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A suit of armour

I had not spoken to my neighbour. I said “Hello” when we left our flats at the same time, and he barely responded; and then I walked to the bus stop, and they stopped six yards back, and stared at their phones. 467 more words


A Boomerang Effect

I’m sure that everyone has heard of the expression regarding karma but have you ever experienced it first hand from a good position?  If case you have then you know how WONDERFUL it feels to do something for someone expecting nothing in return and then you find yourself as the recipient of something GREAT happening to you!  350 more words


Europa and Lovecraft: if there is a sea of liquid water under Europa’s crust, is there life as well?

By Fred S. Lubnow, Ph.D.

Currently, Jupiter is known to have at least 63 moons; however, in 1610 Galileo discovered the planet’s four largest moons: Io, Ganymede, Callisto and Europa. 999 more words


Santa Cruz, CA (8/3) & Seattle, WA (8/11)



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Conversation between brothers: Scene 12

3.40 p.m. in the living-room after school

Little boy:     “What’s wrong? Why are you crying?”

Big boy:         “Hmm… (sobbing).”

Little boy:     “What happened?”

Big boy: 150 more words


What did you say ?

Here are some of the ways poor listening skills can put you at a disadvantage in today’s business world.

These days, we wear our “busyness” as a badge of honor. 471 more words