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Dhaka Thoughts: On Love - a conversation with myself

Warning: a long post!!

I have struggled with this idea for a bit and I suppose will continue to do. In seeking to make sense of Love, however, there seems to be some recurring thoughts. 2,229 more words


Old Sorrows - Deep Longings

Hi guys,

I don’t really have a love life and I’m okay with it. But it’s funny, I used to dream every night of a boyfriend (I still daydream every day) yet that same day I would pray to God wishing to not have a boyfriend until he was ready, until the right time. 497 more words

Conversations With Myself

April 11: "If you are not moving forwards, you're moving backwards." aka The Hard Truth


Im a bit nervous, I’ve gone so long it almost feels unnatural to me. How does this go again?

Im sorry I left. I wish I had a valid reason, “I was working on my craft”, “I’m too busy” yet I can’t lie  399 more words

Conversations With Myself

#00199: Innocent Terrosit 

Pack your bags. Make sure there aren’t any dangerous metaerials inside. Remember: you look like a terroirst, so you will be treated like a terrosist. … 278 more words

Conversations With Myself

#00196: Writing

My first memory of writing was in the form of a written apology I slipped under my parent’s bedroom door. I don’t know what I did, but I felt bad. 197 more words

The Journal

Pillow Talk

I’m bored, my brain whispers.

Shut up, you.

I’m bored, it repeats. Go on reddit.

No. We’re trying this new thing where we just… drift off to sleep. 198 more words

Happy you!

There are days when everything falls into place without any effort like the world is all at your service. You wake up from a lovely dream, breakfast turns out to be sumptuous, the dress fits a little better, the flight you thought you would miss is delayed, the guy in next seat smells beautiful, you happen to have all the right arguments at that client meeting and it turns out to be a romantic sunset. 120 more words

#HappyYou #CelebrateYou