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2011-02-27 - "break out the cooking sherry for the old colonel!"

In 2011 I resolved to draw a cartoon every week. The resolution didn’t last very deep into the year—hopefully I’ll do better this time around. One of the cartoons I DID complete is this one. 97 more words


Onion sauce

A couple of days ago I wrote about mint sauce, the traditional accompaniment to roast lamb or mutton (although mutton isn’t easily available these days. I mentioned the fact that I didn’t like mint sauce much, but the other great accompaniment to lamb is onion sauce and that I do like very, very much! 367 more words



Mother Nature’s Wicked Sense of Humour

It was quite a revelation this morning when I jumped out of bed in happy expectation of a brand new day – only to find that for the first time in my life something other than my feet hit the carpet first. 1,218 more words

Life And Humour

My Parents Discussing Things - Chapter 14

I guess discussing is a good word to use. I wouldn’t want anyone to get the wrong impression about what my parents were doing, when they discuss things, you know? 1,631 more words

Stories - The Girl Next Door

Nipping at the Cooking Sherry - Chapter 13

I thought, I had seen it all. I’d seen my mother happy, and I’d seen her mad. Mostly mad, but never sad and regretful. Until one night when my father was out of town at a convention for Insurance Salesmen. 1,743 more words

Stories - The Girl Next Door