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Mmmm, cook for me

You know who I want to cook for me? Canadian chef Michael Smith. I never heard of him until the last year when I’ve turned on the TV and flipped around (or rather pressed) the channels and occasionally came across his show “Chef at Home” where he is cooking in his (very nice) house. 356 more words

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'The Great British Bake Off' Tells 'Top Chef' to Please, Pack Its Knives and Learn

A cheerful insurrection in the background (IB Times)

Some have called it Breadxit. The Great British Bake Off, a massive flour-dusted island hit, is leaving BBC for the cash-colored pastures of Channel 4 in a £75 million deal. 1,860 more words

Public Service Announcement

It was about twenty years ago when I first became aware of cooking shows on tv. Of course I grew up with Julia Child and the Galloping Gourmet, but those shows were few and far between. 824 more words

Cooking show face off

Given my cooking and baking exploits, I’d be remiss if I didn’t at least mention a few of my favorite cooking shows that aired this summer, if only to give a nod to the brilliance that is… 1,520 more words


SweetJamz Cooks! - Episode #001 - Baked Chicken Spin Mozzi Pepp.

Wahoo! Our first cooking episode! Check out the official SweetJamz Episode #001 – Baked Chicken Spin Mozzi Pepp! (This recipe was inspired by one on… 340 more words

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Fun Fact Friday #6

As previously mentioned, I love to cook. I own about a dozen cook books of various cuisine styles and love to try my hand at something new whenever I have the opportunity. 266 more words

Cam'ron Cooking Steak, Shrimp And Lamb Chops Is The Best Cam'ron

If Action Bronson can get a TV show eating food, it’s time somebody gives Cam’ron one for cooking because Noisey got the Harlem veteran into a kitchen for their new series… 190 more words