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Disconnect from the nonessentials and you’ll realize just how much of your mind has been freed.

Actively always knowing or not knowing at all. Trust me, you’ll be fine and much better with less distractions. 16 more words

Streams Of Consciousness

The time is now.

Not next week. Not this weekend. Not tomorrow. Not later.


Conversations With Myself

I typed a 5 page paper with references in 3 hours and beat the midnight deadline. TAKE THAT, PROCRASTINATION! I wanted to write a well-thought out blog post on the main blog but didn’t save time for that so this will have to do. 420 more words

Streams Of Consciousness

Anybody there?

It’s crazy how much I power push my friends to start a blog but then mine’s not getting any updates. Well, I work nights and it’s really hard to not pass out after working hours. 168 more words


The Fortellinger: Tall Tales & Short Stories

Sometimes a second-hand book is an object of interest. This is said in terms of its materiality.  The pages are discoloured, the material covers are worn. 543 more words


Brain Freeze

I’m cold.

I know, but you just need to finish-


I realise. You’re nearly done though.

Done with life. Because I’m so cold and will freeze to death. 63 more words


The Daily Battle

Are you working?


Really? Because it looks like you’re just sitting there.

I’m thinking. About work. Work thinking.

Work thinking?


Does that usually take a couple of hours? 156 more words