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The Craft of The Glitch

I never understood the whole idea of glitching and to be honest I didn’t think it was done on purpose because before week 4’s lecture, to me it was just a… 370 more words


3D Printing - a Convergence of Craft

Once upon a time, people created all their products by hand, and each resulting piece was unique.

Then, we figured out that technology that could produce identical pieces on a massive, efficient scale. 182 more words


The Medium is The Message

So what does it really mean by the medium is the message?

McLuhan describes the medium as any extension of ourselves, meaning it could be the shoes we are wearing, our phones or even the lecture theatre we sat in while learning about this topic. 491 more words


“Beyond your breaking point is the convergence of all your dreams.”


Comment on The Sample Size Required in Importance Sampling

I summarize and comment part of The Sample Size Required in Importance Sampling (Chatterjee and Diaconis, 2015). One innovative idea is to bound the mean estimation error in terms of the tail behavior of , where  and are the importance sampling target and proposal distributions, respectively. 397 more words


Everything can be fixed with a hammer

The medium is the message” a simple, yet profoundly appealing phrase.

Marshall McLuhan, an actor turned sociologist, published, in 1964, ‘Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man… 204 more words


Hey Macklemore! Can we go thrift shopping?

When it comes to the prospect of the Digital Artefact, i have been struggling to fabricate a concept that i can see myself being able to spend an entire semesters worth of time on without ultimately becoming bored and/or hating it. 357 more words