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Pie crust = 1, Me =0

Yes as the title suggests I got my ass kicked by pie crust…

I can honestly say that for my third pie I’m using store-bought boxed pie crust because it was a total disaster… One of the 3 mixes just did not want to roll out and kept falling apart no matter what trick I  tried. 408 more words

Let's Talk About (My) Pinterest Fail...

It’s Friday, the end of my week, and I thought, You know, Phe…let’s end this week on a light note.  To that end, I thought I would share one of my many Life Blooper Reels with you because, let’s face it, that archive is getting full. 770 more words

Mac and Cheese Fails

Since this is supposed to be a blog, I guess I will make a blog entry… You don’t have to pull my arm or anything! Goodness! 486 more words

Mac And Cheese

Cooking My Way Out of Fear

I come from a typical Black-American family filled with competitive and hilarious spirits. That means there is NOTHING in your life that they won’t joke about. 653 more words

Food Fail!

I thought I had it going on last night. My baby was being fantastic. He sat in his high chair as I worked to prepare a scrumptious dinner for my hubby. 258 more words

Baking With Ivana: The Pinterest Fail Edition

Hello Friends!

How was your long weekend?  I hope that you had an amazing time, and enjoyed whichever activity you decided to engage in. I for example chose to bake, and binge watch Netflix… though I did manage to go the beach on the last day of this long weekend, more of that on a different post. 756 more words

The Hangry Entries


So I decided to make truffles as gifts this Easter, something I have done many times before but alas my truffles failed!

The ganache was too soft and wouldn’t roll into balls instead melting into delicious brown blobs of goo. 565 more words