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The Prodigal Blogger

I really am so bad at this blogging thing. I’ve just struggled to find the time to write recently it tends to take up a lot of time planning a wedding! 616 more words


p1: Soup a L'Oignon (French Onion Soup)

The Dish

For such a relatively simple and rustic-style dish, the obsession over French Onion Soup is quite palpable; in mentioning it to just a few people, the enthusiasm over me doing THIS recipe was notably high. 2,844 more words

My Unusual and Satisfying Search for a Flour Sifter

I think it’s time to dust off the bread machine.  It’s been sitting in a corner of the kitchen pretty much in a state of neglect for at least a year or two. 807 more words


Drying of the Herbs

Since I’m off today, I’m hoping to tackle some long overdue laundry, and dishes…and dusting…
And vacuuming…
Yeah, nothing’s been done for a while.
I’m also excited to have some time to cook! 402 more words

Gourmet Garden's Lightly Dried Herbs Keep for a Really, Really Long Time — Product Review

Item: Gourmet Garden Lightly Dried Herbs
Price: $3.99
Overall Impression: With impressively green flavor and a month-long shelf life, these herbs straddle the line between fresh and dried. 66 more words


"How Old Would You Feel If You Didn't Know When You Were Born?"

I heard this today and screamed — because it’s so true! Especially when our ages are racking up, we start to “feel old”. But how “old” are we really? 84 more words

Recipe-of-the-Month: May 2015

For my Recipe-of-the-Month, I have chosen Asparagi con Uova (Asparagus with Egg Salad). Late April and early May mark the peak of white asparagus season in Friuli, when the town of Tavagnacco holds its annual Festa degli Asparagi. 6 more words