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Those of us who have held court behind the range know it, our families know it, our peers know it, but the rest of the world has no real idea about the physical and emotional pain that accompanies the job of cook or chef. 1,568 more words

13 Things Anthony Bourdain has a Distaste For

13 Things Anthony Bourdain has a Distaste For

Anthony Bourdain could be likened to the Simon Cowell of food. He always seems to have a slightly cynical point of view on the modern food industry but loves the real hidden treasures. 525 more words


Top 20 bits of Advice for Cooks

What Every Young Chef Should Know

Have you just decided to become a Cook? Are you starting culinary school?

There are a lot of lists of what young cooks should know or how cooks should act. 1,976 more words


Cooking with Wolves (Or, Keeping the Wolf Away from the Door)

There’s a whining at the threshold,
There’s a scratching at the floor.
To work! To work! In Heaven’s name!
The wolf is at the door!
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To many – cooking is a job, maybe a job that is rewarding in ways other than compensation, but never the less – a job. With more than 1 million free standing restaurants in the United States it is obvious that we (the restaurant business) need cooks who work for a check just as much as those who find cooking to be something more important – more fulfilling. 1,165 more words

Best Boning Knives

Let’s say you walk into your walk-in and you see this beast sitting there. What knife are you going to pick to break it down? Well, if you are Chef Holly Smith, you might pick a pairing knife(maybe you’re laughing…but it’s a true story). 693 more words