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Marijuana Recipe Cookbook

Delicious Cannabis Recipes That Gets You High (Cloud 9 Marijuana Recipes) Kindle Edition.

Water bath canning

Let’s take a moment to explore the difference between two kinds of preserving: water bath canning, and fermentation. There won’t be too much of a discussion about processing times or anything too technical for water bath canning, mostly just a general overview of what it is so we can clearly see the difference. 641 more words


Caramel Bread Pudding (Brödpudding)

I rushed up to grandpa as he walked in and asked if he’d like to be the first one to try my creation and also that he’d get to be a model if he did. 426 more words


The Vegan Cookbook by Adele McConnell

3/5 stars.
ebook, 150 pages.
Read from July 11, 2017 to July 18, 2017.

Vegan food gets a bad rap. I mean most people physically cringe when they think of only eating vegan food or even participating in a conversation with a vegan about food in general. 374 more words

Book Reviews

Fermentation Pt. 1

Our kingdom of human kind is founded on unseen universes. Past the blanket of clouds, the mighty cosmos was once believed to be populated by supernatural beings that’s justice and jealousy spurred the movements of everything here on earth. 750 more words

Lao Food

Book Review: Treat Yourself!

So, I don’t know why I hadn’t ever thought to create awesome shapes and colors using crispy rice treats, but I hadn’t, until this weekend. I received a copy of  340 more words



I did a cooking lesson the other day and was met with embarrassing failure. The dough I made for the chicken pot pies didn’t hold together. 602 more words