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Chocolate on the menu

Chocolate concoctions have always been found in the dessert section of restaurant menus. Right? You’ve already figured out that I’m going to say no. But, naturally, it’s a bit more complicated than that. 1,055 more words


Convenience Foods to Save the Day

Especially when you’re just starting out in your foray into a plant-based diet, it can be tough to cut the cord on meat (umbilical cord? gross) and other animal-based foods you’re used to. 256 more words

Mon petit boulet

Much has been written about the cross-cultural ubiquity of the dumpling, so I won’t rehash old truisms or wax poetic about the peace-building possibilities of the shared experience of stuffed dough balls. 478 more words

Food Skeptic

As anyone reading my blog regularly will know, I’m skeptical.  About lots of things, but in particular about all the information we read online about food. 1,055 more words

Food & Recipes

Food Sloth - Granny's Hot Tips

Long long ago and not so far away in a place much like this one, food went backwards. People filled their grocery stores with poisonous edible substances.  340 more words

Disease Relief - Prevention