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Wheatfree Raspberry & Chocolate coffee cakeq

Here is a little treat for a relaxing Sunday afternoon. Not a summer recipe really as the chocolate is all melty. But defo yummy Make 12 to 16slices Streusel 45g cold butter 50g caster sugar 31g flour 64g sliced almonds Cake: 250g doves self rasing flour 150g caster sugar 60g baking spread 250ml buttermilk 1tsp vanilla 2tsp baking powder 1/2 top salt 1egg 180g chocolate chips any flavour 1packet of frozen raspberries Method Oven temperature 180 degrees (350 in oldmoney) 9inch square baking tin lined. 224 more words

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My best Birthday cake creation to date

So it was the Husbands birthday on the 13th of May, Every birthday for the last 5 years we have been an item I have produced for him a birthday cake creation. 692 more words

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Half Way!

I have reached the halfway point—half way through my 365 Days of Food blogging challenge. So far, except for technical difficulties, I have not missed a day. 206 more words

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Potato Soup

Potato soup is one of those comfort foods. A winter warmer that takes the chill off even the coldest day.

I grew up eating my mother’s delicious potato chowder, with milk and hard boiled eggs, but my potato soup repertoire has expanded since then, and I’ve tried many variations on the theme. 172 more words

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A couple of friends are visiting from the U.S. this week. Poor ladies, coming from summer to record cold weather here!

We’ve done our fair share of travelling, so one of the things I asked them was, “What do you normally eat for breakfast?” Breakfast is such a fundamental meal. 124 more words

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One of my husband’s colleagues (Alexis Guerin-Laguette at Plant & Food Research) is working on the commercialisation of truffle production in New Zealand. They’ve just harvested this year’s crop, and as an ‘insider’ Ian got early access to the bounty. 190 more words

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Fit & Frugal ~ Cleaning Fruits and Vegetables

Welcome to Fit & Frugal, a series of daily posts that will highlight frugal and healthy ideas for the next eight weeks! To read more about the original idea and what to expect, as well as a list of links to all the other posts in the series, 

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