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Gray Stage - A Conversation with Sidrah

Shortly before the Apple Valley Police Department released information meant to prove David Crowley was guilty of a double-murder suicide, I was able to ask David’s sister-in-law, Sidrah Alam, some questions about the investigation. 1,950 more words

MBS News

Eliot and Pinkerton Live - Short Film

We got another short here to release.

Eliot and Pinkerton Live, watching ‘The Emotional Crime Stories of Mike Pinkerton’, with guest star Zach Williamson.

You may have heard of Eliot and Pinkerton if you follow all of our Youtube channels, this is their first time doing a live broadcast of the show they do. 24 more words

Insane Llama

Texts. Convos. Tweets.

How do you communicate differently online than in person, if at all? How do you communicate emotion and intent in a purely written medium?

Opening the door, on the other side I know I will find the person I have been aching to see for months.

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Reaction Time

You know, when you ask me a question, this is what has to happen in my brain:

I have to think about what you just said.   172 more words


Poor Communication Skills Are Killing Your Authority

Originally published by Lindsey Pollak 26 April

Remember the “house phone,” that apparatus we now call a “landline?” Every Gen Xer recalls the torment of the long cord that was just a little too short to get you away from your eavesdropping siblings, the annoying busy signal, and let’s be honest, the thrill of calling your crush and hanging up pre-caller ID. 645 more words


When Students Understand Why We Do What We Do as Teachers

I remember, as a child, cartoon-esque drawings of characters or people having A-Ha moments: A lightbulb appeared over someone’s head as they worked or did something.   1,219 more words