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Ham, Turkey, and Swiss Pocket Sandwich w/ Potato Soup

Today’s Menu: Ham, Turkey, and Swiss Pocket Sandwich w/ Potato Soup

We set a record day low this morning, minus 3 degrees, but help is on the horizon! 660 more words


Roast and Salad for Saturday

Saturday wasn´t any different, we went on the hunt for a good dining table and a washing machine. So my sister and I had the great idea to drive all the way to the East of the city (remember, this is… 431 more words


His Paleo lunches

My five-year-old son, Li’l D, usually eats my Paleo fare at home.

His dad, Anthony, makes more standard fare for his school lunches.

Earlier this week, Li’l D told me he doesn’t like how he feels after eating his lunches. 128 more words

Clean Eating

Waiting for now.... but not for long

So I took the plunge and ordered a Thermomix on Valentines Day this year. Had heard a little bit about this machine and all it could do. 113 more words


Spaghetti Squash

I didn’t realize until I logged onto my site to create a new post that I’m kind of doing pasta with tomato sauce twice in a row. 381 more words


How to mix it, mix it real good

Many recipes require the ingredients to be stirred or mixed at some point during the recipe. The recipes just expect us to know how to mix stuff, but it can sometimes be difficult. 113 more words