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The Death of Over Thinking - A Brief Rumination

Overthinking gets a bad rap. And these days more than ever. Overthinking has not been sent to the corner to think about what it’s done, ….overthinking is being shamed, by simply being ignored. 377 more words

Kill me, I dare ya

Fuck the businessmen that drink my wine, and fuck them too who fuck my whores! My whores. Funny how whores and hoors sounds similar when you sound it in your head. 1,157 more words


Ep 10: FICLET – YA Fiction Scenarios

Kiana goes all out in creating these YA-Character-Gone-Wild scenarios. Rychele couldn’t be happier.

How many imaginary boyfriends can one have? Answer: all of them.

Give Us Your Answers Here! 76 more words


I Didn't See That Coming

For today’s lesson I learned what not to do. Do not drink an entire bottle of sweet white wine, proceed to walk up stairs, and then bend over to change the trash bags for your small trashcan in your restroom. Bottoms up!


"Guys, remember, this prayer is about us."

For me, the first activity of every new school year involves helping facilitate a leadership day for seniors.  They listen to a variety of talks, attend Mass, eat pizza, and write a senior prayer.   464 more words


Sad Clown - Happy Thoughts


Life is filled with so many interesting moments that I decided to share a regular conversation starter around the more entertaining observations. What’cha think? 134 more words

Communicating Every Day