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Convergence" by Jackson Pollock - 1988

Convergence » by Jackson Pollock – 1988

This is an original offset lithograph by one of the legendary artists of the 20th Century. »Convergence, » printed more than 20 years ago, is by Jackson Pollock. 12 more words

Assignment 1- Media Diary

This page will be used to show how much media I consume over a 10 day period. When I say ‘Media’, I mean every single type of media, whether that be texting a friend or binge watching a whole TV series in one evening. 454 more words


"We have such sights to show you..."

The days are much shorter. The air no longer smells like burning flint. Sundays are the perfect days to run errands, because most people are at home watching football. 555 more words


What I Learned from Reading "Gamma: Exploring Euler's Constant" by Julian Havil: Part 13

I hadn’t heard of the crossing-the-desert problem until I read Gamma (page 127). From Wikipedia:

There are n units of fuel stored at a fixed base.

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Emerging Media: What does it mean for you?

According to Forbes, emerging media is one of the most important aspects of marketing that every marketer should be paying attention to. Emerging media has four main characteristics that sets it apart from other concepts in the world of integrated marketing. 468 more words


Yet Another Square Root Algorithm (part III)

Finding good, fast, and stable numerical algorithms is usually hard, even for simple problems like the square root, subject we’ve visited a number of times… 371 more words