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Why The Peacock Feather And Not The Snake

“One friend challenged Krishna thus: ‘My dear friend Damodara, You are an expert only in eating. You have defeated Subala only because he is weak and You adopted cheating means. 920 more words

Hare Krishna

A Crucial Conversational Debate Before The Holidays

In his “Table-Talk”, Plutarch provides a series of conversations on specific topics. Here’s the first. Win over new friends and impress your family by bringing these topics to holiday meals! 298 more words


My dilemma, his commission

I stuck my hand out, hauled a taxi and mounted it without peering at the driver. I sat down with my head downcast and my shoulders sagging. 651 more words


Tea and Conversations

A good cup of tea and an honest conversation can solve anything.

Sitting down with my tea in my favourite mug in the morning is the joyful and fulfilling feeling. 140 more words


Cab Chronicles Vol III

Chronicling conversations with cab drivers around the world.

San Francisco, Fillmore

A Shared History

When I got into this elderly man’s taxi, I was completely unprepared to have what would turn out to be the most meaningful exchange I’ll ever have with a stranger as long as I live. 324 more words


Social Interactions Reincarnated

Making friends is hard for people like us with brains in our stomachs

and mouths on our hands so let’s make it easy.

I don’t want to know how your day was – 234 more words


Why is it so easy to neglect exercising the mental? *rolls eyes*

Warning: This is more of a rant…please feel free to comment your thoughts though!

Ughhh…I just don’t get it! Why did we ever stop exercising our minds? 434 more words

Mental & Physical Wellness