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Now, clearly I cannot take all credit for this one. Phil Dunphey, author of the self help and life guide book  Philsosphy has to be mentioned because he is the king of all relevant life advice. 774 more words


Shit I say to my mom

My children may get their knack of witty comments from me, from all the bizarre things I say to my mother; here is an example of one.  44 more words

Cool Moms

It's grandmas world and we're just living in it

I know I cannot be the only one who has a mother that spoils the shit out of their kids.. Right? Or a mom that your children are so infatuated with that sometimes it’s like mommys not even in the room? 308 more words


This Mom Tagged Along On An Autocross Race And Had A Priceless Reaction

I’m actually thoroughly impressed with how this mom composed herself. Scott decided to take his mom out on an autocross course, and, luckily, he had a dashboard video camera to capture her reaction. 124 more words


we're talking titties

Let’s talk male or females favorite topic BOOBS. But really I am going to refer to them as breasts. Society LOVES turning a body part into a sexualized object, but guess what world titties were meant to be sucked on by babies who need the liquid gold to literally survive. 467 more words

Fun Mom

Red wine, stay close to me.

The other day somebody asked what I do, well I’ve never had the opportunity of having a good response, unless I was lying of course, so I quickly blurted out “I blog, well I started writing a blog, 3days ago.” In all honesty, I really don’t know why I said that, and I really did want to bang my head against a cinder block afterwards.. 186 more words

moms of all ages

I realized that in all my blog posts I seem to be promoting young millennial moms and although I am one and feel so strongly about it, I don’t mean to offend or shun any mother that had a child at a later age. 58 more words