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Cooking Vs Emotion

Well, cooking is first of all an art and not a duty. Specially, for women who are commonly considered as the one’s to take care of the kitchen at most of Indian houses. 23 more words

Fiction: Heart Beats Club

A job like this isn’t the kind of thing you can exactly write down on an application for employment.

  1. Remove the head.
  2. Remove the legs.
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Recipe 39 - Hazelnut Tiramisu

Oddly enough, I haven’t been feeling like cooking much lately. I am completely determined to finish this challenge, but I guess I’ve been having a bit of a “cook’s block”. 233 more words


a happy time when you can escape this world, you know, and lose yourself in food

DAVIES: (Laughter) OK. We’re speaking with Anthony Bourdain. He has a new cookbook called “Appetites.” This is an interesting cookbook to look at and to read. 345 more words


Recipe 38 - Mock Risotto with Pesto & Turkey Marinara

The worst dish since the One Pan Chicken and Potatoes.

Ok ok – I initially didn’t think I would dislike this dish so much and Jean said it was actually not that bad, but I just could not get through it! 144 more words


I am a great Microwavist

My Dad was such a great cook. A Sunday pot roast would smell up the whole downstairs for the entire day.

My Mom was a great baker. 41 more words



We all know somebody who is a “brand snob”. That person who swears that asda home brand would simply make their insides burst!! However, I’ve tried many home brand items and I want to share them with you! 275 more words