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"the Truth is..."

“The Truth is…”
oftentimes a catchy tag
and not so much what follows
as a hollow to contain its gap.


My Last Drink of Alcohol

My last drink of alcohol was New Years Eve, 2002. I was on a mission trip in Indonesia standing between a seminary professor and an international missionary in a worship service. 711 more words

Church And Christian Life


ummmm… are you ready for a serious “ouch factor” right now, babes?

because that’s what I’m dropping today. (sorry not sorry)

as times change and new, unexplored emotional and spiritual territory enters our horizons, I’m seeing a more and more disturbing trend rising up within the walls of the American evangelical church. 635 more words

Real Talk

Purposeful Prayers

I talk a lot about prayer and praying for our children. It’s one of the most important actions a parent can do for their child(ren). The past several months I’ve been praying for the right words to say when the time comes that our boys recognize their need for Jesus as their Savior. 430 more words


A shadow of things

God’s got a direct line
to Downing Street
by a covenant of equivocation
and hellfire in a field of wheat;
a billion sly indulgences that wryly speak… 23 more words


Strength, Courage, Conviction

Releasing self limitations

Freeing myself from expectations

Knowing in my heart what is right

Trusting my gut, no need to fight

Standing in my power, standing strong… 116 more words


Magic Money Tree

Magic me a money tree
So I can eat its nimble fruit
A bonsai for my patio
Would be so cool and look so cute… 92 more words