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Welp, I missed this memo.

My son had his first baseball game last weekend. It was a tournament so we started early in the day. In April, it’s hard to know how to dress for outdoor activities, because you could start out freezing and go to 70, 75 degrees in the afternoon. 442 more words


#MCM: Meet Tamika

This Monday, we’re celebrating Tamika Henry for our #MCM (Moms Celebrating Moms).  Tamika was nominated by her Aunt Jeanette.  Jeanette wrote to us:

“Tamika is bright, loving, stronger than most, and smart. 174 more words


#MCM: Meet Tiffany

This Monday, we’re celebrating Tiffany Davis for our #MCM (Moms Celebrating Moms).  Tiffany was nominated by her friend Alexis. Alexis wrote to us:

“Tiffany is a hard working mother of two kids and has a husband. 119 more words


#MCM: Meet Brenda

This Monday, we’re celebrating Brenda Bruce for our #MCM (Moms Celebrating Moms).  Brenda was nominated by Kenya Harvey. Kenya wrote to us:

“Brenda is very deserving of being celebrated. 161 more words


#MCM: Meet Shatika

Meet Shatika,

This Monday, we’re celebrating Shatika Brown for our #MCM (Moms Celebrating Moms).  Shatika was nominated by her mother Sharon Brown.  Sharon wrote:

She’s a working mother of two beautiful children Carter and July. 79 more words


#MCM: Meet Jekeia

Meet Jekeia,

Jekeia is a mom of three and wife of Jason. Jekeia has up to 32 additional children that she cares for because she’s a teacher. 56 more words


#MCM: Meet Alexis

Meet Alexis,

Alexis is mom to arguably one of the youngest fashion connoisseurs.  She provides her son with nothing but the best and is raising him to be a true gentleman.  45 more words