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All Grown-Up Now

– Where were you last night? You didn’t answer my messages.

– I saw her.

– Oh! How did it go?

– She wanted us to have some time alone so she invited me for dinner. 670 more words


Communication and Dirty Dishes

Growing up, my family never had a dishwasher. Let me amend that, we did have a dishwasher, it was just a person instead of a machine. 1,057 more words

Nasrudin ( خوجة نصر الدين )

One day Nasrudin talking with GOD in his Pray :

N : Hey GOD, how are you..?

G : Hey Nasrudin. I’m Good. (w/ smile) 183 more words


Model baby boy

The baby was so well dressed, all eyes were on him and his parents.  Was it the little man’s birthday that he had  his mini designer suit on?   51 more words

No marks


Slur, slowly wave it off,

No marks on you, quick,

Forget the slur for sure.

Conversation and Gender

Conversation analysts have begun to challenge long-cherished assumptions about the relationship between gender and language, asking new questions about the interactional study of gender and providing fresh insights into the ways it may be studied empirically. 38 more words


Business Card

I work in the salon and I talk a lot about my art work to my clients. It is wonderful when we tell about our interests and art has always been the top conversation. 83 more words