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Fantastic Reasons to Get Passionate with Conversion Level Optimisation

Your own goal is actually to realize how to be able to ensure in which your shop is having or sleek enough to be able to hold a shopper’s interest as well as hold the idea long adequate that anyone can easily change them directly into a buyer. 266 more words


Good Reasons to Get Obsessed with Conversions Pace Optimisation

Your own personal goal is usually to comprehend how for you to ensure that will your retail store is having or sleek enough in order to catch a shopper’s particular attention as well as hold that long plenty of that a person can convert them straight into a buyer. 260 more words


Causes to Get Obsessed with Transformation Amount Enhancement

Your own goal is actually to know how in order to ensure which your shop is attractive or sleek enough in order to get a shopper’s interest and also hold this long plenty of that anyone can easily change them straight into a consumer. 259 more words


Making the Case for Space

As I boarded the Metro North Train from Grand Central Station around 5:00pm on a Thursday, I quickly realized that I had been out west and away from public transit so long that I had completely forgotten what “rush hour” was. 995 more words


Converting Your Analog Cassettes to Digital

I recently went through my collection of old audio cassettes. I found that besides a lot of mixed music tapes, I also had a small cache of personal tapes that are audio records of life’s past events. 1,538 more words


My First Belief in God and My Conversion

When I first moved to California, my family attended St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church in Pacific Palisades. I was five years old, and I remember the day when Father Carey came into my Sunday school classroom and asked, “What can you do to make God love you more?” 457 more words

Does Teaching Someone the Bible Make Them a Christian?

by Brandon Adams

Someone recently sent me the following argument from a paedobaptist and asked me to respond.

Obviously, if you hold to credobaptism, you won’t agree with this conclusion on it’s face, but I’d love to hear some thoughtful non-defensive responses.

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