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5 Ways to Use Speculoos (video)

Hey y’all, happy August! I’ve been playing around with beach snacks and fast sweet treats. Cookie butter, also known as speculoos spread, is one of my favorite things that comes out of a jar. 144 more words


Cookie Butter Chunk Cookies

Look! I’m posting two days in a row!  For once, I’m not ignoring the reminders on my phone telling me to blog (which I do way more often than I like to admit).   327 more words

Use-all-the-things Cookies

So…it’s the end of the semester (almost) and I’ll be moving out soon and won’t be able to take any food stuffs with me. Sad day. 130 more words

Cookie Butter Bars with Nutella Swirls

I stayed in alone last night – so naturally, I decided to bake cookies. I’d been wanting to bake with cookie butter again for a while, and decided last night was the perfect night to do so. 921 more words


What the Heckuloos is Speculoos?

If you are thinking,” eh speculoos is so outdone. It’s like the new nutella which is the new peanut butter.” Stop thinking those thoughts, because this ice cream is so delicious, the entire pint has already been devoured by the time of me writing this.  773 more words

Ice Cream

Cookie Butter

Lately, I’ve been able to measure my self-restraint on how long I can go without eating a spoonful of cookie butter. When the only thing separating me from it is a cabinet wall, it’s distracting to the point where it’s the only thing I can think about and if given enough time I can convince myself that it’s something I really need. 95 more words


Biscoff butter cake bars

I mean, that name alone should convince you, right? A delicious gooey cream-cheese cake made even better with Biscoff (yes, also known as *the* cookie butter spread). 108 more words