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Objectifying women through language

This conversation in a nutshell shows how language can objectify women.

Guy: It is unfair
Me: What is unfair?
Guy: That you are taken
Me: how is that unfair? 200 more words



Me: Max just learned from his sisters that you tell performers to, “break a leg,” before a performance to wish them good luck. He wanted to tell you to break an instrument tonight. 60 more words

Use your brain!

We drove to the beach the other day, friends leading the way in their white SUV.  It was a new beach, somewhere south east of the capital.   96 more words


Why worry about love?

They tell me
to be afraid
that the love will vanish
that you will find solace
in the crook of someone else’s neck
kiss someone else’s lips… 316 more words

Of The Mind And Spirit

The Cave #2

The morning brings only dread. I can scarcely believe what has happened. It is really hard to grasp. I have a new level of isolation within me. 160 more words

Let's Talk About Porn, Baby! (Part 1)

Pornography has been a contentious issue in almost all of my love relationships but now that I’m not 19 years old anymore I feel like I have a much clearer understanding of it. 3,297 more words

The Crazy

And then... something happens

Paris (Jim Haynes’), 30 June 2015, 16:41
Photograph by Marta Moslw

That morning I had already been working on the computer for a couple of hours. 557 more words