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Project 11 overview

I think this project low-key sums up my experience witnessing the process of vector art. In class, we basically took a celebrity portrait (someone with an iconic face) and simplified it into minimal shapes and recolored it to fit a color scheme. 188 more words

Design Fundamentals

Koch Snowflake

It all started with the Sunflowers! Looking for fun math related art I came across Vi Hart and based many lessons from her video ‘Doodling in Math Class: Triangle Party’. 41 more words


Wellness Tips

Welcome! I hope everyone is remembering to bundle up as we tumble towards December! I have come up with some tips to help enhance wellness, as many individuals are getting sick with winter right around the corner. 344 more words


Process Log

SO, what is going on and why does it matter?

What’s going on?

Other than the constant unbearable wait of existence, the goal of this current project is to manipulate the elements of multiple pictures to ultimately create a story by combining said elements from different pictures into one, complex piece. 322 more words

Eyeball Extravaganza!!

Third grade has been making some eye popping art! Literally!!

We started by making dragon eyeballs!! In 2nd grade the students learn about Ancient China in their classrooms so we connected it to knowledge they already had! 381 more words

When opposition is used to great effect

Daily Creative Prompt ~ October 3: OPPOSITE

I cannot lie….

Today’s prompt kinda threw me for a loop.  I had this picture of a beautiful peacock plume in my head after yesterday’s… 288 more words

Creative Encouragement

The Eyebending Popsocket

To begin…

I found this design on popsocket.com where it is displayed as a advertisement banner. I personally have a Popsocket (a phone accessory that “pops” out in order to help phone users grip their phone) and I have always loved Popsocket’s designs. 408 more words