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Written in a notebook sometime in the spring of 2010 to a female online friend

Okay. So, I’ve been throwing what you said around in my head for a couple of days and I think I’m ready to answer. Although I don’t think this is going to be something you want to hear. 613 more words


On Apathy.

I haven’t written a new post in a while. For the few months around Halloween I was mostly devoting my energy and free time toward constructing a merbabe costume, a merfessional version that I could wear to work, and meowmaid costumes for my cats. 749 more words


How many kids do you have?

Walking from small group to the worship service on Sunday, I bumped into a fellow church member. We somehow got onto the topic of kids. 111 more words


Tacit talks

You drink through the glasses

Filled with regrets and sorrows;

Laugh it off, raise a toast,

Shamelessly believing your smile hides it all;

But my eyes know no bounds, … 64 more words



Can you imagine us together?

You mean? 

I mean as a couple.

Can you imagine us together? 


Hmm ok.

You got my answer and now yours. 214 more words

Stop letting email do to the heavy-lifting.

I know we’ve all heard it before: Email doesn’t convey meaning the same way an actual conversation does.

And yet, I see people regularly relying on email to do the heavy-lifting when an issue starts to emerge. 508 more words

Reflections & Questions

On Writing and The Sound of Things| A Conversation between Emmanuel Iduma and Tolu Daniel 

This conversation began as a thought, the kinds that linger longer than necessary because of a fear, the fear of beginning something inexhaustible. I have met Emmanuel Iduma a few times in the last two years and in those times, our conversations have stretched the limits of time. 1,350 more words

Tolu Daniel