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Yes, that’s right. I did. I converted to a religion that is sometimes regularly associated with terrorism in some parts the Western world. Believe me, I’ve heard it all. 3,405 more words

The Merciful

2. The Merciful: الرحيم

Pronounced “ar-Raḥeem.” (Note the “al” is silent and replaced with “ar” sound).

From the Qur’an (English translation): 107 more words


Groovy Farsi Tea

A try-out for a new style for a possible avatar. it is a 60s-70s style inspirations with a rainbow flare.


Coming to Dearborn (Arab Detroit): Part One

In January of 2013, I moved to the city of Dearborn, Michigan, aka “Arab Detroit.”  

Coming to Dearborn (Arab Detroit): Part One

I had such high hopes and expectations of what my experience would be in this whole new world. 1,533 more words


In Love with My Hijab

I was overwhelmed with joy the moment I became a Muslim. It felt like I was reunited with some sort of priceless treasure, years after a long search.  1,440 more words


Mom, I Became a Muslim

Dear Mom,

This letter is probably going to upset you, though that is not my intention. I am writing this because we do not have the best track record for having emotionally loaded conversations in person. 3,253 more words


Open Letter to Prospective Muslims

By Theresa Corbin

You did your due diligence and researched what it is that Muslims actually believe.

You may have even talked to a few Muslims about what Islam really is outside of news reports, extremism, and Hollywood stereotyping. 1,481 more words