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Moms Try To Guess What Porn Terms Mean With Sometimes Hilarious Results

Distractify, the website that’s basically the poor man’s Buzzfeed that probably shows up a whole lot on your Facebook, put together this admittedly pretty funny video in which moms try to guess what porn terms such as BBW, DP and “money shot” mean. 74 more words

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Why I'm Glad I Didn't Have A "Cool Mom"

I came across something mildly irritating this morning. (Clearly it was not mild enough for me to simply ignore it.) It was an “article… 1,141 more words




A dark room is suddenly lit by the light from a touch screen
phone and the bizarre alarm that breaks the silence, a rude… 1,650 more words

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This Mom Of The Year Created A Superhero Hearing Aid For Children

It can be hard fitting in when you’re a kid, and it can be especially challenging for children with disabilities. UK mom Sarah Ivermee decided to take steps to make life a bit more fun for her son, Freddie. 103 more words

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This Mom Posted The Best Amazon Review For A Skimpy Top Her Teenaged Daughter Purchased

I don’t really know what you’d expect from a crocheted bra top that costs less than $3.50 on Amazon, but I’m guessing you’d have to plunk down at… 72 more words

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Moms are the Shasta (And so are kids)

It’s Mother’s Day. The one day a year we acknowledge how truly amazing our moms are. We make lists of how awesome they are and include lots of tear jerking items like: 606 more words

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Baby boom!

According to sales at Louette, Hilton Head Island is in the midst of a serious BABY BOOM! As a mother myself, my goal for “Baby by Louette” is to curate gift items for mom and baby that are equal in cuteness and functionality. 188 more words