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Oakland University Enrollment and Tuition

With Oakland Universities recent troubles with state funding and aid, they have had to depend on increasing tuition prices for their growing enrollment of nearly 20,000 students. 166 more words


Towards a better understanding of convergence and divergence: or, how the present EU strategy – at the expense of the economic periphery - neglects the theories that once made Europe successful

This new working paper attempts to address some of the main problems of the European Union today. The main thesis is that the Weltanschauung and the economic narrative on which the European project has been based have changed radically since the inception of the European Project, from one conducive to convergence and cohesion to another which is conducive to divergence and, in the last instance – I shall argue – to a form of internal colonialism towards the economic periphery. 2,724 more words


Up & At 'Em Journalism !

Journalism has definitely been caught in the line of fire concerning digital convergence and the evolution of the Internet since the 90s. With Web 3.0 giving everybody a voice, and cross-platform reducing the amount of traditional journalism consumed, the need and interest in traditional journalism has vastly declined. 316 more words

Memoirs of Hysteria-Power Begets Power

Check out the first entry of the Memoirs here.

Hysteria burned. Flames flickered along the rooftops and city walls. High above the blaze, its serpentine body wrapped around the keep’s highest tower, an ivory white scaled dragon stayed motionless. 1,209 more words