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Pasta Chinese style 一碗面条的中西之缘

Whenever I’m in Europe, particularly if I’m in the UK, I watch a lot of food programmes. I was once told, Britain has the worse food, but has the best food shows, and it’s so true. 826 more words


Kitchen Hax: Egg Yolks and Whites

It is 2017 and segregation is alive and well. No not at the counter of the coffee shop and at the grill. Egg whites and yolks, specifically. 38 more words

What's Cooking! - With Elizabeth and Alec, Episode One

Join Talon staff reporters Elizabeth Bricker and Alec Matthews as they whip up an All-American apple pie perfect for the upcoming Presidents Day weekend.


Eat UP for 2/6/2017: Hakuna Frittata

Breakfast for dinner is something everyone enjoys. Maybe because it feels like you are breaking the rules or maybe because we don’t take the time to enjoy a proper breakfast often enough that the idea of having a breakfast dish for enjoy appeals to us that much more. 264 more words

Eat UP: Candy Bacon

This was a fun snack to make. It is perfect for Super Bowl Sunday or even Valentine’s Day, which is coming up pretty soon.

Ingredients: 173 more words