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Cooking Duel Theatre 3000

Cooking Duel Theatre 3000

This brother sister combo is going to point out everything that’s ridiculous about cooking competition shows, but they’ll never stop watching them.


Here are My Cooking Influences. What are yours?

One of my favorite memories of my Granddad, Major Raymond A. Rodgers, was the time he tried (in vain) to teach me how to make a simple roux. 831 more words


Getting Into Cooking Shows

Hey y’all!

Happy weekend! It is a 3 day weekend, and it is important that we keep the meaning of memorial day in our minds and remember all those that have fallen. 623 more words


married to the mob

Well, not really.  Just married to a proud Italian.  And — total transparency — his mom’s Irish, but Richie Coldcuts only claims that side on St. 289 more words


4 Life Lessons I Learned From Being On Reality TV

Let me start by saying this: I have never owned a TV. If I was ever in the presence of one, it’d been my family’s, friend’s, or significant other’s. 1,448 more words


oh wow, i can’t even tell you how much i love this.  

as you probably remember, i love the movie AMELIE.  it’s in my top 5 (maybe 3) favorite movies of all time. 232 more words


Masterchef: This little Masterchef went to market....

‘I’m a pig in a sweetshop’. Ooh Wallace, with your Wildean bon mots, you are rillllly spoiling us. Actually, he said ‘kid’ not pig, but he doesn’t enunciate properly and it’s all much of a muchness with our fruit and veg man anyway. 693 more words