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Day 3 - Quotes (compiled early, ha!)

My challenge from Paul over at Palfitness took longer than expected but hooray for finding inspiration when it was needed.

Which is why today’s quote was found and prepared yesterday as per yesterday’s quote  80 more words



Quote me on the finest things in life like tea, coffee, good conversation, a hug from a friend, and bad things that finally come to an end, and adversity, competition and even some things around attribution. Quotes by ~ Tanya M. Milligan

Famous Quotes

Single Soul

If I could pull out my soul and have a deep conversation with it for a minute,

We might end up having a staring contest. 25 more words

Daily Obstruction: Forging Frontiers

Forging Frontiers

Technology is an impediment to connection and communication to exactly the same extent that it facilitates it.

Daily Obstruction

An Academic's Perspective On Social Entrepreneurship

Professor Thomas Lyons at Baruch College (CUNY) is trying to launch a program for social entrepreneurship. He’s finding though, that interest amongst students is rather limited. 422 more words


Feb. 14 Gathering: Guest presenter Fr. Steve Peck -- Who, then, shall be saved?

Few theological topics generate more controversy than the idea of “salvation.” What does it mean to be “saved?” Who can be “saved?” Are there those who won’t be, and if so, who are they and why? 123 more words


rhythmus of writing

So far I considered the performance made by me alone, but if I had to make a piece with invited dancers, I would offer them to write written text while I write it. 97 more words

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