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Recipe | Pasta Sauces 

Pasta is such a versatile meal for children these days. (Although not every day we hope)!

We’ve put together some of our favourite pasta sauce recipes for a quick, easy and nutritious dinner as we know time is not always on your side. 329 more words


Easy Chicken Pâté Recipe

A family favorite of ours is this easy chicken liver pate recipe. My children go in and out of their taste for this depending on what their body needs but it’s a great side dish full of vitamins, protein and yummy-ness. 171 more words

Cooking For Children

First blog post

I was super proud of myself this week. My wife forced me to finish up the Recipe box a full two days early, so guess who’s getting his Saturday morning back? 348 more words


Totally Healthy Mini Cupcakes recipe for everyone!

After a small amount of tinkering here is my latest recipe for healthy kids snacks. A friend suggested to me a couple of days ago to use kidney beans instead of flour and I was reminded of the ever popular chickpea cookies I used to make and thought about trying it out. 171 more words


Easy Gluten Free Sweet Cake Recipe

I have constructed a winner!

We don’t often have cake and tonight I felt like something totally different (beef stew and cake for dinner anyone?) so here’s the recipe for you to try; 156 more words

Cooking For Children

Quick Rice Pudding Recipe

Left over rice or not, this recipe is a winner in my family and on the effort scale is only 0 to 1! Win win win ;) 88 more words

Cooking For Children

ABC10 | Win the Picky Eater War

Guest appearance on ABC10 “Sac & Co”

VIDEO: As children develop, they also develop likes and dislikes for different foods whereby mealtime can become a battleground with your kids (or grandkids). 90 more words