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Best thing ever happened to me today. I get into work and I get told that since I’m new and on a probationary period, I get July 3rd off! 221 more words


CONvergence Conversation

I’ve been jonesing for some con-goodness, and I’m about to scratch that itch in a big way! This Thursday I fly away to the southern climes* of Minnesota for… 466 more words


Tecmo Super Bowl Convergence (SNES, NES, Genesis)

For ease of navigation, here is all three Tecmo Super Bowl: Convergence ROMs in one place.  The SNES version is the original and, personally, my favorite one due to some additional features, however, there are some people who prefer the gameplay of the Genesis or NES.


Our CONvergence 2015 Schedules: Come to Our Panels; Come to Our Hangout!

All but one of the Robogoblins will be at CONvergence this year in Minneapolis, MN!  If you’re planning to attend, make sure you come to some of our panels, including the LIVE recording of The Skiffy and Fanty Show on Saturday.   283 more words


Aquaman (Aquaman 41)

This is Aquaman’s new look/costume after the events of Convergence.

Aquaman Vol. 7 #41


Tecmo Super Bowl: Convergence (NES)

To coincide with the release of the SNES’s Tecmo Super Bowl: Convergence, here is the DVD “Bonus features” to the game, Tecmo Super Bowl: Convergence… 83 more words


Tecmo Super Bowl: Convergence tournament is under way!

Here’s the bracket with all of the first round matchups for all thirty teams.  Miami 1972 and New England 2007 will receive first round byes because of their historic undefeated regular seasons.  8 more words