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#00180: Mood

You just joined a gym. You threw out all your snacks.
Maybe you drew a timetable and a workout plan.
You will start tomorrow.
You’re feeling energetic. 333 more words

Conversations With Myself

#00174: Post a Day - 15

I didn’t celebrate 2 weeks of daily posting. Yay!

Even though I’m not happy with the content (or lack thereof), I’m still writing.

This post is an example of a “lack thereof” content.


The Journal

After saying, "I can't march for miles," I sign up for a 5K. Because: denial.

I’ve been writing about the election, and what the tension between being called to action and also being someone with a chronic invisible illness ( 1,128 more words


#00159: Post a Day - 2

I woke up late today.
I got dressed really quickly, sorted what I need for college and made my way to the car.
It was 7:31. 544 more words


#00158: Finding Yourself

Let’s start by defining “self”.

Is it a thing that you find?

Is it fixed? Is it changeable?

OK. Let’s agree on simpler definition that the self is a collection of things you like, things you dislike, memories (fake & real), thoughts (known & unknown), desires (suppressed & expressed), emotions, …etc. 402 more words


#00157: Post a Day

“A post a day might help in keeping the fears and drugs away.” – Platoid 

It’s official. I have decided to start writing at least one post per day. 110 more words

The Journal

#00154: Face it.

​Avoiding struggle is the mistake.

Avoiding failure is the ultimate failure.

Failure is subjective – can we agree on that?
Whether you had a specific goal or mainly searching for a goal, life isn’t only about going forward. 57 more words

Conversations With Myself