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98. Yellow + Red = Orange

Yesterday’s tulips were accompanied by red and yellow flowers, some negative painting, and color combining. I used reds and yellows (which ones, I forget) and some Pyrrol Orange to make the flowers. 115 more words


Zara Vibes

Good Morning Lovies!!

We all have our days where we say “I can’t wait till this stupid day is over” That was me yesterday. Too much bullshit for a day especially for a tuesday like we don’t have the rest of the week to finish -_- 65 more words

Sely Style

Kinder Land/City Scapes

In Kindergarten, we learned about the difference between Warm Colors and Cool Colors.  They brainstormed what objects in nature are Cool colored, and what objects in nature are  107 more words

43.1 Two Color Studies: Incoming Storm

Another study in Ultramarine Blue and Burnt Umber.  These are really good colors for portraying cold and wintry conditions.  Brr!  Where I live, we have had weather in the 80s for much of January and February, so a break from the heat is much needed.  7 more words


Project 11 overview

I think this project low-key sums up my experience witnessing the process of vector art. In class, we basically took a celebrity portrait (someone with an iconic face) and simplified it into minimal shapes and recolored it to fit a color scheme. 188 more words

Design Fundamentals

Koch Snowflake

It all started with the Sunflowers! Looking for fun math related art I came across Vi Hart and based many lessons from her video ‘Doodling in Math Class: Triangle Party’. 41 more words