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Can't Blame Nobody But U

A message to a jaded vain prick
doesn’t matter what I say because here’s what I predict:

you’ll refuse to read between the lines, throw out context & 127 more words


Monsanto Controls the Weather: A Midwestern Corn-spiracy Theory

Melanie claims genetic engineering is to blame for the decrease in local humidity and temperatures this summer, so I ask her: “Why do you think… 609 more words

MidWest Life

Do as I say, not as I do. 

So, I just realized that I am like really good at advice. I guess I’ve always thought so. Not in a bossy, you-have-to-listen-to-me way. Just in a grateful-that-people-call-me way. 646 more words

Conversations With Myself

Dhaka Thoughts: On Love - a conversation with myself

Warning: a long post!!

I have struggled with this idea for a bit and I suppose will continue to do. In seeking to make sense of Love, however, there seems to be some recurring thoughts. 2,229 more words


Old Sorrows - Deep Longings

Hi guys,

I don’t really have a love life and I’m okay with it. But it’s funny, I used to dream every night of a boyfriend (I still daydream every day) yet that same day I would pray to God wishing to not have a boyfriend until he was ready, until the right time. 497 more words

Conversations With Myself

April 11: "If you are not moving forwards, you're moving backwards." aka The Hard Truth


Im a bit nervous, I’ve gone so long it almost feels unnatural to me. How does this go again?

Im sorry I left. I wish I had a valid reason, “I was working on my craft”, “I’m too busy” yet I can’t lie  399 more words

Conversations With Myself

#00199: Innocent Terrosit 

Pack your bags. Make sure there aren’t any dangerous metaerials inside. Remember: you look like a terroirst, so you will be treated like a terrosist. … 278 more words

Conversations With Myself