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Conversations: J vs. P

Note: Only three people in the group (of about seven or so) knew about MBTI, and only ISFJ and your resident INFP knew about the cognitive functions. 88 more words

how to walk the talk as they say

So I been blogging about social skills and yet I haven’t told a lot of where I came from in my part in this deal. I start out an as a  shy kid and shy adult, and it took me a long time to begin to change and talk to others college help me a lot, and I had to speak for myself and makes the friend and then work also taught me up to how to be social. 142 more words



Max: Mommy? MOMMY!!!!

Me: What? What’s wrong?

Max: I’m talking to myself.


Being Open about Anxiety for the First Time with Parents: Pt 1

I hinted that this post was coming here, so here we go.

Context: It occured to me that I had social anxiety for the first time when I was 16 because I was really disturbed by the amount of shyness I was experiencing and this got me doing some intense googling on the topic. 482 more words


conversation with my other half

him: I told them I saw Grease Live
me: Really?!?
him: well, yeah. They know I like chick flicks.
me: REALLY?!?!
him: Why would I hide that? 8 more words

Chick Flicks

5 things I MUST do! I'm so behind!

Sooo behind…On life… It’s piling up :(

(That’s Jack playing with Snapchat)

I’m still digging out from the new year and yeah the holidays believe it or not, and now the aftermath of Jack’s birthday etc etc. 436 more words

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is just two days away. So I thought why not share some pictures and information regarding Chinese New Year and how we celebrate it! 362 more words