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talk to me

When’s the last time you talked with someone? Really talked, I mean. Exchanged thoughts, shared ideas. Discovered common ground. Danced around areas of disagreement.

When’s the last time you listened? 541 more words


Relationships: Toughen Up For The Tough Conversations

I love my wife. Truly. Madly. Deeply. (Shoutout to Savage Garden on this Throwback Thursday)

When we met, I was-in her words-“a child”. To set the record straight, I was 24 years old. 992 more words


Start Writing! A 10-Minute Toolbox for Overcoming Lethargy

We’ve all been there:

You’re sitting at your desk, your laptop/notepad is out, your fingers/pen are ready. You find yourself unable to think of anything. You almost  1,337 more words


I Am Yours Forever!

ALYSSA: “The stars and galaxies dance inside your Hands

They twirl and pivot throughout your Palms

Such beauty to behold in such a broad space… 384 more words


Just a gate. Just the other side.

Isn’t it funny that we always have best solutions for all the problems what other people would bring onto the discussion tables though we have never gone through those problems ourselves before. 443 more words


Ironically, the word itself is a mouthful.


  1.  To be chatty; talkative; constantly in conversation
  2.  Somebody who talks a lot or tends to talk freely…
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