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How to Love Someone You Hate

Woah… that’s a harsh title, right? Let’s be real here, though, we’ve all probably felt hatred for another person at some point in this earthly life. 547 more words

"Convicted" Book Review

“Life throws some of these roadblocks at you, and others you make yourself. After banging up against these roadblocks over and over again, you find yourself in an emotional pit where all you can do is focus on yourself.” 589 more words

Ex president of Vatican hospital convicted of abuse of office

VATICAN CITY (Reuters) – The former president of a Vatican-owned hospital in Rome on Saturday was convicted of abuse of office for diverting nearly half a million dollars of funds to renovate a top cardinal’s luxury apartment.

Texas Woman Sentenced To Life In Death Of Newborn Daughter

ABILENE (AP) — A Texas woman will serve a life sentence after she was convicted by a jury of capital murder in the death of her newborn daughter. 121 more words


Ontario man who sexually abused daughters, nieces, deemed dangerous offender

An Ontario man who sexually abused his young daughters and nieces over close to a decade will spend an indeterminate amount of time behind bars after a judge found he was in denial about his pedophilia and likely to reoffend. 630 more words


Justice, By Chance.

My teeth clenched, my feet was feeble, I was walking down the alley way of doom, into the hall of the gallows of post-wooden era. They improvised, they did not use the old fashioned rope, too many people escaped the hollowed out circle of death, they made sure to chemically infuse components to make the rope to be tighter, and to be susceptible, indelible saunter into the claws of death. 329 more words


खामोशी मेरी ढाल..!!

हाँ मिल जाते है राही,

जिंदगी के हर नए सफर पे,

पर अक्सर जब मंज़िल बदलती है,

तो अकेला ही चलता हूँ मै।

यूँ तो खुश हूं मैं अपनी नई जिंदगी में,