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when pinterest fails [or was it just me?]

Pinterest Recipe > Upside Down Banana Cake

However, this is now known in our house as “Delicious Edge Cake” – because the toffee crisp cake edges were better than the rest of the cake….sadly! 415 more words


The boys take over

On Thursday night, my cousin, the infamous Jessica from Smart Nutrition, came over to make corn tortillas with me for our families. She has spent time in Guatemala and was craving genuine corn tortillas, and since it’s a good GF option and she knows I love to cook, it was a win-win to do it together. 764 more words


Cooking With Tay (AKA Learning Lessons The Hard Way)

WARNING: This post may contain obscene gestures and profane language. Readers under the age of 14 are advised to leave.

So, you’re staying, eh? Well, I can’t stop you. 876 more words


When to Give Up

I was making dinner tonight, like every night, but this night was different, this night everything went wrong. I decided to make Salisbury Steak and mashed potatoes, sounds simple right? 327 more words


Setting Off the Fire Alarm in a Dorm is a Big Deal

I freaking love food. I love to eat it, and I love to cook it. I started to learn how to cook very early on from both my mom and dad, and I’ve tried to cook and bake whenever I can. 852 more words


People. We need to start stressing the importance of reviewing TERRIBLE recipes as well. The ones we make and are like “ew wtf did I just make”. 202 more words


Attempted to make chocolate candy.  I melted the chocolate … and …

I’m pretty sure my spoon isn’t supposed to end up looking like a ladle.

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