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Royal Icing recipe you all need...for real.

Such a great frosting if you need to decorate and don’t want anything runny. Every single recipe always asks for meringue powder…which I don’t have in my home. 128 more words


Christmas Tree Brownies

As you may (or may not) know, I’ve been a baking fool this week (in my defense, a “fool” isn’t all bad! for you non-Anglophiles out there, it’s also an English dessert made from a mixture of pureed fruit that has been folded into whipped cream.). 337 more words


Into The Woods

If you have been longing for a post from Daisy Bites for some weeks now, and were elated to see my Guatemala post pop up in your reader, or inbox, or Facebook news feed, imagine how… 657 more words


Erin's "semi-gloss" glaze icing

In the very serious world of sugar cookies, the biggest debate that causes fist fights and prison style shiv brawls is whether to use royal icing or glaze. 848 more words

Valentine's Purple Hearts and Royal Icing

If this post and the lack of sentimentality and gooey lovey goodness upsets some people… sorry. My sense of humor runs dark. But, you need a strong sense of humor to get through this world and nothing exemplifies that more than a holiday like Valentine’s. 426 more words


Sweet Valentine Treats

It’s definitely not a secret that I enjoy baking and somehow I got lucky enough to have two little boys that love to help! It’s an activity that Big H often requests and I hope that never changes. 163 more words

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