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Yummy Moon Balls Recipe

Keeping children satiated with fats in their diet can sometimes be tricky. My two are generally calmer and more easy going when I keep up the fats but for anyone whose children don’t eat dairy, or are sick of dairy, or messy avocado in the lunchbox, you may want to try this! 187 more words

Cooking For Children

Cooking and Toddlers: Yes, it CAN work!

I’ll make this quick because, who has spare time when you need to prepare a meal or 10?

As of a few months ago, I have extra chefs in the kitchen when I need them, and boy does this take the frustration out of the “witching hour”! 540 more words


The 5 best you-tube channels for making your children kick-ass food

Having children means getting soaked into a world full of trends and fashions the child-less adult has no idea about. Some of them are cool and make you feel alive, others can be annoying… Moreover, as much as you want to invest in your child and raise it in a responsible, inspired way, every now and then (when all your energy, wisdome, and ideas suddenly just leave you again) you feel tempered of allowing them to follow the most stupid trends and latest ‚in‘-things out there, i.e. 417 more words

Bite Sized

Best Kid's Icecream EVER! Why did I not do this earlier?

Ok here’s the thing – we’re an ice-cream loving family and I blame this almost entirely on the climate where we’re currently living.

Queensland, Australia. 200 more words


My kids killed my love of cooking

When I was growing up, as one of four children, being fussy wasn’t an option.

I don’t think it ever really occurred to any of us that we might… 910 more words

Daily Life

The world as jelly

I think the youtube-channel ‘Fluffy Berry Puff‘ is absolue cult. Here, they explain to you how you can so easily turn the whole world into jelly figures! 13 more words

Weird Bites

Pseudo Vegetarian

Looking for a healthier way to eat and a new appreciation for vegetables, I have decided to include more vegetables in my diet and eat the meat that makes me happy.  371 more words