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The Illusion of Time, Television, and its Distortion

THIS one is a real treat. Popped up when I was trying to orientate myself earlier: Where am I?

I’ve been watching daytime television for almost a month now. 162 more words


Nick D: 17 Kitchen skills to master by age 30

Nick D talks all things cooking, from skills you should have by the age of 30, to TV chefs you should learn from. Listeners chime in with some cooking tips of their own, and with their favorite cooking shows. 19 more words

Nick Digilio

Week 3/ Reflection # 2 - Catharsis; Cooking Shows and Purchases

Firstly, I would like to start with the subject of catharsis as outlined by Batya Ungar-Sargon in her article “The Pleasure of Their Pain”. She explains that, based on Aristotle’s conception of it, catharsis is a product of the emotions of pity and fear that occurs under the right conditions. 1,189 more words


Netflix Nights: Chef's Table

An indulgent documentary series about the interplay between food, people, and places from the director of Jiro Dreams of Sushi.

On May 20, 2012 an earthquake in Modena, Italy not only caused major damage and decimated numerous historical buildings, but had destroyed 360,000 of parmesan wheels—about half of the current Parmesano-Reggiano in production worldwide. 570 more words


Iron Mama

I’ve been stuck in the house most of the Winter and, like many, I’ve turned more and more often to a guilty pleasure. You know the one I mean. 378 more words

Sense And Nonsense

Thought for Food

A few foodie musings……
My new favorite food related program is “Extra Virgin” with Debi Mazur and her husband. Gabriele Corcos. The show is on The Cooking Channel and is in the fifth season. 460 more words

Food tube, cupcake wars, a veritable feast

By Sue Trollip

When one of your favourite chefs (Hello Jamie Oliver!) hits food tube it’s impossible to stay calm. Perfect poached eggs, heavenly pancakes, the recipes go on and on. 118 more words

Sue Trollip