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Gluten Free Chick Pea Cookies Recipe

I make a lot of gluten free foods because it’s just easier on the gut and easier (in general) for children’s tummies! These are awesome because they’re slightly heavier and more “chewy” than normal crunchy biscuits made with flour, although a little more indulgent than my average recipe!! 193 more words

Cooking For Children

Grandma’s Gluten Free Coconut Jam Drop Biscuits

It’s been forever since I wrote. I know 😢 because life. Homeschooling. Training. Sleep deprivation (I know you hear me, mamas!). Work. Life. I think I’ve got 20 unfinished posts in the queue which is just pathetic but, on the other hand, I have this yummy recipe for you & your family !! 246 more words

Cooking For Children

Recipe | Chinese Pork Stirfry

This recipe was certainly a hit tonight at dinner, after a full day at school followed by swimming, it didn’t last long on anyone’s plate! We love using different flavours and ingredients with our charges and have found it to be one of the best ways to keep children interested in food and reduce the chance of them becomming fussy eaters. 156 more words

How to Make Chocolate Brownies from Leftovers 

Experiments in my kitchen are usually based on easy to access foods, as our diet – though quite varied – is basic, fresh, and healthy. This doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy foods like brownies or even creme brûlée sometimes though! 342 more words

Cooking For Children

Recipes | Jazzed up Pesto

Do you use our ‘Hetta’s Pesto‘ recipe? We love using this recipe with our charges when we need a super quick lunch or dinner. 96 more words

40 flavours of healthy pastry

Choose 40 flavours of this “new pastry” which is clearly a new way to use pastry which melts in the mouth.

The versatility of this healthy pastry recipe is complete awesome and so tasty with out the pastry stigma. 99 more words

Recipe | Pesto and Parmesan Rolls

This recipe is ideal for snacks or picnic food and totally versatile for the age of child. You can make big ones like this post shows or mini ones. 154 more words