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Are You Inviting "Big Brother" into Your Home with Smart Technology?

The debate continues about whether smart technology makes sense in the kitchen. It’s hard to argue against appliances that notify owners of problems and schedule service. 558 more words

Kitchen And Bath Design

A Beaver Came Between Us

I knew it was time to leave her

When my girlfriend threatened me with a cleaver

just because I wasn’t eager to eat her roasted beaver.

The Art of Restaurant 6-18-2018

I decided to write this blog to hopefully help educate individuals that are in the restaurant or food service business . But first , I wanted to introduce my self and give you some insight into my back ground . 224 more words


We know you’ll love this recipe. Here’s how to make homemade lasagna:


• Stovetop and Oven

• 1 Aluminum Pan

• 1 Pan… 255 more words


Kris's Cornbread (& grandmas)

She stared at my forearm. Icy blue eyes narrowing behind her round bifocals. Pupils as black as the ink on my skin.

“Is it permanent.” Not a question, really. 780 more words


Van de Kamp's or Mrs. Paul's?

Would you like

 Van de Kamp’s


 Mrs. Paul’s?

That’s a false  dichotomy

as I expect my frozen food even if it’s terrible,

to at least be edible.

Sweeeeeeeet! (Potatoes, that is)

Good afternoon, all!  The next vegetarian Instant Pot® (IP) recipe I’ll share is one that highlights the sweet potato – a nutritious vegetable that can be prepared in a variety of ways, is quite satisfying, and also happens to be the very first food both of my children tried as they embarked on their journey of solid foods as infants!  599 more words