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Fabricating Delicious

Fabrication, as I had previously known it, was reserved for storytelling and knitting sweaters, but in chefs terms, fabrication is butchery and similar seafood preparation.  Our instruction began as a blend of anatomy physiology and US food grading 101, and then we donned our gloves and transformed hunks of meat into the cuts you might normally buy at a grocery store. 173 more words

Cooking School

Homemade Breads At A Baking School in Singapore

I have been afraid of baking bread at home for the longest time.  Yeast and dough starters have scared me. I have often felt overwhelmed with terms like… 1,282 more words


Just a Pinch

This week, the observation of Christopher Columbus’ discovery provided some respite.  Ironically, Columbus, who was highly influential in sparking global trade and blending culinary traditions across cultures, was among those recognized in my recent research paper about the history of black pepper. 193 more words

Cooking School

Wet Paper Dries

Wet paper dries. Once the water evaporates, the paper strengthens again taking on a slightly different texture. It’s a bit more rigid and wrinkled, but when carefully attended to, its substance can be preserved and the stains tell the story of reality. 261 more words

Cooking School

First class at Santa Clara Adult School!

We are proud of our first cooking group class at Santa Clara Adult Center. Of course, we all enjoyed cooking Italian recipes, but maybe the most important thing is that we were delight with the good feeling of your company. 9 more words


Culinary Skillz

Well, my first (and nearly second) week of graduate school is behind me. I’m still standing, I’m tired, but I’m still standing. I thought this post would be a good opportunity to share with you a little of what I’ve been doing in school thus far. 460 more words


In Uniform 

As I waited at the airport with crowds of people traveling in countless directions, I was struck by the clarity of mine.

My uniform and supplies arrived at the apartment an hour and a half before class began. 349 more words

Cooking School