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girl scout cookies as a cupcake: tagalongs

I saved the best for last in my girl scout cookie roundup – tagalongs.  Tagalongs are crispy vanilla cookies topped with peanut butter and coated in chocolate.   522 more words


Giant Chocolate Filled Cookie

I made this delicious cookie for my husband. Ok, so maybe I ate just as much as he did. I love to bake sweets but try not to make them very often. 354 more words


Sharing is Caring

I love cookies. They are portion-controlled bits of food hugs. Even the word cookie is derived from the Dutch word kwoekjes, meaning “little cake” (anglicized to “cookie” by the early 1700s). 1,285 more words


Gingerbreads (Prjaņiki)


The package itself is black so you are not able to see what you will get when you buy the product. We can tell you that you will be surprised when you open it. 338 more words

You Need These Healthy Substitutes In Your Life Right Now

I LOVE FOOD. Who doesn’t? I also struggle with a bit of a snacking issue because for whatever reason, I am never full. If you’re like me, you are probably always looking for healthy substitutes for the foods you crave. 596 more words



I happen to see many recipes of a baked rusk which seemed very simple with very less ingredients. So without further waiting I gave it a try and it turned out to be a super success :) Here you go with the recipe for my yummy baked rusks :) They turned out crispy and all eligible to be dunked into a cup of hot coffee and eaten ;) 244 more words