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Easy Udon

When I was in college, I would often buy a pack of dry udon noodles and miso soup pouches to keep in my room. When I was hungry, I could make a quick snack…though I somehow found it acceptable to cook the noodles in the microwave for a couple minutes…#college. 280 more words


Cincinnati Style 4 Way – Spaghetti, 3 Bean Buffalo Chili, and Cheese

Today’s Menu: Cincinnati Style 4 Way – Spaghetti, 3 Bean Buffalo Chili, and Cheese

Another cold and windy morning, about 11 degrees. I had a bowl of Kashi 7 Grain Puffs Cereal for Breakfast. 677 more words


A Heart for Hearts

With Valentine’s Day tomorrow, today we’re taking a look at some creative and fun ways you can celebrate.


Accordion heart card

Mason jar hearts… 102 more words


Dolmas Dolmados of the Grapes

Dolmas are not something I’m too keen of. They look like a green version of a cat puke hairball to me. I know they aren’t hairy and fuzzy, it’s the shape that makes me feel that way. 715 more words



I tried the new SARGENTO® SNACK BITES – Savory Garlic & Herb Jack. Being the Cheese Lover I am, I loved them! Fantastic light snack by sargento. 184 more words


Redefining pudding: Solomon Islands cassava pudding

If we’re honest, we’re looking forward to escaping the region of the Pacific Islands. We’ve certainly discovered some very enjoyable dishes from this region of the world, but the islands are so small (and often linked to another, bigger, country) that many of the traditional dishes are very similar. 860 more words


Dark Side Smoothie

We all love a good smoothie, and we all love a good smoothie with chocolate.

I created and whipped this bad boy up after spin class a couple weeks ago, and will definitely be doing it again. 269 more words