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Step Away From The Kitchen!

“I don’t know what is more terrifying…that your blog makes you seem like this insane woman who spends all day in the kitchen, or that you really are an insane woman who spends all day in the kitchen.” 191 more words

365 Days Of Food

Oh boy! Oh boy!

Every crack in my hands is stained purple. My fingernails have turned a dark grey. The floor, walls and cupboards in the kitchen are splattered magenta. 185 more words

365 Days Of Food

Step out

I step out of the light and steam of the kitchen,

Away from the hum of the fridge,

From the smell of cake and jam. 51 more words

365 Days Of Food

Day 27: My Favorite Recipe

March 27th

I love to research and try new recipes to cook. Every week while I put together my shopping list for the grocery store I go onto Pinterest and find new recipes to try. 189 more words

31 Day Blogging Challenge

In praise of the freezer

This evening, the kids have a piano recital. But first, we will stay late at school for band practice, and Ian will come home late from work because of a meeting. 380 more words

365 Days Of Food

The Well-sharpened Knife

Tomatoes are always good for our knives. There’s nothing like a tomato to show you how dull a knife is, and the knives get sharpened more during tomato season than they do all the rest of the year. 169 more words

365 Days Of Food

On dat Betty Crocker Ish

I’m not that great in the kitchen. It’s kind of a family joke. I tried to be good at cooking when I was younger but actually didn’t try at all. 779 more words