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History- 1789, Game of Thrones and Hunger Games combined.

The Mutiny on the Bounty is how it is most well known, but it definitely deserves a place in story books rather than history.

In 1789 27 dissatisfied crewmen mutinied aboard the British Royal Navy ship HMS Bounty, and sent 19 loyal members of the crew out to sea in a launch (small boat pictured above) so that they could remain on the island of Tahiti. 698 more words

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4 Easy Tricks To Make Yourself Seem Smarter

By Jay Edwards

You already know that wearing glasses really does make you seem smarter, right? Well, here are four more tricks you can do to seem more intelligent to others. 130 more words



First of all a Merry Christmas to all the World Vibers and welcome to our blog. In this post we are going to talk about  633 more words

10 Reindeer

Double Trouble! Crazy Identical Twin Facts

Twins are cool. Although it doesn’t quite seem like they can communicate through brain messages, some twins have some freaky similarities!

As a fraternal twin myself, I have always wondered why my brother and I are so alike but so different at the same time. 303 more words

Rx: On deep breathing

So the lungs are pretty cool. They’re innervated (fancy word meaning in contact with and activated by nerves) by both motor neurons, the ones you have voluntary control over, and autonomic, reflexive nerves. 112 more words

Cool Facts

WELCOME FELLAS! This IS Our First Blog. 

Hey Guys.. Welcome To The Bucid Blog!! This IS Ran By Brothers Butch & Cid (BUCID).

Weekly WE Will Blog About Stuff That Interests Us And Our Random Crazy Thoughts, Along With Some Notes Or Ideas We Have. 112 more words

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Links Number One I Guess

Here is a link to Amazon – the best online shopping place IN THE WORLD!!!! It is also where I usually buy things.

Here is a link to Google Docs, which is where me and friends are writing a book, which when it’s finished I’ll DEFINITELY  post a link to it on this blog!!! 20 more words

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