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My Music Playlists: Trap/Cool Ass European Sounds/Good Sounding Music...JUST PLAIN COOL AS FUCK

I know some of it is Trap and I hear european sounds so I called it that. Please leave me comments on more trap songs, 124 more words


Golden Hair

Autofiction feat. Rapunzel

“Grandmother, Grandmother, let down your hair, so I may climb the golden stair.”

Little Sasha stood in the bright sunshine in her favourite summer blue dress with her hands on her hips. 506 more words



Forget #TombabeTuesday for a second. Remember when I posted Skepta’s video for Shutdown? That was directed by the absolute QUEEN (and Tombabe) that is… 62 more words

Cool Shit

Aubrey Morris, High Priest, RIP

Morris always left an unconventional stamp on even the smallest, and seemingly conventional, roles. Small and rotund, with gleaming eyes, and occasionally wearing round spectacles, he could convey obsessions and monstrosity at odds with his corporeality. 210 more words

Ashtray Chat

So, This is Love

Ladies, gentlemen, and those identifying outside the gender binary,

My legs.

My Cinderella legs, to be more precise!

I could not have been more excited when one of my favourite Australian clothing labels, Black Milk Clothing released a licensed range of casual day wear with Disney prints on them. 137 more words


VideoScope #95 is in the house! SUMMER MADNESS!

It’s the usual trove of great shit and then some! Available now at better bookstores everywhere, and visit The Phantom @ videoscopemag.com!


Cool Shit

CROWNED by Mary Soon Lee

Rhysling Award winner Mary Soon Lee has created a fantastic world that is marvelous in scope. Drawing upon elements from Asian and Celtic culture while incorporating dragons, bloody wars, horsemanship, kingship and other tropes of the genre, she never ignores the human cost of heroism. 27 more words