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Links Number One I Guess

Here is a link to Amazon – the best online shopping place IN THE WORLD!!!! It is also where I usually buy things.

Here is a link to Google Docs, which is where me and friends are writing a book, which when it’s finished I’ll DEFINITELY  post a link to it on this blog!!! 20 more words

Cool Facts

The 7 'Emotional Command Systems' That Are Impacting Your Relationship

According to research conducted by neuroscientist Dr. Jaak Panksepp, there are seven distinct “emotional command systems” believed to be present in each person’s brain. Each command system coordinates the emotional, behavioral, and physical responses needed for certain functions related to survival, including rest, procreation, and self-defense. 786 more words

Follow the silk route to... DUBROVNIK

Today’s postcard is from Ragusa, now known as Dubrovnik,  one of the oldest, most beautiful and yet unknown cities in the whole Europe.  Located on the east shore of the Adriatic sea, it may not be as big as Split nor as wide as Zadar, but it is the most magical enclave of the… 133 more words

Cool Facts

Tee Up: Or Are Presidents Really Good Golfers?

“If I had my way, no man guilty of golf would be eligible to hold any office of trust or profit under these United States.”-H.L. Mencken… 791 more words

HBD to an OG

Today marks the 274th anniversary of Thomas Jefferson’s birth.

So here are 5 facts about one of our finest founding fathers:

  1. He was draftsman of the Declaration of Independence…
  2. 38 more words


Here  is a link to pollution donating.

Here is a link to Kiddle-a website for looking for information

Here is a link to WordPress, the website that I have my blog on-in case you want to make a blog.

Cool Facts

Educational Games

If you have an elementary kid, these educational games are really good! (They also have just plain games to play, and online tutorials for how to play)

Educational Games

Cool Facts