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In Your Face

Your story needs to be told and you’re the only one capable. Speak up!

Adolescence was a predominantly unhappy time for me. I existed a number of years in a fog of depression which I was convinced could be remedied by ingesting copious amounts of chocolate.

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Cool Kids - Echosmith

So, by now I think everyone know I have a crazy rich family.

And everyone also knows that I am in the so called ‘cool kids’ gang. 337 more words

Sir Michael Rocks Premieres New Video in Delhi in "I See"

In April, Cool Kids member  Sir Michael Rocks released the Don Daze-produced single, “I See,” and now is has the post-apocalyptic video to match. Check out the video below!


Cool Kids - Alex G & Kina Grannis

This is a cover of Cool Kids performed by Alex G and Kina Grannis.

Acoustic Guitar

the cool kids aren't popular

We thought we were really cool and shouted from the rooftops like children do. We were surrounded by darkness, but it didn’t matter. That way no one could see the fear in our faces for befriending teenage rebellion. 183 more words

The Contagious Joy of Echosmith on Inside a Dream Tour

There’s just something about watching someone do something they truly love that’s genuinely rewarding. It brings a smile to your face and fills your heart. It’s familiar and it can even instill you with confidence about yourself and your own aspirations. 466 more words