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The Great Brownie Disaster of 2016

The Great Brownie Disaster of 2016

Just the other day I was in Barnes and Noble. I had been kicked out of my house because there was a showing. 713 more words


ADHD Cooking

Let us start from the beginning… Growing up not only did I not learn to cook, but there was no cooking going on period. I mean to say cooking consisted of the instructions on the side of a box that contained a kit of all the ingredients needed. 285 more words

Latke Fail

Let me tell you something. For the first time I decided to make Latkes for Hanukkah and bring them to work. MAKING LATKES FROM SCRATCH IS HARD! 366 more words

Dear Diary

Major Cooking Fail Day

Wow, what a major cooking fail day! First of all I needed to make an “Uncle Johnny Cake” (angel food cake with a long story behind the name!) I always make it from a cake mix. 374 more words


I caught fire in the kitchen

So I’m a kitchen disaster. It’s not my fault that my kitchen hates me!  Some old crone must have cursed it. If the old adage is true that you can win a man’s heart through his stomach – mine would have run for the hills years ago, or be dead by now. 567 more words


Medium-attention-span California rolls

I mentioned this earlier: choosing a recipe is a tricky business to an unknowing non-cooking person who lacks any critical recipe-reading skills. I noticed this again a while ago after announcing that I would cook California rolls. 654 more words

Short-attention-span Cooking

Sunday Meal Prep: Rice Ball Fail!

Happy Sunday everyone! Thanks to Mommy Run Fast and Jill Conyers for their weekly link-up. I am back in full action with meal prepping and it as always saves my life with my crazy busy schedule and long commute. 208 more words