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Getting to know me

I absolutely love meeting people when I don’t give a shit – for some reason it always shows my best self. What makes caring so different???

Taming of the Teen

Often parents bring their teen to counseling when they are overwhelmed by behavior or attitude. Often the parents feel helpless to stop their teen from spiraling completely out of control. 614 more words

For 20 years..

I was in yoga class the other morning when two older ladies (sisters) came in and unrolled their mats next to me. One of them pointed to my teacher’s potted studio tree (that probably stands about 4ft tall) and told her sister to check it out. 416 more words






“If what you will say will just stress me out, then don’t say it.”



“Hey, what was it that you want to tell me earlier? 23 more words



“How do you feel about the PT Cruiser?”

“PT Cruiser is the silliest car I’ve ever seen deliberately put together.”

“I wouldn’t say ‘silliest,’ as much as I would say ‘tragically misguided.'” 87 more words


Talking About Height Differences

Dear Uncommon Courtesy,

So I can’t sleep and  for some reason I thought of the most random etiquette question. I know it’s rude to walk in between people having a conversation without saying “excuse me” or whatever ( like people at work having convo in the narrow hallway or something), but what if I’m short enough to walk between the people without obstructing their line of vision between one another? 227 more words