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On-site Food Production vs. Pre-processed Convenience Foods

Should restaurant managers insist on producing and processing all of their foods on-site or is it ok for them to purchase items which are processed elsewhere? 545 more words

Back To School

Farm to table

We might imagine that in the past the food served in restaurants was grown or raised fairly close to where it was consumed, perhaps that it came from farm to table without delay. 1,155 more words



Nutritional information—or what passes for it—abounds on the internet and in books that you can check out from the library, or find as you pass through the checkout line at the grocery store, but it’s frustrating. 1,102 more words

Food For Thought

Trader Joe's Taste Testing- Fall Holiday Sides!

Ever walk down the aisles at the store and wonder… “Wouldn’t it be easier and taste just as good to use the pre-cooked side dishes from my favorite grocery store?” 318 more words

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Grocery shopping for one

Do you think about advertising while you’re grocery shopping?  Most likely not! I know that I don’t–but I try to do “perimeter” shopping, making a foray into the center of the store only for specific items–like drain cleaner, paper towels, or dish detergent.  1,172 more words


Too much convenience?

I was striding purposefully down the aisle of my local Harris Teeter when a package caught my eye–and brought me to a screeching halt–pot-sized spaghetti? This is something that you buy?  485 more words

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5 Convenience Foods That Help Save You Time and Money

Home cooked meals are nutritious and can help you save money. However, there are those occasions when life gets hectic and making a meal from scratch is not a feasible option. 396 more words