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Moms are the Shasta (And so are kids)

It’s Mother’s Day. The one day a year we acknowledge how truly amazing our moms are. We make lists of how awesome they are and include lots of tear jerking items like: 606 more words

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Baby boom!

According to sales at Louette, Hilton Head Island is in the midst of a serious BABY BOOM! As a mother myself, my goal for “Baby by Louette” is to curate gift items for mom and baby that are equal in cuteness and functionality. 188 more words

Reality Bites- The Quarter-Life Crisis.

Hello readers,

I haven’t been very consistent with my posting for this month. I’ve had a lot on my plate and then all of a sudden, I found myself at 25. 534 more words

Reality Bites

The Perils of Cool

I like to think I’m a cool mom. You probably do too. I understand text speak, I don’t use Facebook to enter competitions to win groceries, I know that TV on the Radio is a hip indie rock band─not some invention from Microsoft that I will never use. 341 more words

Cool Moms

This Skateboarding Mom Did Not Let Us Down When She Said She'd Bust Her Ass

They say if you’ve seen one video of a loud mom trying to skateboard and predictably failing, you’ve seen them all. That’s why when a friend passed along this video of a woman attempting to put on a little show for all the kids at the local skate park, my first thought was, “Haven’t I seen this before?” But I guess I was just confusing this video with… 64 more words


Cool Mom Jamie Lee Curtis: 'I Play More Street Fighter Than You Will Ever Know'

Jamie Lee Curtis starts talking about her love for gaming about 1:50 into this interview about Spare Parts, a movie based on the true story of four high schoolers who entered a robotics contest using scrounged car parts. 118 more words


I wish that I could be like the cool moms.

Remember when we were in high school and a bundle of nerves and self consciousness? We’d walk the halls of our school filled with envy, wishing we could be a “cool kid” – to get in with the right crowd and be adored by all. 555 more words