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"Come, Let Us" by Dr.J.

Genesis 11:1-7 (NIV) The Tower of Babel “Now the whole world had one language and a common speech. As people moved eastward,[a] they found a plain in Shinar[b] and settled there. 384 more words


First blog post... Eek!

Hi! I’m a kindergarten teacher always looking for something new to jump into. I’m starting this blog to share with the world my journey  as an educator. 284 more words


Learning Together

This week, our team held our 6th Convergence Learning Symposium at the McKimmon Center (NC State). This two-day conference is focused on digital learning, literacy, and libraries. 534 more words

Professional Learning

Blank-Slate, Nightly Mind Wipes, Synthetic Intelligence, Convergence

Everything is going to be stepping up into convergence soon.

The so called “blank-slate” technology was developed as part of a mind-control system that upgraded itself into a net that envelops the entire planet. 1,314 more words


Beautiful is YOU

Below are answers from the 12 anonymous respondents to the survey questions.

Being a woman in 2016 is not glamorous, or easy. Many ladies feel that they need to be on top of the latest trends—hair, clothing, the next new thing—or they feel their self-worth decreases. 524 more words

Oakland University

The Last Time I Heard a Great Story: Rough to Final


“Exhaustion filled the car as my father and I drove to pick up the last of the boxes.

my older brother had just purchased his first home with his fiance and it got my dad thinking about all of the times we had moved, seven to be exact. 433 more words



Seven pairs of shoes
Dangle from telephone wire
Train tracks converging