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Vintage Cookie Jars - Another fragment of my collection

I always had a love for vintage cookie jars.

I’m not really sure how or why it started, but as an adult with a paying job, I can indulge when I see one I really like when I go out thrifting. 175 more words

A How To Guide on eating all the cookies in the cookie jar

  1. Book your parents/guardians a lavish all exclusive vacation with their credit card before they leave for work
  2. Tell the travel agent you are indeed 18 years of age and are legally applicable to finish the transaction…
  3. 95 more words

Young Man with Hands Stuck in Cookie Jars Identified as Donald Trump Jr.

By Doug Patrick

NEW YORK–After shouting “help” for several hours and asking countless passersby if they had “seen Dad,” the young man waving his arms with large cookie jars attached was identified as Donald Trump Jr. 417 more words


A Micro Fiction: The Curious Case of the Cookie Jar

His suspect sat in an oversized wooden chair that made him seem as small and insignificant as the pet fish. The suspect’s arms were tied down with a thick tie, bound tight around the small, puny wrists.Detective Tim Holt smirked, leaning in to give the suspect a fierce, knowing look. 467 more words


Surprise Package

Dear readers, today I received a special delivery from my friend, Debbie, in Maryland! It was a package addressed to Merryweather Smith, filled with wonderful gifts! 104 more words


Easter rabbit Mason drinking jar

Stuck for ideas of what the children can make and give this Easter time?

These cute easy drinking cups are fun. We used Mason jars from our local home stores. 80 more words

Home Education.

Paddy Pig

I am of Irish descent through both my mother and my father’s side of the family. Every St. Patrick’s Day my mind fills with memories of my paternal grandmother Cecile Margaret Catherine McKeon and her ever-present cookie jar from which we all sneaked cookies. 237 more words

Color Photography