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Change your intro and go-to subject matter slightly.

So when travelling for an extended period or to more than 3 or 4 different cities and/or countries I caught myself opening with similar lines of dialogue and revealing my intentions with similar explanations in each interaction. 487 more words


Building Jarvis - That Jokester - Part 2

This post is continued from this post about building Jarvis with some humor.  Since it was a high priority, I did some research to see how it should work.   1,512 more words


I Ain't Been Droppin' No Eaves Sir, Honest

Don’t you just hate it when you’re sitting in a coffee shop pretending to work, but really just refreshing your site to see if you got any new comments and “not” looking at photos of dogs doing both incredible and ridiculous things, but more just mindlessly refreshing while casually listening in to the conversations around you… 603 more words


Train Tales

People entertain me.

This morning a young woman with green hair and brown roots got on the train. Her head looked like a tree was growing out of it, except the green was more the color of fizzy pop rock candy. 330 more words


Painful Reflections

There are times you look upon the sky and you remember the goodness of someone’s heart. There are times you hear a song and the memory of yesterday brings tears. 208 more words

Stop Trying to Change (Insert Name Here)

I recently found myself in a stressful situation involving strong personalities. I watched the drama unfold from the sidelines, as the conversation had nothing to do with me… or so I thought. 645 more words


In the dark

Just reviewed all my past posts. Whew! It’s been almost a month since I last posted anything!

End summer, begin school year. Yup.

It’s been an eventful first few weeks, that’s for sure! 337 more words

This Is Life.