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I Believe Sheldon Was Right, The ATMs Are Starting To Rise Up

“I don’t trust banks. I believe that when the robots rise up, ATMs will lead the charge.”
~ Sheldon, The Big Bang Theory

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The professional interrogator

I have started to suspect that the neighbour who lives in the 5th floor of my building, a middle aged lady, is a professional interrogator trained by the CIA or the KGB. 551 more words


Day 100

Me: "What advice would you give to your younger self?"

Waqar: "Always be there for your family – your parents, your siblings. Don't forget them once you have a girlfriend or after you get married."



My father can’t taste red meat anymore,
can’t see two markers to the left of his nose.

A bottle of emotions only needs a ring neck, just one… 119 more words


Pre-teen depression (me not him)

I’ve learned that being a parent means there is always something to feel guilty about, always something to feel sad about, and always some sort of feeling of loss after every milestone has been met and your child charges headfirst into the next stage of his or her life. 617 more words


Focus - Love or Injustices

I’ve discovered that if you spend all your time focusing on what is unfair, what hasn’t been accomplished, or even what someone did to you, there’s a big chance bitterness will take over your conversations, which would have started in your thoughts. 338 more words