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How To Make A Point

It seems some people don’t get it. When a brother or sister says something and you oppose it or don’t agree with it, the best way out is to make your point relevant. 225 more words

Answering Critics

How a Friendship Can Be Ruined by Bad Hair: The Summer Book, p. 25

Self loves Tove Jansson’s The Summer Book. Loves, loves, loves. The prose is so simple, yet has such a magical quality.

A little girl (Sophie, who’s six) and her grandmother spend an entire summer on an island. 157 more words


All From The Same Conversation

  • “I used to be scared of a small version of my teddy bear who I named “Mini Carebear.” I believed she gave me bad dreams and preformed rituals to get rid of her.
  • 1,236 more words

A Disclaimer For Life.

I bet you’ve encountered a situation where you’ve done or said something, but you don’t want other people to find out about it. But you weren’t alone. 366 more words


I'll Fight You

do unto others…

the golden rule is sadly tarnished

rules of engagement

more like

ignored so hard, I’m bleeding inside

i retreat, regroup, rethink

how can two people who once loved so deeply… 86 more words

Personal Thoughts

I can’t even...

So there was a minor catastrophe the other day which may or may not have involved me getting locked out of my car. Ok Moca actually locked herself IN the car, and we were at the beach and I was supposed to be watching one of Jack’s friends…and the list goes on and on. 159 more words


TV Talk

Weekly my husband and I have specific shows we look forward to watching during the week (I sound very married lol). We plan what day, times, and also look for new and exciting shows that we may enjoy watching together. 238 more words