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Untitled #13: Conversations with Myself

I don’t have a therapist, though I really should.  I mean, I have mother and self-esteem issues that could probably use a good fixing.  But, I don’t have time. 185 more words


Role over Sunday

Pull up my pants over the roll, or let it hang over? When you are not quite sure where to squeeze in all the jiggly parts to get into your clothes on a Sunday morning, you know you have hit a real low. 120 more words


Losing control

I am a picky eater, but food has always been part of the reward system used by my mom to motivate, show sympathy and support me. 230 more words


Unravel, unravel to find the truth

Identifying the root of evil is the first step… if you can admit that you have a problem, you are on your way to recovery, but what if you are still in denial? 301 more words


Early Marriage | Part 5

Today I’m taking a short break and a deep breath. When I began this series on Early Marriage, I wasn’t sure I would survive writing these posts. 633 more words

Spiritual Formation

I wrote this, sometime back;


I wonder if you’ll miss me, if you do, then mission accomplished, if you don’t, then well, my bad luck. 33 more words