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Disorderly and unsafe

The winter meeting of the Alaska Board of Fisheries is months away but already the weirdness has begun.  At a work session in Kenai-Soldotna this week, the board spent some time kicking around the idea of motor restrictions for the Kenai River to make the popular, personal-use dipnet fishery there safer. 885 more words

Counting big salmon

Once more the Alaska Department of Fish and Game is suggesting a lowering of the spawning goal for late-run Kenai River king salmon, the most revered fish in Alaska. 996 more words


Kamishak Bay, Alaska

Far from town, across the water and deep in a cove, the Paint River overflows into Kamishak Bay on Cook Inlet. Unlike many of the stream systems flowing into the inlet, it is clear, the sands and boulders in the bay glassy near the shore. 131 more words


What do you see?

As I walked on the beach the other day (before I lost my keys), I found a rock with stags and a moon on it. As I looked closer, I saw a salmon face!  105 more words


It is awesome how many good things can get squished into a couple of hours. I cruised FB and saw fun things shared, I went to the post and laughed with an old friend (really, he truly is old!), I walked on the beach by Arness Dock and met a lovely (not as old as my friend) couple from Germany who were looking for Alaskan rocks, and then I spotted belugas. 146 more words

A Surprise!

We have had a run of overcast wet days here on the Kenai. The workers were stuck out on the platforms for 3 days because of the fog. 102 more words

Kenai fish fight

After Kenai River personal use dipnetters struggled through an often slow July trying to catch their winter supply of sockeye salmon, the Alaska Department of Fish and Game refused to grant them an extra couple fishing days at the start of August because it was said they might kill “too many” coho salmon. 1,102 more words