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Quick & Dirty Taco Meat

Or: Yes, I know what that looks like, but seriously, it’s delicious (and really a lot of taco meat looks like poo)

Food Stuff:
Ground Turkey (1/2- 1 lb) 563 more words

Food Blogging

Beer and Beef Chili

By now, if you have been following this blog you have realized one important thing.

I like cooking with booze.

Gather your ingredients:

1 – pound hamburger (or meat replacement option) 213 more words

Cooking With Booze

Marinara - A Family Favorite!

Every year I make a post-Christmas feast for my extended family. I either make spaghetti and meatballs, or lasagna.

I scaled back the recipe for the marinara to serve a few people instead of 20+ for a more manageable amount of sauce. 219 more words


Beer Can Chicken

What you will need:

1 – 4lb. Defrosted Whole Chicken

1 – 12oz. can of beer (I used PBR)

1 – Vegetable Oil

Spice Rub – Use whatever spices you like! 431 more words


The Mushroom Bolognese You Need to Try Now - Or Yesterday Even...

With Central Texas equivalents of “miserably cold weather” the last few weeks, I found the perfect opportunity to snuggle up next to the stove, indulge on some red wine, and slow-simmer the most delicious sauce you’ve ever tasted. 891 more words

Tips & Tricks

Cooking with Zig: Bread "Pudding"

I’m noticing a trend here on “Cooking with Zig”. We’re straying into boozeahol central, and it’s starting to affect our success. But, we’re human (mostly), so we’ll share our failures as well as our victories. 1,050 more words

Utter Silliness

3 Classy Reasons to Drink While You Cook

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in the last few years it’s even on an “off day” I can hype myself up to get busy in the kitchen if I set myself in the right mood. 480 more words

Tips & Tricks