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In the simplest....

In the simplest terms, a leader is one who knows where he wants to go and gets up and goes.

– John Erskine


Departmental and Criminal Proceedings – Are Different

The law is fairly well settled. Acquittal by a criminal court would not debar an employer from exercising power in accordance with the Rules and Regulations in force. 220 more words

Ex-Attorney General Kathleen Kane sentenced to jail

Kane sentenced to 10-23 months in Montgomery Co Correctional Facility with 8 years probation. $75,000 bail. @WNEP

— Carmella Mataloni (@Carmella_News) October 24, 2016

A judge sentenced former Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane on Monday to 10 to 23 months in prison for committing multiple felonies stemming from a politically motivated act of retribution.

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Vashti, Revisited

My morning devotional was from the book of Esther. Esther, hero of the faith, champion of justice.


According to Esther 1, King Xerxes had a 6-month long banquet for all his nobles and officials. 397 more words

Success Can Be the Worst Thing to Happen to You

Let’s revisit a classic question: what exactly is success?

A quick perusal of several definitions reveals the apparent ambiguity behind this word. Some attempts suggest that there are elements of popularity, fame, wealth, and respect; others are not at all enlightening. 1,134 more words


#Conviction #定罪               🗣 開季評論 🗣

​#Conviction #定罪 開季評論

Conviction定罪 Hayley Atwell

(Agent Carter@MCU)新劇

ABC電視台的新 法律/犯罪劇 10月初首播

女主角Hayes Morrison找來Hayley Atwell (Agent Carter @ MCU)好是前總統的女兒,典型美國名人二代、頹廢、反叛、美麗,唯獨骨子裡的能幹和聰明使她成為常勝的辨護律師。

因為被發現藏有小量毒品Morrison 在具野心的紐約地區檢察官Wallis操縱下被迫領導「完善定罪小組Conviction Integrity Unit」與一群律師,調查員合作,研究已被定罪的罪犯是否遭到冤枉每個個案以一星期為限幫冤枉者脫困。

Agent Carter粉絲會失望!?

作為Agent Carter 粉絲,小編是萬分期待這個劇集開播。可惜的是你不會見到喜歡的Agent Carter 那成熟美和對生活、正義的無耐與執著,反而見到一個典型富二代的頹廢,既想反叛又逃不出身份的規限,既想主持正義又怕被幕後操縱的母親和檢察官得賞所願,最終就尷尷尬尬的跟著劇本走下去。 104 more words


Your Flame...

Honor your flame, it’s exclusively yours…~Life Through The Storm

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