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Look in the Mirror

“I’m overweight. I have been for some time. I have a trainer, I go to weight loss programs. I binge drink and eat when I am emotional and can’t lose weight no matter how hard I try.
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Thank you

Thank you to the people that listen to my weird stories, my looping hypothetical scenarios, my dream analysis, my lame jokes, my dramatic predictions.

Thank you for checking in on me. 149 more words


It Takes Time

We are a hurry-busy-fast society.  However, a hand has reached down often enough in my life that SLAMMED on the brakes, Jesus calls to me.  Take more time with Me, get into the Word, tomorrow is not promised, but today — it’s here, let’s move some mountains, let’s climb to the top instead of wallowing in the shadows. 167 more words

Facebook Live with 2 People!

Learn how to Facebook Live with 2 people, and add viewers into your live stream using Facebooks two person feature!

Source: Justin Brown-Primal Video
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Conversations at work.

Paddy:  (Cell phone rings)  This is Paddy.  How can I help you.

Spawn:  Hey, Paddy.  It’s Spawn.

Paddy:  Hi Spawn.  What’s going on?

Spawn:  I’m uh, lost. 357 more words



“Take care of yourself. You’re very important.”

That is what SV said as our conversation drew to a close. I had been rambling on for an hour about how horrible I felt lately, how the signs of depression seemed to be returning at a crucial point in my life. 109 more words


Alternate Universe

A few weeks back I joined an event by invitation of our Chief Analytics Officer. It was attended by a diverse set of people: former executives, young CEOs, founders of non-profits, and a few university students, to name a few, from fields like tech, marketing, business, and education. 623 more words