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Day 55: Parmesan popcorn 

My mom’s a huge fan of cheese popcorn, specifically SmartFood. Since my dad got his snickerdoodles, I thought I’d give her request a shot too. … 103 more words


Sleepless in Seattle

Hi everyone! How are you?

It’s pretty early where I am right now and I can’t sleep so I thought I’d do something new! I will show you a little bit of my travels and thing you can do in the cities I’ve visited in… 745 more words


Pavlova with Macerated Strawberries and Basil

I love identifying trends in food as they come and go. If you love food like I do, you can’t help but recognize them. Every time you turn on the Food Network, browse recipes on social media, or go out to a trendy restaurant, you see those same key players at every turn. 834 more words


Half and half blueberry muffins

Up until February of this year I had a ginger cat called Monty. He was a fairly weird cat and had many strange habits and traits; Monty was also very large as domestic cats go and a determined soul. 644 more words



Over the past couple of years, my family has been making steps toward healthier eating and healthier living, not as a concept of vanity–wanting to look great or live up to a certain “post-worthy” image–but as a matter of stewardship–stewardship of our bodies, our communities, our land, and the living things God has given to us as gifts and as responsibilities.   679 more words

This Is Home

Have You Checked Out My Latest Recipes?

I try to do a showcase of my latest recipes from time to time.  It’s always a fun way to show off my delicious creations in a quick, easy way for everyone to scroll through.  209 more words


Cooking Relation

The beautiful facet of life is love seconded by the Art of cooking. If one knows cooking and loves it then it doesn’t matter the situation or scenario for the food will be there for everyone. 649 more words