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Macaron Madness and New Recipes (Lemon Bars and Focaccia Bread)

If you have ever baked, you will know that many people have great respect for the art of the French macaron. Yes, mac-uh-ron. Not “mac-uh roooooon” as some people prefer to say (not that I have anything against coconut macaroons, they are just different). 1,208 more words


Easiet chicken nuggets

Hello and welcome. So I had a massive  craving for chicken nuggets so i decided to do some homemade ones that took less than 20 minutes . 154 more words

Who’s Debbie?

We pulled a jar of chutney from the cabinet a few days ago, and it inspired hours of speculation.

Who is Debbie? My husband made the chutney, and he labeled it, but no one can remember why it’s called Debbie’s chutney. 210 more words


Lemon Meringue Pie

I had extra pie dough from making a quiche earlier in the week, a bunch of lemons that needed to be used, and tons of eggs. 192 more words


A Fitting End

This morning, I baked up the very last pumpkin from last summer’s crop. It was large enough that I made a generous batch of pumpkin cranberry cupcakes… 25 more words


Tastes Like Christmas

I know, I know, you’re wondering why I’m posting about Christmas in mid-August. Bear with me here…

I made lemon coconut bars yesterday–a super easy recipe that I chose out of sheer laziness (and the fact I’d written ‘excellent’ beside it in the cookbook). 219 more words


Eggsplaining the Difference

A standard egg at the supermarket weighs 53 grams, large eggs are 62 grams and jumbo eggs are a massive 68 grams.

My new chickens just started laying yesterday, and I smiled at the tiny eggs they laid. 272 more words