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I love you

I um… I guess I love you, too

You didn’t say that with much enthusiasm

Well, the statement is ambiguous enough that… 24 more words

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In Theaters Now: Ladybird (A Conversation)

My friend and co-blogger Tanya and I went to see Lady Bird, a movie directed by Greta Gerwig, this past weekend at the Enzian. Afterwards, we had thoughts. 1,870 more words

Reject The Spirit of 'Proving'.

One thing you consciously need to guard against is the spirit of proving.

If you have to prove every time that you are good, you are worthy, you are smart, you are wise, you are strong, you are sweet then there is something going on on the inside you need to check. 84 more words

Holiday Inn® sparking children's curiosity through active conversations

We always encourage honest and captive conversation with our children, but let’s be honest, we’re only really getting that from Oli right now, Soph is only two!  451 more words



‘Maybe it’s time we have this conversation’, I said.
‘Better now than never’, he said while looking at me like he always did after my fifth glass of wine. 323 more words

Ranking My Favorite People

“When the Supreme Personality of Godhead is pleased with the living entity because of his devotional service, one becomes a pandita and does not make distinctions between enemies, friends and himself. 705 more words

Hare Krishna