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Cooking 101: Butterflying a Whole Chicken

America’s Test Kitchen Cooking School courses are based on nearly 20 years of recipe development from our test kitchen, home to dozens of full-time cooks, editors, and product testers. 686 more words


I may be colour blind, but I do know what green tastes like!

“Eat the Weeds”……..I’m certainly not the first person to use this phrase, nor to suggest that there is  a bounty of free, nutritious greens growing right under our noses. 716 more words

Barossa Cooking School

Food at 52 Cookery School: The Italian Job

One of my ultimate dreams is to own a house with a very large, fully equipped, sociable kitchen. Kitchen’s for me have always been a place where you ‘whistle while you work': you talk about your day, current events even laugh at yourself.There are many reasons for this: cooking can be a pretty daunting experience, even for me. 623 more words


How to Roast a Really Flavorful Chicken

I’ll admit it; for a long time I was really intimidated by the thought of cooking any whole animal. I didn’t want any fish eyes looking back at me, I didn’t want to hear the lobster “cry” as it was dropped into the pot of boiling water, and I sure didn’t want to reach my hand up inside a chicken to pull out the giblets. 888 more words


How to Make Compound Butter

Gaining confidence in the kitchen is all about taking small steps. Making your own compound (flavored) butter, can be a great first step. You need little more than a few sticks of butter and the spark of an idea — and in just a few minutes you will have made something that’s almost too beautiful to eat (that is, until you taste it and realize that it is also unbelievably delicious). 801 more words


first sourdough loaves

Mixed the batter, let it rise twice, during the day and through the night. Baked early this morning. I used a cultures for health recipe. I love kneading. 17 more words

Cooking School

Cooking Course at Gioan, Hoi An, Vietnam

I had booked a cooking course for our last morning in Hoi An, at a cooking school I almost literally stumbled upon. There are plenty of cooking schools in Hoi An to choose from and I just didn’t like the look of the set menu most places offered. 441 more words