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You can learn a lot by being in conversations with artists, especially how they relate to their world, other industries, business, technology and community. More importantly, artists seem to be the very aware of how they present themselves, the context in which their work exists and how they influence and share/shape that. 161 more words


Define relationship

It was that moment, a night of hopefulness and expectations which changed her life completely. Her modest look was quite casual as any other day, black trousers, white shirt and flat shoes that gave her a sense of playfulness and youth. 842 more words


Time spent with people that does not also include conversation is not really time spent with people.

I didn’t know this was a weird perspective to have until moving to the Grand Rapids area and spending most of my time with friends instead of family. 730 more words

Life Things


So we had a very interesting Salon du Chat brainstorm in the impressive basement kitchen of Limerick’s Culture House, a Georgian house overlooking the People’s Park. 306 more words

What You Talking About?

Cards on the Table: Interview with Fatima Mbodj

Cards on the Table is a new Agape Editions interview series that introduces readers to different practices and philosophies of Tarot readers from various backgrounds. As an interfaith and literary community,  Agape Editions is interested in exploring different cultural and spiritual traditions of Tarot, both for their spirituality and for their engagement with the kind of visual literature the history of Tarot represents. 2,012 more words



I searched for a picture to illustrate how it feels, to experience anxiety. Of course, I found hundreds that I could relate to. Yet, I can’t pick up a pencil and draw, but I can pick up a pencil to write or in this case tap on this computer and describe it to whoever is listening. 531 more words