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Learning Algorithm Basics

In neural networks, each layer has a set of weights which along with activation act as gates for the output decision/classifier. In the process of learning, we try to adapt the weights such that they minimise the error between the actual and predicted values. 345 more words

How does old and new media collide_ Henry Jenkins

Media does not disappear but it changes and shift into different forms but essentially remains the same.For example the ebooks could be classified as a ‘new’ yet they are just a regeneration of an old media which has been around for many years.This may appeal to different audience yet it is essential still the same medium as when it began. 27 more words

Week Two - Multimedia Journalism

Week Two Discussion: How does convergence impact journalism?

As journalism is constantly changing, journalist must also adapt to the culture of journalism by keeping in mind of their audience’s preferences.  213 more words


Convergence Tie-Ins (The ones I read anyway)

I want to make this very clear, if the title of this post/article wasn’t enough, that this is about the Convergence tie-ins that I read. Now, I didn’t read all of them, and if you read all FORTY of them, good for you. 2,662 more words