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That Kind of Person

He has always been that kind of person.

Calm, collected yet cold.

And somehow those are the things that attracted me to him.

But he has always loved that kind of person. 15 more words


Opposites Attract

Have you ever been interested in someone that is 100% exact opposite of yourself?

For me, I currently have.

I never actually believed “opposites attract” thing, but I guess it is true. 111 more words

Random Thoughts

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warner archive, sylvester stallone, cobra, cool guy Gif for Fun at your Time


Man who is forced to breathe through an oxygen tank goes on radical underwater journey

By David Colton

PACIFIC OCEAN – Local elderly man and potential warlock Ernest Goodrich has struggled with breathing ever since he was diagnosed with solid blood syndrome (SBS), a rare and terrifying condition. 272 more words


i'm making a game

Hey I’m rediscover. I’m 20 years old and I’m making a flipping game. I’ve always been really into creating shit. Music, art, animation, whatever. It doesn’t matter what it is as long as it’s a creative outlet. 348 more words

Cool Guy

Cool Guy Affirmation Meditation

We all experience moments of self-doubt where we question whether or not we are in fact cool guys…But what if there was a way for us to simply know that we are cool guys? 51 more words


Using words to be a cool guy.

There isn’t a single noun couplet that can’t be improved by swapping one half for ‘whatever’. It makes you sound like the coolest cool guy. Cooler still if someone tries to help you out by saying the thing you obviously mean and you just repeat what you said back to them. 293 more words