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I made: Roll-out chocolate chip cookies

Just another quick mini-post today.  This is a good recipe for a crumbly, shortbread-like cookie that bakes well and isn’t overly fussy.  Because it does have chips in it, I would not recommend using an especially intricate cookie cutter for this particular recipe; however, it worked fine for the crescent moons, and I imagine would be similarly fine for circles, hearts, stars, snowmen, anything else that doesn’t have too many twists or turns.  13 more words

I made: Peanut butter cut-out cookies with chocolate ganache

This is a continuation of my search for good cookie-cutter cookie recipes.  The brownie roll-out cookies from last month were a good start, and I was feeling up for something a little more fancy last night!  470 more words

I made: Brownie roll-out cookies!

Just a mini-update today as I don’t have time to do a full write-up but I do want to record these before I forget.  The motivation for this bake was because we went to Sur Le Table over the weekend and got a bunch of amazing cookie cutters, so I needed to work on my cookie-cutter-cookie recipes.  91 more words

Leaky Boobs, Not so Cute!

Ugh thank goodness today is St. Patty’s Day, and day drinking isn’t frowned upon…because momma needed a cocktail! I have put off getting John’s haircut for about three weeks too long, and I decided I was ready to take both Lukas and John to Cookie Cutters. 535 more words

When good printers go bad

I’ve been printing some custom cookie cutters recently, and writing a blog post about it, when someone asked me to do one for their business.  It was straightforward: a rectangle with some letters in.  392 more words

India Inspiration

A friend of mine is having a party this weekend and will be sharing a slideshow of her trip to India. Last year I painted this watercolor for a friend who just came back from there. 12 more words


How to get Perfectly Straight Sides on your Cookies! Round, Square, or any shape!

There is nothing more frustrating then baking your sugar cookie for a certain shape to have it come our imperfect.  Yes there are tricks like chilling your dough before you bake them, or making a recipe that specifically doesn’t spread, but even with that they don’t come out perfectly. 94 more words