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100 Words a Day #158

As he went to put his hand in the cookie jar it came to the edge of the counter and fell.  A loud CRASH was heard throughout the house! 72 more words

Our history impacts our now.

Today, I was blessed to receive some of my Grandma’s things.  One of them?  The old apple cookie jar I distinctly remember being in her farmhouse, bright-white kitchen.   946 more words


Vintage Cookie Jars - Another fragment of my collection

I always had a love for vintage cookie jars.

I’m not really sure how or why it started, but as an adult with a paying job, I can indulge when I see one I really like when I go out thrifting. 175 more words

A How To Guide on eating all the cookies in the cookie jar

  1. Book your parents/guardians a lavish all exclusive vacation with their credit card before they leave for work
  2. Tell the travel agent you are indeed 18 years of age and are legally applicable to finish the transaction…
  3. 95 more words

Young Man with Hands Stuck in Cookie Jars Identified as Donald Trump Jr.

By Doug Patrick

NEW YORK–After shouting “help” for several hours and asking countless passersby if they had “seen Dad,” the young man waving his arms with large cookie jars attached was identified as Donald Trump Jr. 417 more words