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Melissa Torre Of Cookie Confidential On The Irony Of Being Harassed By Animal Rights People & Being Accused Of Setting Back Female Chefs

Over a year ago, I attended a promotional photo shoot for the upcoming Fine Swine Dinner at Taproom On 19th that was done at Cannuli’s House of Pork. 3,381 more words

Cookie Confidential Presents the Good Differences

The differences make us unique. In taste, person number one may like sweeter foods while someone else might enjoy sour foods more. Every eatery, restaurant, or boutique offers different foods for different people. 812 more words

Crispy Brain Tacos From South Philly Barbacoa & Other Brainy Philly Dishes

A little bit of inside information always helps.

The people who choose to eat at the Taco Bell at 11th and Chestnut need help in two regards: someone needs to tell them about South Philly ahead of helping them find due South. 1,064 more words