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September 24, 2015

I think I need to listen to Shia LaBeouf’s JUST DO IT speech every morning after I wake up.

Right now, I just don’t have it. 212 more words

Conversations With Myself

The Red One Circa 2015:Part 1

As my journal’s end is on the horizon, it says a few things about this year. For one thing,  I visited her more often, she isnt gonna make it to summer. 182 more words

Conversations With Myself

The End Is The Beginning

It’s a strange phenomenon when your parents stop being your parents and are just other people.  People, that in the past, had every reason to do with why you are here now, wiped your bottom, fed you milk that you can’t remember the taste of (and don’t want to), and dictated nearly every aspect of your life. 411 more words


Something Borrowed

I sat beside the devil on my way home. He looked completely normal, an old man in ordinary clothes you’ll most likely pass by without looking twice. 376 more words

Conversations With Myself

A Conversation With Myself About Deflategate

Sometimes you just can’t find good dialogue outside of your own head. This is one such instance–a Conversation with Myself.

In case you have managed to mercifully avoid this whole ordeal, here’s a refresher on the NFL “scandal” known as “Deflategate” or “Ballghazi”: the New England Patriots have been accused of intentionally deflating footballs during a game. 878 more words

Conversations With Myself

Is it ok to enjoy my mistakes? I will learn from them, of course, but isn’t that the reason they happen?
Why are mistakes so frowned upon and shunned? 96 more words


#00007: Myself & I - 1

You’re depressing the flow of posts in this blog.

I can see that. I didn’t intend for this to happen.

You started this blog because you wanted to achieve something in your life… 442 more words