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How to include GIFs on your WordPress blog/ Quick and Easy

When I first started my WordPress blog, I thought GIFs were only supported by upgraded plans. My freeĀ  .wordpress site will never ever include a fancy-shmancy GIF! 248 more words


6.11.17- how to deal with shitty people

aYO oh shit waddup its ya boi Ardent Anxiety back again with another post cause someone has messed with my friend aND THATS A NO-NO ON MY LIST GOOD SIR… 682 more words

#118 - Staying Loyal Is Also COOL. Try It Out !

Pinterest is a great app, especially if someone wants to skim through millions of quotes on a day-to-day basis. I usually keep scrolling the entire dashboard of Pinterest atleast twice a day. 749 more words

Daily Prompts

Can You Guess The Chocolate?

From just the ingredients read by children who may or may not have mastered the English language quite yet?

Our listener Erin gives it a try. 32 more words


7th grader MIT fan wins 3M competition

Gitanjali Rao, 11 year old from Colorado and huge fan of MIT, was inspired to invent a better way to test water for lead. Her idea won the 2017 3M America’s Top Young Scientist competition. 88 more words

Good Morning Gloucester

Yuck n' Yum pt 2

“Don’t Yuck someone else’s Yum” has become a standard litmus test in my life these days. In putting my own reactions to other people and situations in that scale i may have found an exception… Yum-Yucking. 271 more words

Ashley Tisdale Releases "Cool Kids" Cover Featuring Sydney Sierota! (@AshleyTisdale)

The lovely Ashley Tisdale released another cover on her YouTube channel of “Cool Kids” by Echosmith featuring Sydney Sierota!

Check it out above!

Click HERE… 10 more words