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એપિલેપ્સી – વાઈને જડમૂળથી મટાડતો આયુર્વેદનો વૈજ્ઞાનિક અભિગમ - Guj Health Guru

એપિલેપ્સી – વાઈને જડમૂળથી મટાડતો આયુર્વેદનો વૈજ્ઞાનિક અભિગમ

જો તમે આર્ટ – કલામાં રસ ધરાવતા હો તો તમે ફ્લાવર વાઝના નામના પેઈન્ટિંગથી પરિચિત હશો. આ પેઈન્ટિંગ મશહૂર ચિત્રકાર વિનસેન્ટ વાન્ગોગે (Vincent Van Gogh) બનાવ્યું હતું. 16 more words


Cure for Child Convulsion

Child convulsion is a seizure in young children that is caused by the body muscles contracting and relaxing rapidly and repeatedly.

Symptoms Of Child Convulsion… 84 more words


Memory loss in epilepsy

I found an article that talks about what may cause memory loss in epilepsy. I went through this for the first three years of my epilepsy, not even being aware when I had a seizure. 51 more words


Real facts about Epilepsy in the Philippines

Epilepsy is usually only diagnosed after a person has had more than one seizure. Not all seizures are due to epilepsy. Other conditions that can look like epilepsy include fainting, or very low blood sugar in some people being treated for diabetes. 165 more words

Stropine Atropine Sulphate Injection

Atropine Sulphate Injection BP

It is a sterile colourless solution of Afropine Sulphate in water for is injections. Each ampoule contains Atropine sulphate 1mg. 265 more words


Life is pain,
beauty simplified,
the grace of a quiet moment,
a sentiment laid bare,
your hand in mine,
lain under the shade of orange green leaves, 33 more words

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