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Strawberry & White Chocolate Shortbread

Now the last time I made shortbread I baked my Chocolate, Orange & Caraway Shortbread. They were so moreish and disappeared pretty fast. I found that they had a biscuit/cookie texture, which actually worked out extremely well. 495 more words


Pride Of Kansas Cookies

There is nothing better than baking with your sister or best friend on a carefree summer evening. That is what my sister and I were doing one summer evening when we came across this wonderful recipe in a new cookbook. 123 more words


The Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookie

I’ve finally done it. After a long (but delicious) search, I’ve found my definitive favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe. I’d tried the infamous Tollhouse recipe and one of Smitten Kitchen’s many approaches to name a few, but a few weeks ago I landed on the jackpot that is David Leite’s (aka the New York Times’) recipe. 1,013 more words


Old School Oatmeal Cream Pies

After a busy week of working I desperately needed a pick me up, and these did just that. I had some vanilla and toffee buttercream left over from the… 187 more words


The King of the Cookies



I won’t try and pretend that I made this recipe up. Like with everything, you take inspiration from various people and their recipes – today it was from one of my favourite food bloggers… 510 more words


Cow Pie Cookies

As many of you know, I am from Texas. More notably, from a small country town where seeing cows in a neighborhood is not unusual. In fact, it’s quit common! 387 more words


Chocolate Almond Lace Cookies

I know it’s a Tuesday morning, and I know you’re probably on your way to work/school, but please go and make these cookies. As in, right now. 563 more words