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The Digital Discussion of Convergence and Disruption

Corey Moss (LinkedIn, Twitter)

It appears that many in commercial sales and integration are still taking their cues from hardware focused discussions – with cloud, software and managed services talk cutting in, not quite at the forefront just yet. 831 more words

About Sermon Prep

I am serving in a generous congregation that wants to make sure they compensate the preacher fairly. A question then, that came up more than once was “How long does it take to prepare a sermon?” Others may disagree, but I think it’s a difficult question to answer. 428 more words

Permies Converge in NORTHERN Alberta!

We did it! Our team at ACIL pulled off the Northern Alberta Permaculture Convergence. See photos below. At our busiest, I would estimate we had about 75 attendees. 262 more words


[review] Investing in health innovation: a cornerstone to achieving...

Investing in health innovation: a cornerstone to achieving global health convergence

article by Gavin Yamey and Carlos Morel.

The article is an editorial to the PLos collection on “Global Convergence”. 257 more words


[review] Achieving a "grand convergence" in global health...

Achieving a “grand convergence” in global health: modeling the technical inputs, costs, and impacts from 2016-2030

article by Colin Boyle, Carol Levin, Arian Hatefi, Solange Madriz and Nicole Santos; part of the “ 665 more words


The Death of Legitimacy

If you have been following my weekly posts you will know that I last discussed the idea posed by Eric Raymond that networked systems always beat hierarchical ones because more is accomplished at a faster rate due to mass participation… “Given enough eyes all bugs are shallow”. 896 more words


Convergence: Black and Silver Seas

Convergence the RPG now ran two weekends ago, and with many thanks to my wonderful players, who put up with my generalised panic at suddenly running a game entirely solo for more than twice the number of players I’ve ever handled alone before, it went great! 605 more words