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CRISIS in Haiku Fashion

Crisis is a state
of confusion because of
failing assumptions

Reliance gives Man
feeling of safety without
understanding why… 98 more words

I Am A Misfit

Sorry I’ve been off the grid for a while. I think I just let myself get wrapped up in how many people were reading. Like, if someone doesn’t read my stuff, I don’t exist? 435 more words


The Spark

Here’s a dream. This dream spins. It twirls in the wind. It is made of plastic and bamboo. It’s a make shift wind wheel! (Hyperbole! I think not. 292 more words


Welcome to The Round

In light of recent news, I am noticing some opinions that seem to be an underlying current of 21st century America. What we value, emphasize, and degrade show us a culture of comparison and labeling others as “less than.” We are not surprised then when a polarization of our society’s views becomes far more apparent in words and in actions. 522 more words

Let your Yes be Yes

Let your Yes be Yes

Conviction of beliefs

Stand erect and sure,

A skyscraper of Faith

So let your yes be yes

Before all you encounter… 70 more words


Uncomfortable Comfort: The Blessing of Conviction

This past year at Texas Tech, one of my best friends came to know the Lord early into our first semester. I had yet to be baptized, so we were baptized together in October at our church in Lubbock, called Hillside Christian. 455 more words


Random Musing #59.

Stepping out of God’s order to get what you want at the expense of your conviction, will never work!


Pause and Think

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