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Cloudy Aspirations

I’ve been on the job search for quite a while (if you include the time prior to my current role at my job, which I do because let’s face it it’s not really what I want to do), and I mean over a year and a half. 724 more words

Job Search

Elephants from Thailand plays Music (video)

We’re pretty much into nature this week.

After we talked about an orchestra made of vegetables, we saw John Cage playing plants and cactus.

Now, we present you an orchestra made of… 79 more words

Weird Instruments

Fun Rat Facts!

So I guess I am the new writer. A quick warning: it’s mostly gonna be rats and bats from me. Maybe some cats, but mostly those. 695 more words

Nutty Things

"Fuck" bands playing the Fuck Festival in the city of Fucking in Austria

Let me get this straight.

There is a city in Austria called “Fucking”.

There are lots of bands with the world “Fuck” in their names. 59 more words

Cool Facts

Taos, the city that hums

So you hate when your audio equipment makes that hum sound on your speakers.

But what if an entire city produces this annoying sound as well? 100 more words

Cool Facts

Women´s ovulation cycle could have influenced the evolution of music (study)

This sound a little too odd, right?

Well, a study lead by Benjamin Charlton points to this direction.

As we already know, when women are on their ovulatory week, show more interest on men. 290 more words

Cool Facts

Androids attend to a Damon Albarm gig in Japan (video)

We already saw Robots playing music and we love that so much that we have a dedicated section for Robots on this blog.

What we haven’t seen yet were robots watching a concert. 89 more words

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