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Renovation reminiscing

I love my kitchen, but it wasn’t always so. When we moved into our house, the kitchen was appalling. What little cabinetry was there was obviously taken from some other kitchen—it didn’t particularly fit the space, and had clearly been cobbled together. 263 more words

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Blood, Sweat and Tears

Well…OK, mostly blood today. You know how, every once it a while you’re doing something and think, “Man, this is really dumb. I could get seriously hurt,” but you keep doing it anyway? 236 more words

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Catching dinner when we can

Tomorrow is Anzac Day, and the stores will be closed.

This caused us some confusion today, because we all get Monday off, as Anzac Day has been “Mondayised”, so we assumed that stores would be closed only on Monday. 225 more words

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We have been eating jalapeños from the garden for months now. I’ve pickled tons of them, we’ve had them on burgers, in pasta sauce, in burritos…so the other day, as I was slicing one for on pizza, I popped a generous slice in my mouth, expecting the mild heat of all the others we’ve eaten. 242 more words

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Luddite's kitchen weight-loss programme

I occasionally wonder if the obesity epidemic isn’t exacerbated by kitchen appliances. This thought generally accompanies either pastry making or the beating of egg whites. As I’ve mentioned before, I use an old-fashioned pastry knife to cut butter into my pastry dough, instead of a food processor. 215 more words

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Cooking Fails

I love to check out food blogs especially through Pinterest. Their blogs gleam with cooking successes and beautiful photographs of the foods they make. I rarely come across bloggers who share their failures in the kitchen though. 448 more words

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