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When will you learn

To forgive yourself

To have compassion

On yourself

To honour yourself

And thank


For choosing


For deciding

You value your heart… 52 more words

Conversations With Myself

Sick, unproductive, and sad – a memoir of 1L

Word Vomit

Practice makes perfect.... sometimes!

We are moving this weekend. There are boxes and suitcases partially packed all over my house, cleaning and laundry to do, shopping lists to complete, and yet here I am, the better version of my procrastinating self, writing an article for a Blog I have not even started (well maybe I am, just now!). 708 more words

Conversations 02: Allowing Myself to Make Mistakes

I’ve been struggling lately and though sometimes it helps to know the reason why, it doesn’t always make things easier.  Growing up, we were expected to always be perfect.  1,885 more words

Thinking Out Loud

Me: Oh no. I left my journal on my dresser while Nathaniel was here to walk my dog. What if he read it.

Also me: If I’m worried about him snooping in my journal, maybe I need to realize that him creeping through my things is a bigger problem…


facts and fairytales.

Well, here we go again. After another 6 month blog hiatus, I have some time and a few thoughts this morning. Actually, I don’t have the time because I’m looking at a 12 bullet to-do list that I’m sure is missing about 42 other tasks. 909 more words

Conversations With Myself


The problem is,

I don’t like to let go

I don’t let go when it’s bad

But I leave claw marks when it’s good

So maybe, 26 more words

Conversations With Myself