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Helping Your Kids Do "School" Math

I was recently asked to tutor a high school student who was struggling with natural logarithms and the number e. My first reaction was, “Oh. 1,108 more words


Why Fashion?

This question has been running through my head constantly the past 5 or 6 years. It is one that I and others have asked myself repeatedly. 595 more words



Permission to begin with a joke?

Thanks very much. I’m going on the assumption that I’ve suitably charmed you into saying yes.

So what did the busy bee say to the lazy bee? 435 more words

Real-Talk Edition

Sex with people vs. a special person

Good morning everyone! I realize I haven’t blogged in a while, I’m trying to deal with being pregnant. I have back pain now, which is uncomfortable if I’m sitting or standing (so most of the time). 929 more words

Time Wasters = Head Bangers

Ok so now we are thru the holidays and you should have your business plans and goals in place.  Now, as you are in the process of obtaining a new listing, where do you get your information from.  305 more words


Daily Prompt #16: Oh Death, Ohhh Death

Once, while walking through the park, a friend asked me an interesting question…..

“How would you explain death to a child,” He asked.

“hehh, good one,” I said, looking a bit overwhelmed. 465 more words



when i think of kate, i think of david bowie masks, running across the beach at sunset, sparklers on new years eve, made up childhood universes, and climbing trees – lots of trees. 797 more words