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I already feel the burden of my school work, consuming my free time.

Watching the lame Super Bowl didn’t do me any good.

But I must continue to write. 13 more words

Conversations With Myself


Today I woke up feeling that after an unusual night of bad dreams and having a hard time just sleeping that I’d open my blinds to gloom, the kind where the sky seems lower and the clouds hang heavy. 498 more words


We're not wasting time - it's wasting us

Unlike Love, we are “time’s fool,” and it always has the last laugh. It’s tragic that we spend so much time sucked into our virtual worlds whilst the real world is constantly, irreversibly, turning. 381 more words

Conversations With Myself

So Terribly Human

You will come to see

 the greatest things in life

Are often found in the dark

In and among pieces of a young love’s heart… 116 more words



“The whole world is at your feet, do you step on it, over it, or into it?” the bark from the tree pokes through my shirt and impresses my skin. 114 more words

Creative Writing

'I'm Not Insane: I Might Be Insane': One Act

My head has been a mess lately.  All my emotions, thoughts and feelings just keep sprinting towards each other like angry villagers in a Costco, armed with pitchforks and tire irons screaming, “That’s not enough toilet paper!” Then finally, after they’re tired of yelling and they’ve beaten the shit out of each other, it’s finally quiet and there is no thought at all.   449 more words

#00053: Writing

You write because playing football didn’t release the energy You have. The external expression of energy was not adequate for your complex internal world.

I have a story to tell; a moment to be encapsulated in an enraptured solace of words.

Conversations With Myself