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Indian traditional Cow's Colostrum Milk Cake without Colostrum Milk - Easy to prepare and delightful to eat !

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Today’s recipe belongs  to the category of “no-one-can-get-it-wrong” and “no-one-can-eat just-one” !

This Milk cake is traditionally prepared using the colostrum milk that a cow produces for the first few days after it delivers a calf. 281 more words


Duck Stir-Fry with Ginger & Greens

It’s not often you find a duck dish that is light and healthy. It pains us too to pull off and discard that duck skin but somedays it just has to be done. 168 more words


Orlando vanilla

Vanilla extract is good in a variety of things, coffee, baked good and smoothies. I use a little in my morning coffee for some extra jazz.What do u think for the vanilla extract You can taste the smooth, rich flavor of the vanilla beans just a teaspoon of Orlando pure vanilla extract. 69 more words



Some may think it’s hard to be a “beginner” because if you’re a beginner you don’t know much and have limited, or even, no experience. However, I think being a beginner is a gift. 345 more words


the danger season

It’s here. We are in the tail end of it here in south Florida. The most dangerous season ever.

Girl. Scout. Cookie. Season.

All over facebook… grocery stores… adorable little faces (or their parents aka your friends) are selling boxes of deliciousness. 332 more words



As members of an advanced society we stress over many things – to most the skills necessary to survive, thrive, and contribute to society rank above all else – some might even say that learning how to make a difference is at the top of the list. 961 more words

Bacon-Wrapped Pepper Bites with Guacamole (Paleo!)

I need to step my game up. I feel like every time I make a post, it has to do with either the full moon or new moon…. 605 more words