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Lingual Gymnastics

There is a certain  kind of flexibility required

For those of us who navigate the world in more than one language,

Particularly if your mother tongue… 226 more words

Conversational Etiquette

On 'winning' arguments

There are moments in a conversation

When the flow of words is no longer an activity of mutual edification,

When the roles of speaker and listener are no longer revolving, 205 more words

Conversational Etiquette

Shell of a man

I recently met a cool guy.

He was smart. Smooth. Funny.

Young people would say he had swag,

The cool kids would let him sit with them. 185 more words

Race Relations

Ready to talk

When someone is mad at you

Or you are mad at them,

It sometimes helps to remember that

There is more to your relationship than the offending event(s) 209 more words

Brewing Thoughts