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Anyway. Where have you been?  I thought you were painting watercolours. 

“I got distracted.” You do get distracted easily you know. Your problem is … you lack concentration. 15 more words


Woulda Coulda Shoulda

Have you ever come across What Ifs? Or, Would Haves, Could Haves, Should Haves?

It’s simple. You completed your task. After multiple deep breaths and long hours of preparation and confidence building, you finally managed to overcome your inhibitions and finish it. 430 more words

Snowed In

A weekend away is a wonderful thing. Especially when you are visiting a dear friend and her wonderful family. It is even better when you get well over a foot of snow and have a good excuse to stay put and catch up. 191 more words

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Interview at a coffee shop

The two ladies sat across from one another as the one was interviewing the other.

I thought of the brilliance of an interview in a coffee shop: 132 more words


Connected, but Alone?

For the past several months, I’ve been studying how technology affects me. This started with a simple observation in my own life, which then grew into the semester topic for my English class, and is currently evolving into a project for another class. 698 more words

Conversations with Ken Zaret: The sound and silence of gene expression

Kenneth Zaret is the Joseph Leidy Professor at the Smilow Center for Translational Research at the University of Pennsylvania. His lab works to understand how genes are activated and different cell types are specified in embryonic development. 1,197 more words

North America

Conversations and neurochemistry

“Conversations are not what we think they are.”  And so begins my new favorite book Conversational Intelligence by Judith Glaser. Powered by both neurological and cognitive research, she says that conversations go much deeper than simple information sharing. 447 more words