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Fun Fact Friday #6

As previously mentioned, I love to cook. I own about a dozen cook books of various cuisine styles and love to try my hand at something new whenever I have the opportunity. 266 more words

Cam'ron Cooking Steak, Shrimp And Lamb Chops Is The Best Cam'ron

If Action Bronson can get a TV show eating food, it’s time somebody gives Cam’ron one for cooking because Noisey got the Harlem veteran into a kitchen for their new series… 190 more words



Masterchef Australia is the best cooking show in the world.

Yes really. MA is better than Top Chef, better than Cutthroat Kitchen, Hell’s Kitchen, Kitchen Nightmares and all the other shows with Kitchen in the title. 1,320 more words


Pretty sure you bought that dessert mum.

FAX to S from Mum

30 April 1996

Dear S, Jack and Brady,

Thank you so much for my birthday card and presents.  I had a lovely time opening them outside the mail delivery centre in the car.   169 more words

Letters To S

Meet The Chicken Sisters!

“Broiling chickens, grilling chickens, baking and brazing chickens,  barbecuing  chickens…”

Deep gasps of air…

“Meet Miss Broiler, Miss Fryer, Miss Roaster Miss Caponette, Miss Store, and Old Madam Hen. 108 more words

A Peep Of Chickens

Anna Olson mixes her love of cooking and travel with "Inspired with Anna Olson"

Once in our life we meet people who will inspire us to reach for our goals or to live our life to the fullest. They are the go-getters, the achievers and those whose passion for the things they value and hobbies has led them to find life-long careers. 397 more words



Paleo is the new modern word for eating, though it does mean ancient or olden times and yet here we are adopting this for it’s health benefits. 357 more words

Daily Meats