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Dear Cool Auntie,

Although you’re not my auntie, you’re my original keeper really. I’m told you wouldn’t be parted with me and that’s why I came to live with you. 374 more words

Keira Knightley sparks debate about traditional Disney princesses and their messages

In a world full of feminism and girl power, where there are still issues with women’s rights, it is more important than ever that we educate the younger females of the population on what choices they should be making. 618 more words


Why is

It is important to start with why and this is why! People have a tendency of portraying their presumptions and opinions on others. We easily project our fears, attitudes and biases on others without even looking at the other person’s viewpoint. 434 more words


The significance of Providing Great Customer Services

Something that I’ve figured out in my lifetime is that customer service is a super important issue since it is impossible to be successful, long-term, without it. 884 more words

s 10.19 Duality


So many voices

Each screaming, shouting, forgetting to listen

Of the seasons

The infant who understands touch

Warm, hot, or bone chilling breath

Teenagers full of angst, tripping over adolescence… 76 more words


Awkward At Small Talk?? 5 Ways To Avoid Looking Totally Bonkers

I suck at making eye contact with strangers, talkless of actually opening my mouth to speak to people I’m not used to. I get awkward, stiff, I stutter, and if it’s someone I really like and want to impress, I end up making a complete fool of myself. 1,105 more words