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Jewish Law & Jewish Logic

By Gregory

My last post made me realize that I need to say a little more about Jewish logic as it relates to Jewish theology and Jewish concepts of law. 861 more words


Love Letter...

Dear Love,

If I did not acknowledge all that you have done these past few months, I would be rightfully considered an in-grate…

I have been through the storm and came out smiling. 179 more words

Love Journey...

Social Entropy, Easter, and a Really Big Toilet

Everyone has an opinion, on that one point, I think we have to agree. Maybe not on anything else, but on that at least. Whether you want it or not, I’m going to give you mine. 1,298 more words

God Stuff

Seeking God's Heart - March Newsletter

Nigel Barham (Founder/Director of MoveIn) with George Snyman (Founder/Director of Hands at Work in South Africa).
The Gist
Praise the Lord for moving his Spirit at our annual conference in February.   702 more words

Our Tubal Ligation Reversal Story

Have you ever had a dream that you knew couldn’t be fulfilled without some help? We certainly do! God gave us His desire for children years ago. 942 more words


"Look and Live"

While this sounds rather vague or overly simplistic, there is actually some real hidden truth in the statement “look and live”.

In the Gospel of John, the third chapter, Jesus in sharing the gospel with a ruler (chief) of the Jews, takes him to the scriptures (the Torah) of which he (Nicodemus) was very much acquainted with. 1,121 more words



Resist The Mediocre Divide

Totality. The sum of us all. I’ve been deeply pondering this lately as I face my own inner struggles and diagonal skewing of my heart. 680 more words

Unlock The BOX