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Dipnet catch disaster

The numbers are in at last, and it turns out Gary Barnes of the Alaska Outdoor Journal had the situation pegged six months ago when he… 1,447 more words


Sea Shepherd Legal Securing Justice for the Sea - A 2016 Retrospective

At Sea Shepherd Legal, we are working to change the polices, practices, actions and inactions that imperil marine species — adding a new dimension to Sea Shepherd’s 40-year record of success. 359 more words

Who got your fish?

For decades now, Cook Inlet fishermen of all stripes have been feuding bitterly over shares of the annual return of sockeye salmon, and now comes an indication that all that time they were getting collectively ripped off by another fishery. 698 more words


From Where I Stand

These photos were taken within seconds of each other on the same day from the same place. All I needed to do was turn. One side has Mt. 189 more words

Gassed out?

Alaska’s complicated path through the alder thicket to find the route to becoming the liquified natural gas (LNG) provider to the Pacific Rim appears to have run into a small cliff. 989 more words


Disorderly and unsafe

The winter meeting of the Alaska Board of Fisheries is months away but already the weirdness has begun.  At a work session in Kenai-Soldotna this week, the board spent some time kicking around the idea of motor restrictions for the Kenai River to make the popular, personal-use dipnet fishery there safer. 885 more words


Counting big salmon

Once more the Alaska Department of Fish and Game is suggesting a lowering of the spawning goal for late-run Kenai River king salmon, the most revered fish in Alaska. 996 more words