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Pack Light

Go to come back.
Again and again,
through the Gates.
Pack light:
the weight of Conscience
is limitless.


Life's Goal

His Introduction

During our home church meeting Johan taught about the life’s goal. The message landed directly in my heart because 1) he started with a verse that helped me deal with my husband’s loss and 2) I have spent a lot of energy in my work over the past 2-3 weeks. 746 more words


Exorcism failed

Catwa head Kathy
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara
Insol: Face ‘Marcela’ -ST03 ‘Peach’
[ Conviction ] Rupture Eyes & Makeup @Dark style fair… 22 more words


The thought of reincarnation and karma will essentially transform modern life

What is of particular importance for the modern anthroposophist is the gaining of conviction with regard to reincarnation and karma. The way in which men gain this conviction, how they succeed in spreading the thought of reincarnation and karma — it is this that from now onwards will essentially transform modern life, will create new forms of life, an entirely new social life, of the kind that is necessary if human culture is not to decline but rise to a higher level. 69 more words



Could it be that churches and believers have left the Holy Spirit out of their lives and churches by being more concerned in pleasing man than in pleasing God? 442 more words


Lull me with placidness Kill me with quiet.

Sneaky creatures live in my house
They slip from room to room
I hear them all around
And when I focus and try to think a bit… 177 more words