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Healthy Meals Are Child's Play With VeeTee Rice

Time , its something we never have enough. We lead such busy lives and one thing that we seem to neglect is eating healthy. People stop and order take out or bring home food from the drive thru . 208 more words

Adults can be picky eaters too

We think it’s an immaturity seen only in children, but picky eating can follow you through life—or maybe even develop in later years. My 60 something brother refuses to eat bread that has been frozen. 606 more words

House And Home

A.(conscientious) Foodie

I think that the root issue with food programs and losing weight is the matter of quantity and quality.  This Reset finds its balance very quickly, making “food” issues fade quickly away. 613 more words

Healthy Choices

New x 2 from TJs- Tea and Dinner

Well, you know how it goes- when one person in the house falls ill the rest will soon follow. Like me. After running a few errands and before I started to feel too crummy, I picked up a couple of new-to-me items from Trader Joe’s. 338 more words

Food And Drink

But ... can she cook?

I’m a bit of an oddity for my generation, in that I never learned to cook at my mother’s knee. I never baked cookies with her at Christmas, nor kneaded bread, nor shelled peas, nor shucked corn. 1,321 more words

City Girl-country Girl

I Love My Mother-In-Law ... Okay?

I do. I love Mom Bev. She’s the original farm woman. No, she’s never lived on a farm, was raised on the outskirts of Detroit, but at heart, she is a true farm woman. 1,080 more words

Country Living

It's a MaryJanesFarm-apalooza up in my house!

I am a disciple of MaryJane Butters/MaryJanesFarm. I spend time with her books, studying and reading and getting to know them like old friends. 429 more words

The Farmgirl Life