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I wrote this, sometime back;


I wonder if you’ll miss me, if you do, then mission accomplished, if you don’t, then well, my bad luck. 33 more words


If thoughts could kill..

There are 365 days in a year.
9855 in 27.
I spent at least half my life having morbid thoughts, sometimes, more than once a day. 16 more words

One Thing Leads to Another

Resolving the Unresolved
A state of creative limbo
Deadlines have come
Works have gone
Now the studio dust
Is very bothersome,
I must complete
Or admit defeat… 133 more words

Space For Words:

Fortellinger: Tall Tales & Short Stories

“Fortellinger: Tall Tales and Short Stories” (2015)

A Norwegain (1906) novel with the title originating from an Old Norwegian word as the roots of the modern word fortellinger which translates as “story”. 104 more words

Conversations With Myself

If you’re complaining consistently about some aspect of your life or lifestyle and haven’t done much of anything about it, then why waste your time complaining? 26 more words

Streams Of Consciousness

Disconnect from the nonessentials and you’ll realize just how much of your mind has been freed.

Actively always knowing or not knowing at all. Trust me, you’ll be fine and much better with less distractions. 16 more words

Streams Of Consciousness

Conversations With Myself

    Okay let’s get one thing out of the way right now because it’s hanging you up, and we are going to make it stop hanging you up, are we clear? 327 more words