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Ecuador... Wait. What?

Dear Friends,

I believe in theatre.

This has always been the case.

This has also not always been the case.

My story is one of minimizing and then rebuilding this belief. 398 more words


The Conversation - Episode #1

Merone: Welcome to ZefMok’s first episode of our bi-weekly podcast called The Conversation. I am Merone, I’m here with my co-founder Shreya. So, what are we doing today? 5,466 more words

Shnap Shnap.

Maybe the reason why some people would prefer to ignore those in front of them in favor of refreshing their social media feed is because it’s easier. 333 more words


The Side Eye

If we were having coffee, I experienced something that has had me wondering since it happened. This hasn’t happened in a little while, but I wonder if this will be something that I will now have to expect more and more, given the current climate in my country. 429 more words

She Painted Fire

So today I was re-visiting one of my favorite album on YT.

Pale Folklore – Agalloch ()

Long back, it had inspired me to write something… Sharing that with everyone. 320 more words


Wine Talk ~ Grupo de conversação para a prática do idioma inglês, regado a vinho.

Propomos um encontro descontraído, divido em três momentos para o melhor aproveitamento da experiência:

– breve introdução para o desenvolvimento da tema escolhido, com abordagem de vocabulário, expressões, etc., 81 more words