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ASSK Sunglasses

As apart of ASSK’s Spring/Summer 2015 Collection, the Parisian-based brand offers a pretty dope pair of sunglasses. 


For a greener future

A wheel that converts the bicycle into an electric hybrid with wireless capability, multiple sensors and an embedded control system. If manufactured at an affordable price, this product might convince people to take up cycling for everyday activities. 32 more words

Cool Accessories

Plume - Feather light protection on wet roads

A chick rear mudguard that can coil under the saddle as and when you need it. It’s easy to install, flexible, and lightweight.

Cost: $35

URL: http://www.plumemudguard.com

Cool Accessories

Frame Handle - Get a handle on your bike

This one’s pretty nifty. Often when we have to carry our bike around maybe over stairs or in and out of our house or over badly uneven surfaces, we hold the bike under the seat or somewhere on the frame. 36 more words

Cool Accessories

OWL 360 Bike Camera - Hindsight

A rechargeable, rear-view camera and viewing screen that will give you eyes on the back of your head (or um..back of your butt). With this you can keep an eye on vehicles approaching from behind rather than turning your head every time and risking losing control on the bike. 22 more words

Cool Accessories