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Coming back, moving ahead

Coming back to this project after quite a few months has inevitably allowed me to accumulate a wealth of reflective thoughts on the process, the pieces, and, of course, the performance(s) itself/themselves. 595 more words

Contemporary Music

Conversations with Eden

Recent conversations with my five year old have went something like this:

Eden: If a blue whale ever destroys our house, we can live with Adavit. 157 more words

a coldcuppa

a coldcuppa for April 20, 2015

~originally published February 6, 2013

Today…in class

Boy: Ms. Mudd, what would you do if I–

Me: Sang out of tune? 37 more words



There will always be those questions that throw me off guard. I think that’s just the dynamic of siblings. The younger ones seem to always want to keep the older ones on their toes. 871 more words

MOMMY AND BABY... we often change our roles and understandings

MOM:  come to mommy!

BABY: u came to baby.

baby cant walk mommy.

MOM:  u miss me o nah?

BABY: mommy no love baby.

MOM:   435 more words


Experimental Audio Nonsense - An Intro?

Private time is rare for me.

Other people have an additional room, or can lock their bedroom doors, or maybe have another location entirely they can steal away for a few hours to be alone with their thoughts, the cosmos, and those damned voices poking and tugging at their imagination. 667 more words


The Mummy Dictionary

It is lunch time.

“Mummy, What does ‘new’ mean?”

“That something was made or born a short time ago.”

“What does ‘old’ mean?”

“It means that something was made or born a long time ago.” 81 more words

The Boy