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Week 3 Post


I thought that this picture is a good example of how technological convergence is affecting our culture. In terms of dating, an app like Tinder takes away the work of going on physical dates, getting to know every candidate on a deeper level. 761 more words

Week 3

1) Pavlik and McIntosh define convergence as “the coming together of computing telecommunications and media in a digital environment” (8). Although convergence has now made once harder tasks easier, it does have some limitations. 783 more words

Week 3 digital info

1  Pavlik and McIntosh discuss the movement towards “convergence” in the digital age. Although this “digital age” we live in today typically supports types of innovation and convergence, there could be certain limitations. 685 more words

#Food thru the lens: Theory and Practice

A statement by Henry Jenkins about convergence and participatory culture provided a theoretical basis of our topic.

As defined by Jenkins, the current trend can be viewed as an outcome of convergence culture where: 164 more words

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Week 8: Researching Digital Fandom

Digital Fandom: Mass Effect

According to Pearson (2010), the digital revolution has had a profound impact upon fandom, particularly as it blurs the lines between producers and consumers, creates relationships between powerful corporations and individual fans, and ultimately given rise to new forms of cultural production such as fan-fiction, fan-art, and fan-discussion. 562 more words

Metadata and a Big Brother State

Henry Jenkins and his explanations of Convergence Culture was one of my first introductions to my Communication and Media Degree.

And since that first viewing, in a stuffy lecture hall in 2012, I have watched the video, blogged about the topic and referenced him countless times. 301 more words


Convergence Culture

Convergence Culture…..where to begin? If you are asking yourself “What does this term mean?” think about it. You know what convergence means, and you know what culture means. 655 more words

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