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Beef Bolognese Recipe

There aren’t too many recipes I look forward to making each week. Bolognese, I have to say, is one I don’t mind taking the necessary steps to… 636 more words


Eliza's Lavender Gems

Eliza is a darling friend of mine – we have similar tastes (in clothes, men and food, too!) and I decided to create these little meringue ‘gems’ for her about a year ago. 479 more words


Gnocchi in Sage and Brown Butter

In Florence, 2 years ago, I had a ravioli dish that was served with a simple browned butter and sage sauce, that I found extremely divine. 371 more words


How to: Avgolemono (Egg-Lemon Sauce)

I made egg-lemon sauce the other day, for a Greek dish called ‘Fricassee’ (recipe coming up next month!), and a memory came flashing by (of a friend gesticulating angrily at the TV when the egg-lemon sauce was being made in a horrible way) and I had to smile and I thought, hey this would be a great post. 267 more words


Pass the Pasta!

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via Pass the Pasta!

Pass the Pasta!

Karina and Anita’s Pasta!

My friend Anita assisted in prepping the ingredients today, for this wonderful pasta dish, made on the spot, with fun! Anita is camera shy, hence why she isn’t in this picture :-) It was a fun day cooking! 394 more words