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oh wow, i can’t even tell you how much i love this.  

as you probably remember, i love the movie AMELIE.  it’s in my top 5 (maybe 3) favorite movies of all time. 232 more words


Masterchef: This little Masterchef went to market....

‘I’m a pig in a sweetshop’. Ooh Wallace, with your Wildean bon mots, you are rillllly spoiling us. Actually, he said ‘kid’ not pig, but he doesn’t enunciate properly and it’s all much of a muchness with our fruit and veg man anyway. 693 more words


'The Great British Bake Off' Is Food TV At Its Best

I love Chopped as much as the next person. Actually way, way more than the next person. Chopped delights me.

But even fanboys like myself have to admit that these Food Network dramas often sacrifice style for substance. 186 more words

Cooking Shows

New Bowls for the Cooking Shows

Hello everyone!

This is just a quick update on what you might be seeing in upcoming videos. I happened to be in Daiso today and saw the prettiest little bowls that I thought might look nice on camera when filming cooking videos. 18 more words



It is with immense pleasure that I introduce you to one of my finest internet discoveries of the last few months.

I’m talking about a YouTube channel that I just can’t stop watching. 290 more words


SweetJamz Cooks! Episode #007: Snowfall Chicken Parm!

We were snuggled up in Big Bear with some friends & our pups & decided to make this very tasty Snowfall Chicken Parmesan —>

The “secret sauce” in this is mind-blowingly good. 384 more words

Cooking Shows

SweetJamz Cooks! Episode #006 - "Not So Philly" Cheesesteak!

If you can believe it, I was once in Philly & had a terrible cheesesteak! Shouldn’t that be illegal? This recipe was fun & really pretty easy. 234 more words