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Inside a(n Introvert's) Dream

Photo credit to Brandon Smith for the featured image.

I saw the best concert of my life on Sunday night. Also, I saw the first concert of my life on Sunday night. 2,223 more words


Lapangan Olahraga Pelabuhan Perikanan Nusantara Sibolga.

Pondok Batu, Sarudik, Tapanuli Tengah. Indonesia.

ps. He’s my cousin.

Ready Player One.

Read the book last year, saw the movie tonight. I found the movie to be a disappointment for a variety of reasons and combined with a reflection on… 819 more words


Cool Kids #1

Acara yang sukses digelar oleh Sibolga Fest– sebuah event organizer lokal ini dihadiri oleh mayoritas kaum muda Sibolga dan Tapanuli Tengah. Festival yang menggabungkan gaya hidup sehat, ajang bersosialisasi dalam komunitas, media solidaritas, dan tentunya hiburan yang heboh. 44 more words


The alarm in my head went off
for the third time reminding me
“You’re not supposed to be here!”
All the smoke in the room held… 219 more words


Kids are scary...

No, seriously you guys, kids are scary as shit. Have you seen one lately?

Last week, I was minding my own existence, walking down the road back to the safety of my home, when I heard the sounds of cat-callers directly behind me. 454 more words

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