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Pasta Making Course

I signed up to do a pasta making course at City Lit, an adult education college based in Covent Garden. The course ran for 3 hours on Saturday morning, where I learnt to make fresh egg Tagliatelle using a hand-cranked pasta machine. 56 more words


Love...ly cacke

In life sometimes you start with a clear idea and end with someting completely different. So it’s in cooking too.
Main issue: you do it with love! 11 more words


Getting Creative With a Rice Cooker

I realize I have been unforgivably negligent when it comes to discussing one of my favorite subjects- food! I love to travel but I also love to cook, and after a while living without a kitchen has transitioned for me from a major inconvenience and source of dissatisfaction to an opportunity for creativity. 700 more words

Observations of the Acclimated Waiguoren (aka a year and a half into being an expat)

1. People either stare less or I notice it less. Shanghai people don’t care about me. Hangzhou people can’t not stare. Zhangjiagang people are just happy I finally learned how to pronounce my apartment complex’s name right. 488 more words

February already?

It’s funny how January just slips away from you isn’t it? Perhaps really, every month is the same which is why we always find ourselves saying ‘where did the last year go’, or I know I do. 490 more words


Happy Valentine's Day!!!

And so we end a week of sexually inspired blogs and it was so much fun! Some of my foodie readers have been trying to entice me into cooking more and enjoying food. 201 more words


Purple Pizza - How to Make Pizza Guide

Purple Pizza is a better Pizza . In this article I am going to tell you how , and why , I created a purple pizza , and just why it is better for you . 913 more words