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One of the most visually stunning, yet totally disappointing movies I’ve ever seen.

By all accounts, Tomorrowland should have been a smash hit, worldwide success.┬áDeveloped by Disney, starring… 547 more words

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Days Like Today Glad 2AM Cameback

2AM made a successful comeback with thier song Days Like Today. They also have another song but I just love this video out of the two. 53 more words


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I have recommended the above wordpress site to baby sister heeha. a relatively new blogger looking for inspiration. However – looking back at when I posted my own toes on this site, I have realised that I did not really make any public acknowledgement about how cool I think these guys actually are. 56 more words


Airplane School

Gari Chapidze, a schoolmaster in Rustavi, a city in southeastern (post-Soviet) Georgia, purchased an old airplane for his pre-school:

The plane’s interior was refurbished into a classroom, while the cockpit remained intact: 41 more words

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Visible sound - Sounds Butter Interactive Design Group

Really cool concept for making sounds visible. A is sewing machine is used as the basis for the project as it is synonymous with industry, and making physical products. 10 more words


Cool concept #5 - Media literacy

Media literacy, and specifically the core concepts and key questions for media literacy, are among one of my most favourite concepts I have learned about throughout the course. 117 more words

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Cool concept #4 - Misrepresentation of women in the media

I have watched Sut Jhally’s documentary series Dreamworlds several times and each time it is difficult to watch. When we watched Dreamworlds 3 in class on April 2nd, it was just as hard to watch as the first time I had watched it awhile back. 125 more words

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