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conversations to actions

words no matter

and held

as its own part

and point

as the going

and direct

as the feeling

and learning

as its own chance… 48 more words


actions to conversation

thought as its own buzz

and seconds

as the window

and dealt

as its own whimsical

and built

as its own telling

and manner

as the held… 45 more words


#amreading: GRRM's A CLASH OF KINGS

Very belatedly reading the books, and doing it in very random fashion (but she has a whole year, at least, until Game of Thrones Season 8 airs) 82 more words


Wayward Sisters, major errors & wishful thinking.

Wayward Sisters: Ok, I’m just going to say it.

*Spoilers if you aren’t all caught up on Supernatural.

I don’t know how I missed this, but I literally didn’t hear a thing about the possible… 1,095 more words



And so we all must,

Go away one day;

To join all those;

Who walked with us,

Laughed with us,

Sang with us,

Cried with us, 17 more words


Do you want to go to school?

As part of our recent dinosaur obsession, we rented and watched Land Before Time. We is relative because I was cooking dinner, and Mr. 1 and Mr. 265 more words


I may have a few issues I need to sweep further under the carpet

My daughter told me yesterday that she loves udders. I was vaguely alarmed, but okay, she’s a little like her dad in that she chooses to love unexpected and often unpopular things. 259 more words


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