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Eating our way through Autumn; One Pumpkin Pie at a time.

I have always enjoyed Autumn here in Pennsylvania.

It is a beautiful time of year with colorful leaves, crisp cool air, sweatshirts to wear and festivals all around. 421 more words


Autistic Teen Chef Launches Cookbook At Los Angeles Restaurant To Raise Money To Set Up Autism Support Charity

Autistic teen chef Chase Bailey from Orange County, CA, who hosts his own hit cooking show  www.chasenyurface.com launches his first cookbook this autumn to raise money to enable other people with autism to follow their dreams. 382 more words

The London Cookbook Review

Although I have never been to London I’ve always wanted to and growing up on the island of Trinidad with its huge British influences, I grew up fantasizing over how perfect my British accent would be when I greet “The Doctor” as well as Gordon Ramsay and who knows maybe the Queen herself. 261 more words

Kitchen Overlord's Dead Delicious Horror Cookbook

Channel your inner Hannibal!

This isn’t your kid’s Halloween cookbook. The 69 gory recipes in Dead Delicious all look like human body parts. It’s my love letter to all the grown up goths, Hannibal fans, and horror lovers who like to play with their food. 248 more words

Geek Food

I met Anthony Muthaf*&#!^ Bourdain, and it was awesome

I met Anthony Bourdain, the foul-mouthed, frequently drunk, insightful, 60-year-old who has what is arguably world’s coolest job, in NYC in Union Square last night. 297 more words

Kosher Food For the Jewish Soul

If there is one thing I can say for the Jewish faith, they definitely know food. That says a lot for a girl raised on En Cor Salisbury Steak and Ragu in a jar. 384 more words

Review of The Complete Home Baking Collection - Simon & Alison Holst

This is a selection of over 250 recipes from the Holsts’ extensive library and amounts to a substantial collection of recipes for home baking with a kiwi flavour. 224 more words