With Few High Points

I’ve just spent several minutes trying to remove an unwanted comma from a piece of work. It’s frustrating when you can’t get a computer to do what you want it to do. 246 more words


School / Hospital

I am afraid I can’t give you an historical overview of schools and hospitals, let’s just say they are both social constructs that tend to reflect on a certain point in human development – the will to educate our children and the desire to support us when we are ill. 738 more words


After much reflection, and under the counsel of my doctors, I have decided to stay put on Orcas Island for the fall season. My body has been slow to heal, and my convalescence is far from over. 187 more words


Drawing 14 assumes new form

After I broke (shattered!) my ankle I began drawing for long periods in bed.

I used a Sharpie marker on lined paper and numbered the drawings. 97 more words

Text & Image


Slowly, slowly

One step at a time

You haven’t been on your feet for quite a while

Calm and steady

Give yourself a break

Your heart wants to run but you’re barely awake… 75 more words

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