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Still Reading THE DOOR

Self doesn’t know why, she is still reading The Door. She thought she’d be through yesterday, she only had 10 pages to go. But here it is, over a day later. 48 more words


"You" instead of "We" In context of The Need Payoff Question?

Author: Anders Christian Hjort

I found the blog contribution below interesting in the context of the ongoing behavioural research we do at Huthwaite International.

It made me think if you can improve the way you phrase the Need Payoff Questions we discovered to build value effectively in the mind of the customer. 618 more words


Udders and cows..

A: Mum, what do you call the bits that the milk comes out of in a cow?

Me: An udder.

A: Oh. *giggles* I thought it was something else. 14 more words


5 Things City People Do Differently

“Big cities are funny. We’re all just walking around, wanting to be friends with each other, but also keeping our distance trying not to get mugged by each other.” –  1,973 more words

Attracting (and retaining) top female tech talent

The future of work

As some of you may know, I’ve been working on a pilot program for child-friendly professional development. After spending the past few months speaking with potential stakeholders and local women who are on parental leave and some who have temporarily and/or indefinitely opted out of the workforce to be the primary caregiver for their families, I have a better understanding of their desires to be part of something that is… 554 more words



WE’VE all seen it. A player or coach steps up to the podium after a loss to take the blame, and offers us the same tired lines: 500 more words