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Meghan Markle's Home Where She Fell In Love With Harry Is Up For Grabs

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Dream, Reality, or INCEPTION?!

If you were into the whole “dream inside a dream inside a dream” thing, then this coffee table should be the center piece of your fantasy of a living room. 57 more words

Burn, Baby, Burn

Because burning stuff is awesome, it’s even better when it’s purrty. This hand carved and handmade candle makes an amazing gift for any pyro, witch, or Spencer’s enthusiast. 16 more words

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Locked Up Abroad — Antarctica

Never again worry about your precious gourmet, artisanal, $12.99 a pint delectable ice cream. Thanks to Ben and Jerry, you can now lock up your ice cream from those family members, roommates, and friends with a pad lock ice cream protector. 24 more words

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Say Goodbye To “Poppin A Squat” For Forever

Tired of your legs burning while squatting over a public toilet? Kegel muscles not quite at their strongest yet to avoid spraying everywhere? Want to feel like a boss and be able to actually watch your flow? 117 more words

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Monday Mornings Have Never Felt So Good

If you’re like most of the adult population, getting out of bed in the morning might as well be a death sentence. Luckily, there’s a cure for this dreaded task — meet the Little Rooster Rechargeable Vibrating Alarm Clock. 71 more words

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Eggos, Bloody Noses, and The Upside Down

While bloody noses mean you did a little too much snow or picked way too hard, they can also mean that you have super Russian spy powers from another dimension. 61 more words

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