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Which one are you?

In ninth grade (freshman high school) I sat, dull-eyed, at a desk while the English teacher, a fellow who, I’ll admit, was pretty animated, proceeded to, oddly enough, perform a statistical test on the class. 258 more words


C/ Acts of Matter

Hi, this is the first installment of “the things you can donate a little bit of money to, but it will go a long way.” It’s not an especially catchy tag line, but these organizations are worth a look. 296 more words

DJ Taye- "Get It Jukin"

If you have a conception, your idea of the Chicago musical exports footwork and juke would be that they’re impossibly fast to keep pace with and uncommonly bright. 147 more words


It’s time to Tell My F.O.C.K. to F**K Off!

High School Reunion- To Go, or Not To Go?

Hello, my name is Lisa, and I am a F.O.C.K. survivor. Please read and pronounce that carefully, as F.O.C.K. 1,366 more words

Day 34 - Cool Kids Only

Well, well, well…where should I begin? I’ll begin with the Thanksgiving party, since that was the last thing that I mentioned in my most recent post. 702 more words

Welcome To China

How to include GIFs on your WordPress blog/ Quick and Easy

When I first started my WordPress blog, I thought GIFs were only supported by upgraded plans. My free  .wordpress site will never ever include a fancy-shmancy GIF! 248 more words