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There’s no competition in destiny. Run your own race and wish others well!

–  Abhishek Shukla


Lancaster couple convicted in $174K heroin bust

LANCASTER, Pa.–A Lancaster couple was convicted last week  following a drug raid which uncovered approximately $174,000 in heroin in June 2016.

David Lausell and Jaelle Ndamage each were convicted of felony-drug dealing and related counts regarding a June 2016 raid in the 700 block of Marietta Avenue. 163 more words


Walk With Strong Belief & Direction #MondayMotivation

I’m glad to be able to wake up each morning, and look forward to talking to my mother, to seeing my son, to seeing what the day brings and continue to learn to hope for the best and prepare for the worst. 606 more words

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Don't take your convictions for granted

How do we fall so far?

I was sitting in my Pastor Carl’s office a few months back talking about some things I was struggling with. 231 more words

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TV Review: Conviction Episode 112 "Enemy Combatant" 

This episode deals with an accused terrorist. Hayes father brings her the case wanting her to look into it. Since the man was never given a trial or officially convicted this case is a bit different from the usual. 208 more words

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Do Not Go Gently...

This has shown up several times on social media shares lately. It truly reminds me of something we would see in school. While I’d love to believe this is something that was truly posted (and maybe it was; you know how the internet can be), there is a part of me that theorizes that it was designed to invoke nostalgic feelings of years gone by and a simpler time when these were the things we strived for as children and what our parents and teachers worked to instill in us. 814 more words

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A Year of Smiles - Day 20


Our days are filled with choices. What should we wear? What food should we eat? Should we allow our children to go here or there? 246 more words