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Pillow Talk

I’m bored, my brain whispers.

Shut up, you.

I’m bored, it repeats. Go on reddit.

No. We’re trying this new thing where we just… drift off to sleep. 198 more words

Happy you!

There are days when everything falls into place without any effort like the world is all at your service. You wake up from a lovely dream, breakfast turns out to be sumptuous, the dress fits a little better, the flight you thought you would miss is delayed, the guy in next seat smells beautiful, you happen to have all the right arguments at that client meeting and it turns out to be a romantic sunset. 120 more words

#HappyYou #CelebrateYou

You never do until you do it.

I grew angel wings today. like the ones people tattoo on their backs. Some also with ink. And I flew. I was on Stokcholmsgade. Nobody saw me. 169 more words

Conversations With Myself

Conversations With Myself

Me: Please fix your blog.

Me: I’m working on it!

Me: At least write a draft!

Me: I will… (goes back to playing Mobile Legends) 70 more words


#00186: Memories

I ran away form Jordan because I got so scared I broke down and started crying – just like any 27-year old would do.
It’s embarrassing to admit that I’m allowing my feelings to control me. 279 more words

The Journal


Your exam results are much better than anticipated, especially when considering the short time frame and amount of effort you put into them.

You haven’t binged for 3 straight days. 44 more words

Conversations With Myself

#00180: Mood

You just joined a gym. You threw out all your snacks.
Maybe you drew a timetable and a workout plan.
You will start tomorrow.
You’re feeling energetic. 333 more words

Conversations With Myself