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Hello Multiverse

Hello Multiverse,

Can you hear me? My name is…well, you know my name don’t you. Because you’re me – all of you are me. We are the same and yet so infinitely different. 75 more words


I wonder if Ralph does fancy me – 26th November 1997

Wednesday 26th I’ll update you on Ralph as I go thought the day coz quite a few things have happened boywise.

At registration, I noticed that Ralph hadn’t come up the stairs then I saw that his bike wasn’t there either. 402 more words


The Reading Room : 11th Visit and Further Developments : Mistake and Image for Interim Show

4th July 2015:

I visited the Reading Room to make a sketch plan for layout on 18th and touch base with Jane.

I left some invitations for the Americans who were having their Barbecue. 259 more words


Respecting Choices

LaCrosse, Wisconsin, is a town on the border of Minnesota, with about 51,000 inhabitants.  Almost everyone in the town has an advance directive.  Nationwide, only about 25% of Americans have end-of-life documents. 276 more words

Palliative Care

That is fantastic advice to yourself, Otto. Your timing is excellent and I am pleased to announce that I am… pa da pa pa’ paaaaa….



The Reading Room : 9th Visit: Snapchat, Kuwait and Tunisia and June 25th

27th June 2015:

Over the past few months I’d been using Snapchat as part of an investigation into unfamiliar social media.

Most 58 yr olds don’t Snapchat as I discovered when I wanted to find people to Add! 636 more words

Collective Memory