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Untimely Ending

Me – “Ow! OW! Why is my ear hurting!? Not even inside or anything!”

CW1 – “Spot or something?”

Me – “No, it’s throbbing.”

CW1 – “Someone’s talking about you.” 10 more words


All Roads Lead To Serenity

Ginger: Right here…this part always gets me.

Ruby: I can’t believe you got me to watch Dirty Dancing with you again.

Ginger: And then he gets in the car… 475 more words


5 minutes... Fanny Liao, Senior Vice President of Far Eastern New Century.

“Many potential customers find the industry confusing because they have doubts about the bio-polyester manufacturing process.” 

Polyester is the main polymer used in the textile industry but it is highly unsustainable. 912 more words


Meet Esther Lui: Finalist of the EcoChic Design Award 2016

Through the next two months, GreenStitched sits down with the finalists of EcoChic Design Award 2015/16. EcoChic Design Award is a sustainable fashion design competition organised by Redress, inspiring emerging fashion designers and students to create mainstream clothing with minimal textile waste. 938 more words


We Can’t Talk About Money: America’s Problem with being Honest

We live in an interesting society. One that encourages people to talk about social habits and celebrities, yet looks down on people who have financial difficulties. 660 more words

Personal Finance

Sam Being Sappy

So, I got some really rough news last night and Kate was being an awesome friend, per usual. After she let me cry into her ear for over an hour, I saw this on my Timehop. 23 more words



​Max: Ooo! Corn!

Astrid: No, no, Max, it my corn.

Max: Can I have some?

Astrid: No, it really really spicy, so it yucky for you, Max. 24 more words