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The Everlasting

I need


but thats not



But you won’t leave

You just hurt me

And I’m sorry

but I think

this is it… 60 more words


We are Flat-Earthers Now?


Aight. Lots of stuff covered in this one, but the main takeaway is that Jason has convinced Justin to shirk science and to join the Flat Earth Society. 41 more words

The Sum Of Something

Boys will be boys


Boys will be boys, or will they? Sometimes they will be girls. Sometimes, somehow, they will be an It or a zhe. I am so confused. 

The Sum Of Something

You only have the one

I took monkey to one of his after schools clubs and bumped into another mum as we (she) was chatting I remembered I hadn’t signed some form or another. 81 more words



Going by observation, I have learnt that physical fortitude can only do so little.

Many things in life need physical strength but most of the things you need to do to move your life… 56 more words

One Thing

She keeps on talking, “Don’t lose that smile again. Don’t forget to be happy, whether it’s a good or bad day. Don’t forget to be thankful. 24 more words

Random Thoughts

Until You Come Back

“I promise that after I wander and wander I will come back to you stronger than ever.” she said.

“Just go and take your precious time to explore. 13 more words

Random Thoughts