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Demand it, and then they’ll supply it.
Non-GMO food.
At least, here’s one case of the theory playing out that way.

It was a definite boo-hiss moment, a while back, when I noticed how many hummus brands contained genetically engineered ingredients. 182 more words

Nothin' Fancy

Just cleaning out the refrig, winding down the week.

Defrost, rinse, drain.

Could’ve made banchan style (sesame seed oil, shoyu), too lazy, sprinkled salt.

The Cat dipped hers into her pasta soup. 53 more words


Chocolate Cookies Inspired by an Ice Cream Parlour Experience

Chips Ahoy Ice Cream Creations is a line of chocolate chip cookies inspired by the ice cream parlour experience. Brought to market in the United States in 2014, they are still being marketed as “New” in Canada in 2016. 1,206 more words

Chips Ahoy Cookies

Always Hungry? What's in the pantry?

I don’t do meal planning well…I don’t like to do meal planning.  I’d much rather be spontaneous about my cooking and eating. Okay, I’m a picky eater–my… 1,636 more words



I finally got around to making some yoghurt cheese or labneh! I don’t know why it has taken me this long to do something that simple–it’s practically effortless. 229 more words


Betty & The Banana Cake

I was going to be writing about Easter this week, but my 94-year-old mother, Betty, ended up in the hospital. She had caught an infection, and at 94, it doesn’t take much for her to go downhill quickly. 818 more words

Less-Waste Salad Kit

Okay, peeps. Here’s my shameful, wasteful indulgence of late: salad kits.

I am SO busy. Like, don’t stop working busy. In total, I probably work 50 hours a week at my jobs, then put on top of that household chores and organizing, taking care of a baby, and… 581 more words

Food Waste