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I keep seeing “communal” or  “family style” seating  popping up as a selling point for restaurants. Why is that a desirable feature?

Do I really want to spend my evening of communing with fire roasted meats in the company of strangers? 189 more words

General Frolic

Pretension and the art of conversation...Part II

This isn’t so much a Part II as it is me banging my head against the wall at the sheer inanity of my life imitating…my own life. 31 more words


Your blog post made me do it.

I’m still fairly new in happy, happy blogland, so I’m not familiar with the terrain, and certainly not with the etiquette.

Here are my questions: If disagree with something in your post, or if I find something offensive, is it my sworn duty as human/truthteller/anonymous superhero to take action? 179 more words

Personal Choice

Old school directionality: the moral compass

The GPS device is ubiquitous these days. From our Garmins, to TomToms (drunk-branding much?), to smartphones. There’s always something telling us where we are, and where we want to go. 237 more words


How to Converse Properly in Victorian England: 18 Tips from Old Etiquette Books

From mental_floss magazine. The earliest source used in this article is from 1840, but many of these rules applied to Regency ladies and gentlemen as well. 722 more words


Acoustic Rapes

I go through phases where I behave as the culture whore I aspire to be. I saw a play last night. Nothing so earth shattering; they’re still working out the kinks. 258 more words


Conversational Etiquette: What to say to a Tall woman

So I was talking to one of our readers and he told me that the reason why some people ask tall woman annoying questions may be because they simply don’t know what to say. 293 more words

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