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Dating: How Do I Find "The One?"

We all do it. We all recognize it. We watch as they leave, hand in hand, with wrinkled smiles as they sit quietly on some park bench watching the birds. 2,161 more words


Being in love! (with a domain)

Love is one of the most intense state of being for humanity. It is experienced in shades infinite, in forms innumerable throughout life. It has had its showers of blessings as well as wrath of bloody violence on the civilisation from time immemorial. 1,494 more words


"I'm In."

“Floss the ones you want to keep.” Cross stitched and displayed in the waiting room of my childhood dentist office, this sentiment loosely reflects the philosophy Kevin and I hold when it comes to attending events and visiting local businesses.   1,445 more words


I’ve come to realization of the lacking of closeness we’ve become. I’ve noticed it when I’ve tried to be like everyone else. The sense of belonging is set because everyone is doing it. 231 more words


My case against the term "mixed race"

Growing up everyone (including me) called myself and others like me “the mixed kids.” I mean you need an umbrella term for what you are, without having to go into… 690 more words


*Poguma, pogadha..

… in Urban dictionary, translates to – “Will it go?”. And thus we had an eventful beginning to our trip.

Before I get into the particulars, like my friend, Raji, has mentioned on… 1,137 more words


Big Birds

Gma: Get out here!

Me: What? (hurrying to her side)

Gma: Eagles, two of them. Do you see them?

Me: (rushing to the door) Those are seagulls. 16 more words