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Biscoff Gooey Butter Cake

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: gooey butter cake is one of America’s most underrated desserts. Its name actually makes total sense: the bottom layer is cakey, and the top layer is gooey. 459 more words


Foodiescovery Feb 19

Raw almond butter & Speculous cookie butter…

Plus…Flat protein bread…Plus… banana, walnuts and avocado with milk… drizzle with sugar

Yum!!!! :) 10 more words


14/2/17 - My Excuse to Make Cookies

Valentine’s Day! Thankfully for me (and especially for Haitham) this is a holiday that neither of us really see much value in. Okay, correction, I do: in the 50% off chocolate section in stores the following day!! 628 more words

Wing it: Chocolate Speculoos Popcorn

I’ve been playing around a lot with Speculoos spread recently and thought I’d throw it in some popcorn and see what happened. Naturally, great things happened. 290 more words


Four Holiday Shakes are Back at Steak 'n Shake

Four holiday milkshakes are back on the menu at Steak ‘n Shakes around the country: Egg Nog, White Chocolate, Cookie Butter and Peppermint Chocolate Chip. Steak ‘n Shake still makes their shakes the same way since 1934. 52 more words


My one & macaron-ly

Speculoos Macarons

If you’ve never tried cookie butter, you haven’t lived.
Cookie butter is an ingenious foodvention made by pulverizing those tasty speculoos cookies that you sometimes get on airplanes into a creamy, dreamy spread.   790 more words

My Favorite Holiday Pie Recipe: Cookie Butter Pie

There is no better excuse to indulge in delicious food than during the holidays. All the sweet treats, carb loaded casseroles, Christmas tree shaped Reeses, I mean the list goes on. 462 more words