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Here in Alaska, the leaves are leaving the trees quickly, fluttering to the ground and piling up.  Our brief fall is fleeing and the chill is setting in.   582 more words


A Perfect Loft Conversion !

Loft conversions are, point of fact, only one of the most effortless and least expensive routes in which to expand the level of room that you have accessible in your home. 459 more words


My Doom/Turok SP User Map Conversion

This is going to be a SP level for Doom and Turok 2. It will be added into my Turok Lives Again Mod. Using Blood Textures and Doom 64 resources. 215 more words

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Let's Play Stellaris: Synthetic Dawn - Steel Faith - Part 01

A small glitch in my organic brain made me briefly create my new robots in an incompatible fashion. However we quickly get on track and get in to finding species to convert to the Word.

Lets Play

Analyzing The NFL Shop

The NFL shop is the main place for fans of the NFL across the country to purchase all of their necessary team apparel.  I am doing this analysis for my… 411 more words

MRKT 327

Website Traffic, Conversion and Revenue Analysis

Analysis of Griffin Greenhouse Supplies

For Professor Pepe’s Digital Marketing class assignment, I choose to analyze Griffin Greenhouse Supplies because they are one of our largest suppliers at… 450 more words


Coming Home

On the evening of Good Friday, the commemoration of Jesus’ death, darkness permeated the whole church. The crucifix, altar, and tabernacle were covered with black cloth. 477 more words