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Kitchen Redemption

Last week I totally blew. I had an EPIC unprecedented fail in the dinner department. I didn’t commit an injustice per say but my kitchen smelled to high heaven and mimicked a small crime scene. 723 more words

Bringing Sweaty Back

Seared Steak With Crispy Potato Salad (FAIL)

Smooth as butter rare steak, with crispy potatoes, garden fresh tomatoes, crisp green beans, the zing of fresh garlic and the punch of black olives. Sounds amazing doesn’t it. 155 more words

The Kitchen

Dampfnudel fail...

Bread Week

Week three of GBBO, my biggest fear.

I was right to be afraid, Dapfnudel seemed to be something that stumped all of the bakers in the tent, so me being a complete amateur, had absolutely no chance. 414 more words


A month without Facebook

So, some of my mates gave up alcohol to raise money for Cancer Research or did runs for  other equally commendable causes, not like I am shallow…BUT…I gave up Facebook for a month for no other reason than to free up more time in the real word. 477 more words


Zucchini Noodles are tricky...tricky, tricky tricky

Sing it with me: “It’s tricky to rock a noodle to rock a noodle that’s made with zucchini, it’s tricky….tricky, tricky, tricky!” I really hope everyone got as much enjoyment out of that as I did! 323 more words


Apparently reheating left-overs is not my thing!

I had some left-overs from yesterday, a couple of skewers and oven baked potatoes. And since i didnt feel like actually cooking, left-overs it was. 262 more words


What to do when you have 12 kg of red plums?

I have a red plum tree in my garden and this year was very fruitful! I ended up with 12 kg of plums, without counting the ones I couldn’t reach with the ladder! 548 more words