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34 Things You Can Cook On A Camping Trip

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Is it OK to Fall ??

I’m like most chefs been trained and grown by  a feeling of consent verbal and sometime physical abuse to make me stronger, faster and able to think under pressure, I personally feel this has made me a better chef not that I’m sadistic and enjoy it…ok maybe a little.. 94 more words



There are over 980,000 freestanding restaurants in the United States. This does not include business and industry operations that service offices, plants, hospitals and schools. Do the math: that’s one restaurant for every 300 people in the United States. 1,249 more words

KISS - Keep it Simple Salmon

One of the best parts of Finnish summer is undoubtedly having ample amounts of fresh fish. To me, nothing says summer better than sitting with my family on our cabin deck overlooking lake Saimaa enjoying a quintessential nordic meal in the sunshine. 709 more words

On the Farm with the Chefs

Yesterday we were privileged to have a group of chefs and cooks out to the farm from CBD Provisions and the Joule Hotel Banquets. Everyone got their hands a little dirty with a number of chores. 269 more words


Paranoia and the Purple People Eater

Through the eyes of a line cook or chef, we look out upon this crazy mixed up world and often see a bunch of disoriented nonsense. 677 more words


Clean Food!

Karina’s Safety Cooking Tip!

The above is a photo of olives which I have cured, marinated and preserved, for later enjoyment (once the flavours develop). One crucial step, which I will never miss, would be to sterilise the preserving jars beforehand. 135 more words