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Baby Food: Pear Puree

When I was pregnant with my boys, I told myself that I want them to eat healthy.  I did some research of course through Pinterest and saw how easy it is to make food. 225 more words


The Most Delicious Curd Rice Recipe

I don’t know when my love with curd began. But it definitely is something that I try to always stock up in my refrigerator. Just whip up a basic Raita or add it to your everyday plate and everything becomes tastier. 151 more words


That's seriously the intro to the book!

       This blog page or whatever you call this, is dedicated to my father who planted the idea in my head that somehow this all needed to be put in words and documented.

422 more words

Recipe for Homemade Honey-Basil Salad Dressing

Whether it’s because it’s the new year or because you’ve just returned from a vacation of too-much-of-everything, there’s always a reason to look for… 284 more words


What’s in Season? My Top 5 Autumn Fruits and Vegetables for Cooking & Baking

It is always a good idea to eat according to the season. As the weather changes so does the fresh produce that is available. Each season offers a wide selection of beautiful fresh produce that are fresher and sweeter because the fruits and vegetables have been naturally ripened on the vine or the tree and harvested at the right time. 577 more words


Food: Dinner Tonight - Lasagna with a Butternut Squash Twist

I stocked up on all sorts of Autumn squash, not only for cooking, but for decor. These wonderful vegetables with the hard shells last forever. Although since they are my favorite, I am more than certain they won’t last in my household. 98 more words


What is Saffron and What Can I Use It For?

Saffron is one of the world’s most delicate and expensive spices. The reason why saffron is so expensive is because this spice is the stamen from the flower Crocus sativus, which only bloom for one week of the year. 412 more words