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Confidence is a quality that indeed makes a lot to either fall into place or fall apart. Lack of confidence is a major reason for the stagnation that we see around us. 581 more words


The Best In Me

I’ve found, and recent experiences have confirmed this to be true as well, that in order to see the true nature of someone, you should demand the best from them. 1,317 more words


May Baby

My May baby.  As you made the conviction that you were ready to be born into this world and slip today, May 19, 2016 from eternity into this strange design of time and measures, I ate the first cherries of the season.  1,854 more words


The Worst Day Of His Life

Some days are better than others.  We get through them. Some days are worse than other days.  What really hurts is when we encounter “The Worst Day of Our Life.” 571 more words

Moon-to-Sun Returns

Spur Them To Love

What do we do to spur others on toward love and good deeds? Are our words full of truth that brings them toward God or turns them away? 540 more words

Lessons Learned

Suspending Disbelief: A Key To Success

Today, I am going to touch on a topic that is critical to success: the suspension of disbelief. The ability to suspend disbelief or doubt is a critical indicator of how far anyone will get in their endeavor. 623 more words

Personal Reflection to “Let Go, Let God: Who Cares”, P.12, Chapter 1, Let Go, Let God

Pessimistic vibes may make you feel like: “Nemesis’ are approaching, infringing danger about my thrown”.  Your morals’ defense against hypothetic postulation resolute to de-thrown you? Blissful ignorance, as you recognize ain’t much that can be done with that which one has no control, so who cares. 11 more words