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Lowcarb Cake and Donuts

Okay, let me admit up front, the headline is a total lie, but I thought it was a good intro for today’s cookbook. I picked up Dorothy Horn’s Christmas Treats Cook Book from Guam U.S.A.  343 more words


A Kettleful of Kitchen Knowledge you Knead



Music – “Beef Stew Blues (1987 Digital Remaster)” from At The Five Spot Cafe by Kenny Burrell. Released: 1987… 855 more words


Huevos Rancheros Especial

 I came up with the idea for this dish in my novel, The Fever.  It was a gooey, cheesy, combination of enchiladas and eggs.

My friend, Hilah, over at the Hilah Cooking YouTube channel, decided to do me one better by not only making it, but improving it. 58 more words


Fickle Finger of Fame

Originally posted on my other blog, http://thomasfensk.wordpress.com

I’ve always secretly wished someone would name a sandwich after me. That has long been my theoretical high-water mark of fame. 43 more words


Sesqui ... huh?

Organizations create cookbooks for all sorts of reasons.  Anniversaries are a biggie.  I already have a pretty good collection of Bicentennial cookbooks, but I was looking through some of my recent acquisitions and found yet a new niche sub-collection possibilities:  Texas Sesquicentennial cookbooks.   741 more words


A Cuppa ... What?

I’m not sure I’m so crazy this time. I just went shopping because I needed a new coffeemaker. Have you shopped for one lately? The market seems to be about half and half right now between drip and Keurig style. 1,004 more words


What Can We Learn from Other People's Food?

Last Thursday, I spent the morning transcribing a three-hour lunch with my father and his brothers. Then, I started crafting it into an article I was already late submitting. 2,560 more words