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(Not-so-ordinary Lives) Ronen Alejandro Medina

My ancestors were Sephardic conversos. I discovered the family connection to Judaism in some odd habits of my maternal grandmother. I found the Jewish Messiah in the kindness of Christians who showed me love when I was a hungry and dirty little boy selling “chicles” on the streets of Torreón, Mexico, abandoned to the care of an impoverished grandmother by my biological mother, who left home at fourteen to be a cabaret dancer in the red light district of Francisco I. 93 more words


Rabbi Peter Tarlow

Rabbi Peter Tarlow, Ph.D, the Director of the Center for Latino – Jewish Relations/Director del Centro para Relaciones latinas – judías, will be visiting Grand Prairie the evening of February 10th. 78 more words

Crypto-Jewish History

Catalonia and the Kabbalists

I spent some time following in the footsteps of Kabbalists who lived in Catalonia, an area that straddles parts of the coastal and southern mountain areas of now Spain and France, and includes the beautiful, eclectic city of Barcelona. 1,011 more words


In 1492, conversos sailed the ocean blue... By Light of Hidden Windows #RBRT #Columbus #HistoricalRomance

What happened in 1492?

An over-achieving Harvard-educated pediatrician once told me this was the only question she missed on her SAT (college entrance test). To most American children,  … 1,708 more words

Barb's Commentary

Paradigm-shifting article by R. Nachman Kahana!!

A couple weeks ago, good friend and fellow journeyman, Hanoch Young alerted a number of us about a paradigm shifting thought written by Rabbi Nachman Kahana as part of his weekly Parasha commentary.  164 more words

A Thought...

Hate Crime: The Spanish Inquisition

An auto da fe was the public ceremony at which those condemned by the Spanish Inquisition were sentenced.  Auto da fe means “act of faith.”  The faith doing the acting was Roman Catholicism.   1,502 more words

The History of the Jews of the Iberian Peninsula During the Roman, Visigoth, and Islamic Eras

This video discusses Jewish life in the Peninsula during the Roman era, the Visigothic era, the Islamic era, and the era of the Christian kingdoms. The forced conversions of Jews under the Visigoths and Almohades is discussed. 40 more words