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Evaluation – audience

I carried out some qualitative research in order to see what worked and what didn’t work. I chose a focus group that were in are target audience range and asked them 5 questions. 405 more words


Picture Kaleidoscope 3/25/15

Two weekends ago was ALLCON!

And the costumes were everywhere and fantastic ones at that! Here are the ones I got to take snap shots of. 173 more words

Gloria Oliver

The biggest gossip-news bit of the indy-entertainment scene of the moment is?

This picture pretty much set the internet ablaze at least in some small circles. This is a picture of an actor (no names shall be mentioned) at a certain convention who decided to charge for exactly what is pictured here. 488 more words


AnomalyCon Schedule

Just around the corner is my first convention of 2015 AnomalyCon. I’ve never been to Colorado before, so I’m looking forward to escape the NY cold a bit for some Rocky Mountain air. 541 more words


Evaluation - conventions

My commentary of how my group used conventions..


Script of commentary:

After taking a long time researching into the horror genre through textual analysis, generic conventions and analysing big films such as Insidious, Halloween, Frankenstein, Se7en and 28 days later we planned what we would include in our final piece in order to conform (or subvert for effect) these stereotypes. 1,177 more words