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2015 Convergence Reflection

Last year we held a powerful conversation about ecology, cosmology and spirituality. The energy from that gathering turned into the Salish Sea Spiritual Ecology Alliance when a handful of us gathered in small circles with mugs of spruce tip or nettle tea and told our stories, expressed our fears, and wondered what we could do to effect real change. 1,030 more words


Solomon and Sheba

King Solomon and Queen Sheba.
The perfect love.
Divine convergence.
Bring two who are seeking; spirit and wisdom dwellers.
The perfect love.
Harmonic convergence.
King Solomon and Queen Sheba. 62 more words


The Cloud of Witnesses - Jonathan Edwards (1703-1758)

I was recently asked to write a reflection on a passage of writing by Jonathan Edwards. I was excited by this for a few reasons. The first of which was to get to know more about Jonathan Edwards. 865 more words

Apostolic Succession Part II – The Sacrament of Holy Orders

Last time I talked about how seeing Apostolic Succession in the pages of the New Testament and throughout Church history, particularly in the formative years following the Apostolic age itself, was one of the ways that I have become convinced of the legitimacy of Holy Orders.  978 more words


Fall is in the air.  Nights are cooler.  Days seem shorter. I wear wool when I hike now, instead of cotton.

Perhaps a result  of the drought, the brilliant fall hues that usually signal fall are missing.   285 more words


They Are The Titans

The new giants of media have learned much from their studio system predecessors. Although the new giants differ in term of management tactics, style, content production, distribution and marketing are concerned, but they do share the structures of diversification that create the structural inequalities originally meant to be regulated by the now defunct Paramount decree, as Tom Schatz and his colleagues inform us within their book, … 722 more words

Media Industries

Convergent Journalism Review

One of the most professional, slick examples of convergent journalism that I have ever seen is Firestorm, a piece focussing on the escape of the Holmes family during the Tasmanian bushfires of 2013. 314 more words