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What To Bring to Singapore?

Here are some guidelines for what to pack for your first year at S P Jain:

❏  Clothes for a hot, steamy climate (Singapore is on the Equator with a jungly temperature).   439 more words

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Life in Singapore: The Real Scoop

One of the coolest and most unique things about SP Jain is the Singapore campus. Some students live off campus because they prefer their own space, or because they’ve found cheaper accommodation elsewhere. 737 more words

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Jag Jobs: Where Our Graduates Work

Most young people study business because they want to get a job. So, does it work? The numbers are in, and for S P Jain graduates, they’re pretty impressive. 184 more words

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Khoa's Journey: Thoughts upon graduation

Khoa Nguyen joined BBA12 from a small town in Vietnam. Now he has graduated with his bachelors degree, and is ready for a career in Australia. 314 more words
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Jag Harley Dudes

“Don’t wait for life. Ride to meet it.” – Harley Davidson

Inspired by these timeless words and fueled by our passion to venture out into the world of marketing and hone our skills, we (Rohan and Abhishek, BBA16) received an opportunity to intern with the Harley Davidson Motor Company. 387 more words

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20 Countries, 2 Years: Rhys's Story

  • I started as a small-town boy with no experience traveling, and very little cultural knowledge. I had lived on an island in the US all my life.

  • 441 more words
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5 Reasons for Studying Abroad

Studying abroad is a major decision. Uprooting your life to start again in an unknown land is daunting, even for the more confident among us. However, studying abroad is also a unique opportunity to challenge yourself, experience something new and transform your future. 564 more words

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