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Changing Business Context, Driving Business – IT Convergence

There is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come.  – Victor Hugo

Vaughan Merlyn started working on the concept of Business Relationship Management (BRM) in 1993.

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IT Management

Virtual Playgrounds for the Self

What does it mean to be creative? Or, for that matter, to achieve literacy of any kind – or even to learn? Ken Robinson raises these questions, and more, in his… 998 more words


Drawing in Class: Reimagining Public Education to Better Incorperate Creativity

The other day I was talking with a friend about the therapeutic and intellectual benefits of incorporating some kind of creative hobby into one’s life. My friend told me that he has recently started drawing, taking several hours out of his day to sit down and just focus on being creatively free. 702 more words

HQ: Beginning of the End

HQ is a 12 question trivia game that is taking the states by storm. The app was launched in August 2017 by Rus Yusupov and Colin Kroll, the creators of Vine. 709 more words

Which Convergence Test Should I Use? Part 1

One common question from students first learning about series is how to know which convergence test to use with a given series.  The first answer is: practice, practice, practice. 746 more words

Sequences And Series

Almost sure convergence via pairwise independence

If are pairwise independent and then as


Let and . Since are pairwise independent, the are uncorrelated and thus

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Why Apple Should buy Tesla by Matthew DeBord

This article makes me think of convergence again. The concept of a car company buying Apple, and for it to not be such a far fetched idea is fascinating. 17 more words