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Summer Roundup part 1: books & TV shows

Yes, I realise it’s been officially fall for a while now, but both the weather and my current location still scream summer to me, so I’m still operating in beach mode. 1,341 more words


TV Rec. The Great British Baking Show/Bake-Off

Aloha humans! As you can see, I’m not 100% on the name of this show. In the U.S.A it’s called The Great British Baking Show, but every time a British person mentions it, they say Bake-Off, so… 245 more words


The Shoe Sale

Occasionally, I’ll watch a cooking show on TV. The chef will combine a large number of hard-to-find ingredients then sauté, braise, broil, deep-fry, or bake the delicacy to perfection. 245 more words


Celebrity Masterchef: Your 15 minutes is up

I actually quite enjoy this version, truth be told. Not so much the personnel in question, who range from quite endearing to making you want to put your fist through the wall, but because they have some rather good challenges in this incarnation. 598 more words


MasterChef AU finale: favoritism much?

I have disagreed with the judges’ decisions on MasterChef in the past, but never so much as in the last few weeks of this season, culminating in a finale decision that has many fans, myself included, outraged by the result. 1,207 more words


My Thoughts on Chef And My Fridge

While I was browsing through Netflix, I got a notification a few days ago showing a variety/cooking show from South Korea called Chef And My Fridge or Please Save My Refrigerator. 87 more words

Cooking Shows

MasterChef Australia Season 9

My feelings about this show are well documented: it’s the best damn cooking competition out there by a mile, not only in terms of the actual food prepared (phenomenal!) but also because the contestants themselves seem to be such amazing people: they’re all so talented yet humble and supportive of each other, it’s impossible to pick just one to root for. 1,404 more words