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Hi My Name Is...

The first blog, like all other firsts, provides such grief, stress and struggle.  Somehow after the publish button is hit, the enjoyment strikes and ideas flow out from the depths of what seemed to be empty caverns of the mind.   195 more words


Hello world!

Thank you for stopping by the ArlaMODE blog. I am excited to share with you masterworks of my past and those I am planning in my mind right now. 9 more words



Yes, I do!

When I get together with one of my friends, we always have some really deep conversations but we also laugh and joke. To me this is ideal! 28 more words

Voodoo...not the donuts the Comedy place

Tuesday this week started like any other. Rolling out of bed at the last minute to let Carson out then stumbling back down stairs for a shower. 184 more words


Morning Tea

I had just put the baby down for his morning nap and my daughter and I had a little bit of time before she had to be at school. 421 more words


Conversations with myself

One of my colleagues called me a communist. Well he didn’t say – “You are a communist” He just said I should not bring my communist tendencies to the table. 355 more words


Coffee with My 16 Year Old Self

I skipped yesterday because I FELL ASLEEP at 10pm in front of my iPad! That was unexpected. So I will write an extra long blog post about the Daily Post prompt, … 845 more words