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Promoting Campus Spirit and Creating Special Memories with SP Jain Dubai Spirit Week 2017

If we are going to talk about the memories that the students of the BBA Program created in our Dubai year, we definitely need to talk about the Spirit Week held between 24th – 31st October 2017. 584 more words

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From an Umpire to a Franchise Owner – The Story of Krish Chhatwal

Being a BBA Finance Student from SP Jain School of Global Management, I was always curious to find new opportunities in my surroundings. It is always logical to use theoretical knowledge to best practice when you are out there in the business world. 441 more words

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Jags Publish in FinTech News

Getting published is a life goal of many people, and a major triumph in any career. Many professors work for years before getting an article published. 219 more words

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Knowing the World, Knowing Yourself: Emily's Story

I am Global

My name is Eunhee Shin, but people call me Emily. That’s the thing about being a global-minded Korean living abroad — you feel connected to Korea as your home country, but no less connected to the rest of the world. 827 more words

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Getting Over Freshman Fears

7 Things First-Year Students Fear About College

There’s this little secret college-bound and first-year college students outwardly deny: They are scared sick about going off to college. 1,254 more words

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What To Bring to Singapore?

Here are some guidelines for what to pack for your first year at S P Jain:

❏  Clothes for a hot, steamy climate (Singapore is on the Equator with a jungly temperature).   439 more words

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Rohan's Rockin' Summer as an Intern

With my first year at S.P Jain, I saw myself grow and step out of my comfort zone. The highlight of the academic year being the regional immersion project, helped me build my networking and communication skills. 341 more words

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