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FYI, It's Cool To Care About Things

I’m a shrieker.

And no, you perv, not in some sexual way (though tbh, I’m pretty loud there too), but when I get excited about something, I shriek. 491 more words

How To Be A Grown Up

Do you ever look up and wonder when you’ll be as grown-up the people around you? Every flipping day I walk out and marvel at how adult everyone seems to be…except me! 793 more words

Life As I Know It

Exit 130. An outside perspective.

A friend of mine who lived in California until about a year ago, and who has been known to call himself a music snob, recently made a Facebook post in which he said something like “Since nobody else is saying it, I will: Lynyrd Skynyrd was just okay.”  They’ve never been my absolute favorite, I only have a greatest hits album of theirs, but I still think they’re better than “just okay.”  I made some snarky comment, probably a little more rude than I should have been, about how nobody else is saying it because everyone else has good taste in music. 563 more words