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Information and Responsibility

One week down in the books for graduate school and it’s just like riding a bike. Or is it? It has definitely been an eye-opening week. 360 more words


Convergence Chapter 1

Ellis lay face up on the garbage heap, staring at the gray-blue, mist-covered sky, wondering what exactly had just happened.

She could feel the soft, uneven mattress of garbage beneath her, and caught a whiff of a slight stench in the air. 1,617 more words



Amestris, Continental Calendar July 8, 1919 — Twenty Minutes After Winry’s Disappearance

Russell peeled his eyes from the abomination scorched on the ground to look at his surroundings. 7,935 more words



Earth, January 8, 1940, A.D

Lightning tore through the sky, branching out into small tendrils as it connected with the wet ground below. Thunder followed. The boom resounded inside the government-issued vehicle letting Edward guessing about the proximity of the strike to the car. 7,462 more words



Somewhere In This World Earth, 2005 A.D.

“Ready?” The boy with the long bangs asked his two younger siblings, who in turn, nodded a “yes”. 671 more words


Kicking Away the (Statistical) Ladder

Developed countries often lecture developing and emerging countries on the appropriate policies and institutions necessary for economic success. This is done either bilaterally or through multilateral organizations such as the World Bank, IMF, OECD or European Union. 1,743 more words

Economic History

30 Day Challenge—Day 1: Start Blogging

By now, I hope it’s fairly evident that I intend to blog as a form of reflective writing. I always have good intentions to start this blog but I allow excuses for why I should not. 780 more words

Personal Growth