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It's a MaryJanesFarm-apalooza up in my house!

I am a disciple of MaryJane Butters/MaryJanesFarm. I spend time with her books, studying and reading and getting to know them like old friends. 429 more words

The Farmgirl Life

Be Prepared

I have found that the secret to my new, healthier way of eating is to be prepared. An hour here and there of preparation during the week saves the inevitable exclamation of “there’s nothing to eat!”. 494 more words


Tasty Tuesday

Church work day. Lunch.

From Diamond Head Market and Grill. Off the clearance section, ate it at the desk. Actually not to bad, being that it’s pre-made and “clearance”. 123 more words


Fowl Friday

Stomach is 95 percent back to normal. I think once the nasty clam left stomach reset itself. Today, stomach was gassy (excuse me, sorry), and hungry. 166 more words


Life Expectancy - Industrialised food and its effect on our longevity.

Tables and studies on life expectancy are only as good as the data provided. There are too many variables to take into consideration. Back in Victorian times for example there were many people who lived to over 80 or even 90 but because of the high infant mortality rate this brought down the average. 821 more words

Health And Nutrition At Any Age

Why the parsley garnish?

Nothing decorated more restaurant plates in the 20th century than parsley, most of it by all accounts uneaten.

Why use so much of what nobody wanted? 467 more words


Under Cooked, Over Processed

I grew up in a household where my mother cooked, almost every night, almost always from scratch.  Watching her come home after working a full day and then prepare a meal from scratch instilled in me a belief that cooking was an important task in running a household.  801 more words