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New Class: Convergence Culture Candidates

I am very excited to be teaching a new graduate class this summer and I wanted to share the syllabus.  The class teaches new media theory, media industries approaches, and cultural studies by examining narratives about the outcome of the 2016 US Presidential Election.

Movie Trailers, Marketing and Microfiction

There seems to be little thought in the artistic significance in movie trailers.

They can be seen as traditional advertising, which companies often stick to… 233 more words


Convergence Culture: Putting Public Relations at the Digital Forefront

As society moves forward, more and more advances in all aspects of our world continue to develop. Whether this is a cure to a chronic illness, housing for the homeless or simply achieving equal pay rates between genders, it is undeniable that our world is constantly evolving. 967 more words

Social Media

McLuhan's Tetrad for Modern Media

McLuhan’s (1988) tetrad mode of evaluating media effects provides a solid foundation for gauging the value and impacts of different media developments. However, its relevance to the modern digital age can be seen to wane in light of the increasingly complex interrelations between new media and technologies. 509 more words


Web 2.0: What does it mean for film?

Web 2.0

With the interactive platform of the internet filmmakers are closer than ever before with their audiences.

When I was growing up film was my safe place.  275 more words


Donnie Darko: Waking the Transmedia Universe

Donnie Darko (2001) is a psychological thriller directed by Richard Kelly and starring Jake Gyllenhaal. The story follows a teenager being lead to cause mischief by his imaginary friend Frank before the world ends, kinda (make sure you… 253 more words