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Cookery Shows and Food Security

Cookery programs are increasingly playing a major role in our life. They have risen dramatically in the last decade presenting a wide variety of cooking recipes, new products and other experiences. 970 more words

Cooking with Celebrities

Bella Hollingsworth wasn’t talented enough to be a professional actress.  She was completely tone deaf as well, making her chances of winning a singing competition next to nil.  464 more words

Potato Amnesia - The Cabbage Soup Chronicles

Cabbage Soup! Wow, I’ve been thinking about making it all day now. I have all the ingredients, and don’t even have to follow a recipe. 455 more words


The British Are Baking! The British Are Baking!

Everyone but me seems to be into some manner of cooking show of late. In fact, there is an entire cable channel (called FOOD) that does nothing but air shows that look alike, sound alike, and might even taste alike if you were allowed to sample the wares. 447 more words


Food Shows

Now taking suggestions for good food shows. Either those competition ones or just cooking. TIA!

Yes, I’m on a binge after having watched Iron Chef America.


Why Do I Watch Cooking Competitions?

A brand new season of Master Chef Junior began this week. I use my phone to keep up with current shows, so I happily queued up the first episode to watch while prepping a crock pot dinner (beef roast) and cooking brunch (French toast and bacon) this morning. 360 more words

Burnt: Bradley Cooper Is The Icing On The Cake

DETROIT (WWJ) – “Burnt” takes movie goers inside the world of celebrity chefs. It’s a high-stakes world where the food is not only made for savoring, if extraordinary enough in taste and style, it has the potential to catapult a chef into superstardom. 341 more words