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#00007: Myself & I - 1

You’re depressing the flow of posts in this blog.

I can see that. I didn’t intend for this to happen.

You started this blog because you wanted to achieve something in your life… 442 more words


Psssst.... I Have a Secret

“It’s going to be OK!”  Shocker!  I know!  When I am not whispering these words to myself, I probably could be.  As Elliot* the charmingly precocious, four-going-on-five year-old son of my friend-and-former-college-roomate, Alice, often says, “Here’s the thing…” 423 more words

An Eating Disorder Keeps Life Interesting

Oh July, I thought we had an understanding.

It was all over the news: Storms were lined up and that everyone should prepare for worst case scenarios. Not to sound inconsiderate to those living in unfavorable conditions when it pours but I love the typhoon season. 437 more words


Path made by walking

This path made by walking can be utterly terrifying. She says I’m a pioneer, but my brain jumps to the Oregon Trail game I played at the library. 292 more words

Living With Ambiguity

Expectations meet Reality.

Oh Excellent! Reality! Do come in, welcome welcome, please sit down. Oh where are my manners! Reality, please meet my good friend Expectations.  I realize the two of you never quite see eye to eye, but here we are all in the same room. 500 more words


Potato Of The Day Episode 70

This morning I witnessed a conversation between two voices in my head. I’ve transcribed it below. Warning: It was dumb.

-Begin transcript-

Ben 1: Knock Knock! 268 more words

Potato Of The Day

Untitled #13: Conversations with Myself

I don’t have a therapist, though I really should.  I mean, I have mother and self-esteem issues that could probably use a good fixing.  But, I don’t have time. 185 more words