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Those who get a conviction transcend humanity

Those who believe find comfort;

Those who find comfort get contentment;

Those who get contentment give love;

Those who give love get life;

Those who get life find a reason;

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Hijab: trends or Islam?

One of the most beautiful things legislated in Islam for Muslim women is hijab. Contrary to what many people believe, the hijab is not merely a piece of cloth that we drape over ourselves as a symbol of oppression. 636 more words


A Grace Note: Grace in Conviction 

Dear Reader,

Conviction often comes when we least expect it. It comes when we think we’ve got it all together, when we think we’ve overcome a former uglier version of ourselves. 381 more words


when God strips you of comfort

To be un-moving, idle- a pawn of my own life where routine is what I know. That is the person I don’t want to be, but sometimes don’t know how not to. 751 more words


Why We Shine

Have you ever wondered what other people think about you? Admittedly, this is quite a worldly concern that a majority of people even get stressed about. 530 more words


The Phenomenon: Trashing Trump

Donald Trump’s stunning win that fateful Tuesday, defying all the estimates – suggested there were was a shift in thinking. 2016 was really a humbling year for the reporter and journalist, and democrat. 189 more words