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A Short Date

She had been to numerous dates in the past 6 months. This time it was Starbucks where they had agreed to rendezvous. The day was sunny yet there was a chill in the air. 584 more words

C2E2 Special Edition

Many thanks and appreciation to Mr. Zachary Levi for previewing/approving this post. It was lovely meeting you. 

*  *  *

Ginger: There he is! Chuck! CHUCK! 144 more words


Dancing upon a moonlit stage

Quite the experience last night. Fireworks going off near my apartment. I confirmed with Laurier’s Special Constable services that this was a violation of the City of Waterloo’s municipal by-laws. 1,581 more words


Slow Dance

Silence can mean a lot of things.Lately I’ve found that the more I want to spend time alone the more content I feel with myself and everything around. 313 more words



I betcha, if you are a woman, you have heard this all before!  At least you, perhaps, have thought the same.

I’m sorry, I just DO NOT understand men!   335 more words

Tangerine Skies. 

Every day draws to an end, describing to you the littlest detail of each minute of my day.

Every night I fight sleep for conversations that never end and colours in the sky that always change.