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Cooking channel auditions

Avengers filling in….”Cooking channel wannabes”


Clint: “Hey….uh, how are you? I’m Clint.…”

Bruce: “And I’m Bruce….Banner.”

Clint: I’m pretty sure they know who you are dude. 1,300 more words

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What's Cooking?

In the sitcom “Everybody Loves Raymond” the running gag was that his wife couldn’t cook. It really worked for the show. She kept making dinner, her family kept hating her cooking, they ordered Pizza a lot and Ray’s Mother had something to feel good about. 303 more words

The Food Network-Half-Baked.

Okay, I know I’ve ranted before about the Food Network. About the Stepford Wife type of  female chefs on the network, about their series  Next Food Network Star and more. 450 more words

Cut The Cake

“I need a little piece, baby, you know what I mean…”


Kinetic messages in Cooking with Kerr

This post is part of an ongoing series dedicated to defining new media.

Although we humans spend a lot of time talking, much of our communication is non-verbal; our posture, eye contact, and facial expressions send powerful messages and can supplement or contradict our spoken words. 274 more words

Defining New Media

top food shows to tune into this year

Last year it was all about renovation shows, this year it’s all about cooking shows, if the lineup is anything to go by. With some old favourites and new faces to be seen, here’s my list of the top food shows you should be tuning into this year. 353 more words