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Why I'm Thankful I Had the Opportunity to Write For CWR and Why I'm Stepping Down Now

A little over three years ago, a close childhood friend contacted me because their cousin (Evan) was looking for another writer to become a regular contributor on a blog called… 1,036 more words


Kitchen Conversations

I love the random conversations with my dad. Earlier, he talked about how much he hated racism and discrimination.

“All I care about is a person’s character and intentions. 293 more words



​Max: Mommy? Why are you sort of crying?

Me: Huh? I’m not cry-…

Max: Is it because you love me so much?

I try very hard to contain my laughter, and I’m successful, most of the time. Not this time.

Big Talk.

I love talking. My whole life I’ve found it easy to strike conversations with strangers. In fact, I’ve always prided my chatty nature and HATED… 611 more words

What the Universal Translator gets wrong

One of the necessary little tricks in Star Trek is a device called the Universal Translator. What it does is something something something, and as a result all of the characters from all of the species and cultures in all of the galaxy can immediately and seamlessly hear and understand each other without having to labor over a lot of language acquisition. 1,466 more words


The Forthright Heroine

Self has been musing about literary heroines.

It is a good thing she got a comment from one of her blog readers last week. Made her think more deeply about… 396 more words


How to return to writing?

It could be safe to say that I have neglected my writing; I have allowed the mundane existence of my everyday life to get in the way of my happy escape. 611 more words